Sunday Book Review – Midlife Cabernet by Elaine Ambrose

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My Sunday Book Review is about Elaine Ambrose’s fun and spot on nonfiction and humorous take on midlife changes and how the author embraces them all in her book – Midlife Cabernet -Life, Love and Laughter after Fifty. I met Elaine on Twitter and we followed one another and bought one of each other’s books. My next book, has a lot in common with Elaine’s observations so I was curious to read it and I wasn’t disappointed!





“Laugh-out-loud funny!” – Publishers Weekly
“An argument for joy.’ – Foreword Reviews
2014 Silver Medal Winner for Humor – Independent Publisher Book Awards program
First Place Winner for Humor – North American Book Awards
Winner for Top Ten Idaho Authors – Idaho Book Extravaganza

Welcome to Midlife Cabernet!
This title is SO much better than the original working title of Elderly Wino. If you’re a feisty, robust female tumbling down the far side of fifty, grab a glass of cabernet (oh hell, grab the whole bottle), wear your rhinestone-studded reading glasses, and savor some witty words of wisdom:
– Enjoy midlife love, sex, and passion (with another actual, living person)
– Turn your adult children’s old room into a wine bar so they can’t move back home
– Remain confident when your boobs sway like tube socks, you’re a case study for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and your aging parents forget your name
Yes, midlife is your reward for not dying young. So, drink it all in, Sisters! The best is yet to come.


My 5 Star Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation – like book with author Elaine Ambrose – because that is what it felt like while reading. Ambrose doesn’t hold back in telling it like it is when midlife approaches and all of our usual parts become new to us in different proportions, including parts of our lives as we once knew them. The author covers things we no longer have to worry about, and new concerns we come to realize as we age. And according to Ambrose, the only way to tackle some of these absurdities is to make sure we keep a bottle of Cabernet at hand.

The book reads more like chapters on memorable moments of past and new behaviors as she humorously learned to adapt to her life after fifty, oh, and of course her transformation and changes that took effect on her body. The author also offers anecdotes for some of the changes she encountered, offering some good advice for those who’ve yet to get there.

Although the book is a humorous take on midlife changes, it should still offer entertainment value to those of the younger generation who may be curious to take a sneak peek into the inevitable years of middle age.




36 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Midlife Cabernet by Elaine Ambrose

  1. Hi Debby – it sounds a fun book to read … highlighting life as we know it and ride the wave, or for those younger – they can see their sister, mother, aunt, cousins going along the route. Seems an ideal read with a glass of red to hand … happy times – cheers Hilary


  2. Sounds a fabulous book and a Glass of the Red is never far out of reach in Dreamwalker’s especially for a weekend treat.. 🙂
    And yes its amazing how we have to adjust and just Laugh as our joints start to creak and groan… LOL

    Thank you for sharing Debby.. Hoping this finds you well, And fingers crossed you are receiving loud and clear my comments even I WP is not delivering your replies..
    Love and Big Hugs your way xx ❤ Sue


      1. Glad to see you back here Sue, did the other browser help, or did you have to walk all the way? Lol ❤ Thanks for the video. Like anything in life, too much of a good thing can be bad. 🙂 ❤


    1. Thanks bunches Carol. I think you’d enjoy it, since we tend to enjoy the same books 🙂 My WIP is coming along slowly, nowhere near as quick as my other books. I’ll consider it like a fine wine LOL 🙂 ❤


  3. I’ve got to go check out this book (thanks to your great review). Sounds like a great gift to a few of my friends (those with a good sense of humor and a bottle of cabernet nearby). 🙂


  4. This sure sounds like a fun and funny book! I love how some people (yourself included, Debby) can see the humour in anything and everything. (BTW, did you notice how I spelled humor the Canadian way, following the local traditions :-)).

    Wine is such a good remedy for about everything! On that note, I recently saw a wine glass in a store, that fits an entire bottle of wine. Wouldn’t that make a good gift for your friend Elaine. 🙂


    1. Lollllllllllllll hi Liesbet! I want that glass! It’s just gotta be glass half full optimism Liesbet. And so funny, you point out your Canadian spelling, while this Canadian has adapted to American spelling when I began publishing books. I figured it was easier to get used to writing without the ‘u’ daily to keep on top of things. 🙂 Bring wine!!! 🙂 x


  5. Oh Grrrr…. just left you along reply as regards to agreeing with you about moderation in all things.. 🙂 and no I did not get your replies.. and I think I may contact Happy engineers saying I am not happy.. 🙂 Its not just yours Debby but other WP private sites too.. I just see like on some comments and that alerts me..
    I also left a comment about your latest post which I said I was not getting these problems..
    I then thought I had filled in all your boxes but must have unchecked one as it through me an error message.. I clicked go back and the whole of my comment wasn’t there any more to press publish..
    So second time lucky.. Sorry this may sound more clipped than original..
    Love and Hugs and take care my friend ..


    1. Oh Sue, I’m so sorry you are having such issues. I know how annoying it can be, been there a few times. But I did get this message. Is this the one you thought didn’t go through? Also, one more thought, since the GDPR change came along, many people had to adapt to the rules and changed comment forms, adding the check boxes in comments. I wonder if it has to do with you being part of the EU? ❤


      1. I don’t know for sure Debby, But I know I have to fill out your email form every time and name and site details.. I never used to as it remembered me.. So I am going to ask the Happy engineers to help see if their is glitch between our sites..
        I left a comment on your latest poem.. Great by the way..
        Hope it soon can be sorted..
        Enjoy your weekend..
        Love and Hugs ..


      2. Thanks so much Sue. Just so you know, I too have to fill out my name and such on all sites that are self hosted too. It’s part of that dumb GDPR forms. 😦 Thanks for being relentless and for keep coming back. ❤ xxxx


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