Colleen Chesebro’s #Tanka Challenge – Synonyms Only for Defy and Change

Tanka Tuesday Challenge


This week’s Tanka Challenge over at Colleen Chesebro’s blog asks us to create a tanka or any other form of poetry suggested below using only synonyms for the words Defy and Change, to be included in the poem.




Beyond a belief - Tanka



If you’d like to join in Colleen’s weekly challenge, here are the rules. And feel free to drop by Colleen’s blog to see what some other bloggers have come up with.


Life is like a cup of tea



For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge, you can write your poem in one of the forms defined below. Click on the links to learn about each form:

HAIKU IN ENGLISH 5/7/5 syllable structure. A Haiku is written about seasonal changes, nature, and change in general.

TANKA IN ENGLISH 5/7/5/7/7 syllable structure. Your Tanka will consist of five lines written in the first-person point of view. This is important because the poem should be written from the perspective of the poet.

HAIBUN IN ENGLISH Every Haibun must begin with a title. Haibun prose is composed of short, descriptive paragraphs, written in the first-person singular.

The text unfolds in the present moment, as though the experience is occurring now rather than yesterday or some time ago. In keeping with the simplicity of the accompanying haiku or tanka poem, all unnecessary words should be pared down or removed. Nothing must ever be overstated.

The poetry never tries to repeat, quote, or explain the prose. Instead, the poetry reflects some aspect of the prose by introducing a different step in the narrative through a microburst of detail. Thus, the poetry is a sort of juxtaposition – different yet somehow connected.

Cinquain ALSO: Check out the Cinquain variations listed here: Cinquain-Wikipedia These are acceptable methods to use. Please list the form you use so we can learn from you. 

Senryu in English 5/7/5 syllable structure. A Senryu is written about love, a personal event, and have IRONY present. Click the link to learn the meaning of irony.


Visit last week’s challenge HERE at Colleen’s blog.


20 thoughts on “Colleen Chesebro’s #Tanka Challenge – Synonyms Only for Defy and Change

  1. This was very meaningful and showed the insidious nature of deceit and distortion. I wish hope were more realistic, but do know the way things go sometimes.
    Hope is full of chaste and pure childlike emotions. Using the words you chose had me really thinking. . .
    Thank you for sharing your tanka, Debby!


  2. Thanks for sharing these definitions of the types of poetry. Who knew there were that many unusual ones. I wish I had some time to do one or more of them but I am swamped right now. Maybe another time, Debby & Colleen! Love & hugs to you both, my friends! ❤️


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