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We Are The World Blogfest

We are the World Blogfest


It’s the last Friday of the month, which means it’s #WATWB time to share something inspirational about good deeds going on around the world to focus on positive happenings, deflecting some of the negativity in the world.


Sometimes the smallest of gestures can mean the world to someone. Today I’m sharing The Human Kindness Project, a Toronto based community kindness program for students where participating in various projects by kids in schools focus on various random acts of kindness which don’t require a lot of time or planning, but have the ability to make someone’s day.

These acts of kindness are performed by students, and there are different acts of kindness performed for different groupings of tasks for elementary, middle and high school students.


Elementary School Students

  • Wave hello to a crossing guard
  • Sit next to someone at lunch who you don’t usually talk to
  • Start a conversation with a new student or with a classmate who seems lonely etc.
  • Smile at 7 people
  • Pick up a piece of garbage and throw it away
  • Say “Thank you” to a crossing guard
  • Think of something good you did today and pat yourself on the back

Middle School Students

  • Ask students to perform an act of kindness for someone who helps them (e.g. cafeteria worker, teacher, crossing guard) and then write an essay describing their experience. They should include how it made them feel and the reaction of the person who received the kindness
  • Choose a story with a kindness theme and read it aloud or individually. Discuss or write about how the characters felt when they did something nice or had something nice done for them
  • Ask students to pick someone who has done something nice for them and write a thank you note (example: a tutor for helping them learn math facts, a nurse for bandaging an injury, etc.)
  • Slip a gratitude note in your friend’s backpack
  • Write a gratitude card and give it to someone who works at the school
  • Swap one of your unhealthy snacks for a healthy snack
  • Draw a picture and give it to someone you don’t know
  • Carry your friend’s books or bag to class
  • Learn to say “Hello” and “Thank you” in a new language (that someone speaks at your school)

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Wherever there is a human being; there is an opportunity for kindness

— Lucius Annaeus Seneca


If you’d like to join into the #WATWB you can add your link to your post HERE. Your cohosts for this month are: Simon FalkAndrea MichaelsShilpa GargSylvia SteinBelinda Witzenhausen



Source: Human Kindness Projects — The Human Kindness Project

33 thoughts on “#WATWB – We Are The World Blogfest -Human #Kindness Projects

  1. What a great project… All it takes is a small pebble, a hand to reach out and hold another.. And so the ripple begins..
    May it continue to ripple ever outwards as we diminish the fear and change it to friendship..
    Loved this post Debby..
    Have a super wonderful weekend
    Love Sue


  2. This is wonderful, Deb. I just linked to a kindness website for an article I wrote. I wish I’d had this one a week ago.

    BTW, this is in my wheelhouse. Would you mind if I reprinted it to my Teacher blog (https://askatechteacer.com), to share with my K-12 audience? What I’d like to do is print the whole piece (because it’s short) and credit you as well as link back.


  3. Thanks Debby – always love these sorts of posts … and we can always smile, say thank you, and please … three easy things to do each day.

    Another one I’d say is look at the other side of life … even if people are grumpy, or bad mouthing … they may have a much worse time going on and deserve a little thought … I ease back in my thoughts for these people … most people are (usually) kind …

    Human Kindness essential at all times – Cheers Hilary


  4. I’m glad that patting yourself on the back, an act of self-care, is listed here. Good self-esteem is probably linked to willingness to be kind, somehow. Thanks for taking the time to post this, Debby!


  5. What a lovely project. The lists show how effortless it is to be kind. I love that this is being taught to children. They’re the future. Perhaps they’ll build a better, kinder world than we did. 🙂


  6. Debby this is such a good project in a real every day, every way kind of style. In working with these practices, it may even change the patterns and habits of people’s lives. Really, really good. Bravo, Kindness Project! Bravo, Toronto Canada! Thank you for sharing.


  7. Hi Debby – great #WATWB post … always think of others, say please and thank you, smile and make eye contact … it’s so easy to help others … open the door for people … and so on … cheers Hilary


  8. Such a beautiful idea. Even just waving at someone or smiling at them can make a positive difference! Thanks for spotlighting this one and I’ll share on social media today xo


  9. These acts of kindness start at the young school level in all magnificent ways, so hopefully these students will learn the art (and joy) of kindness their entire lives.


  10. I love this story, Debby. You chose well. I missed joining in again last month. I must make more of an effort this month. I really appreciate the quote by Lucius Annaeus Seneca. This story is especially meaningful to me as it is about educating kids for kindness.


  11. This is fantastic, Debby! All schools should do this with their students! Love it, love it, love it!! There wouldn’t be any more bullying if kids were encouraged to be kind to others. Will share this. Much love & hugs ❤️


  12. This is a fabulous program! Love it! Al schools should follow this example and encourage children to be kind to one another! Three cheers for Canada! Let’s all get on board and make a difference in our children’s lives with a little kindness! Hugs xx ❤️


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