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Mercury Retrograde



Today I’m sharing a post I wrote for Sue Vincent’s blog on the topic of Mercury Retrograde. This retrograde was a doozie for sure. And even though it finally, officially ended December 7th, don’t be fooled. The retrograde leaves its remnants of chaos behind slowly as it wanes, so don’t expect ‘situation normal’ to return until Christmas Eve!



Mercury Retrograde 101


How’s the Mercury Retrograde doing for you guys? I can’t recall a more schizophrenic retrograde in my life, and I’ve sure had enough.


Mercury retrograde has sucked out every last ounce of my patience. Every day since the first week of November the planets have been doing a dance, particularly with technology and communications – make that miscommunications!  Nothing has gone smoothly:  important emails were lost, some of my Christmas online orders were lost, phone communications misinterpreted, and computer and techno issues abound. Thank goodness I have no travel plans till just after the madness ends Christmas Eve! Certainly, I can’t be the only one enduring this madness?

On November 16th, Mercury went into its 3rd and most powerful retrograde of the year in the fire sign of Sagittarius. The ‘pre’ retrograde began approximately 2 weeks before when things began going wonky. This phase will end on December 7th, but don’t be fooled, it will linger until the tail end has vanished by Christmas Eve. Everyone will be affected by this retrograde, but most prominent signs to feel the affliction will be, Gemini (oh yay my sign), Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces.

In case some of you aren’t familiar with Mercury retrograde, this is how it works. …… Nobody goes unscathed whether aware of the syndrome or not, only that you may be questioning many things and asking WTF?


What is Mercury Retrograde?


The planet Mercury goes into retrograde 3 to 4 times a year. In 2018 it retrograded 3 times. While in retrograde Mercury ‘appears’ to move in an opposite direction to earth. The planets run from west to east, circling the sun, but when Mercury turns, appearing to go east to west, this transition is called Mercury retrograde. Since Mercury travels faster than earth, it frequently catches up and passes earth, occurring 3 – 4 times a year. One year on planet Mercury is shorter than one year on earth, the equivalent of 88 earth days compared to earth’s complete solar loop of 365 days.

While Mercury goes into retrograde, it will feel as though the planets are moving backwards, but in fact they are not. Mercury travels around the sun quite quickly from west to east, and around every 4 months it passes us here on earth in its orbit, making it look as though it’s moved from east to west, but that in fact is an optical illusion.


How does Mercury Retrograde affect us?


Retrogrades are notoriously similar to Murphy’s Law – Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. This is a time where communications go awry, energetic forces overpower the norm, causing havoc for such things as, email and website snafus, delayed and cancelled flights, sensitivities are heightened, making many things happening feel ‘hyper-real’, among just some of the unpredictabilities. Mercury also rules other industries such as publishing, writing, editing, advertising, sales, public relations and all things related to transport, like airlines, the post office and pretty much, all modes of transportation!  Anything involving technical, you can expect mishaps. Our patience is being tested, and heated words have a propensity to take place within friendships and relationships. Typically, retrogrades are not a good time to start new ventures, seal new business deals, and lest I mention, political issues are escalated.

This past year in particular, the 3 retrogrades that have passed were powerful and stinging for many. This has been a year of transformation and change for many as the ‘clutter’ is brushed away with all these sweeping retrogrades, finally allowing us to breathe better and smile more in 2019.


What can we do to get through this retrograde with minimal collateral damage?


Since Mercury rules communications, affecting travel, contracts and most things technological, I suggest allowing lots of extra time if you must travel in this period as well as its shadow periods which typically begin 2 weeks before the retrograde and linger 2 weeks after as it wanes. I also recommend avoiding committing to signing any important contracts at these times and waiting for the retrograde to pass before finalizing any decisions regarding contracts. Plan ahead! Please continue reading at Sue’s blog


Source: Guest author: D. G. Kaye ~ Mercury Retrograde 101 | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo


Mercury retrograde


10 thoughts on “Guest author: D. G. Kaye ~ Mercury Retrograde 101 | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

  1. You’ve had quite a make-over on your site this month. I like it! This is an interesting post, and now you’ll learn something you might not have known about me.

    I’ve been a student of astrology since the late 1960s when my meditation teacher taught his students astrology and Jung at the same time. My teacher also wrote a wonderful book about classical astrology called ‘Astronoesis.’ I follow my aspects and also my family. I have many friends who are experienced astrologers–and mythologists. I had a reading about the cochlear implant surgery. Very hopeful and helpful.

    Mercury retrograde isn’t necessarily bad. It may mean a person must return to something unfinished (like hearing in my case?), revisit the issue, try a new way. It might mean we need to rethink the situation. Maybe there are technology issues, too, but when I look from a positive perspective of being taught something about communication, I get a different feel. What degree was Mercury when it went retrograde? What degree when it went direct? How do these pauses make aspects with the natal chart? I also use the Sabian symbols to think about this. I could go on and on about this, but it’s another learning experience, often a positive and helpful one–a life lesson revisited. Possibly with frustration. Mercury will not be retrograde for cochlear implant surgery but it will be retrograde when my new hearing transmitter is turned on–a time for relearning and adjusting to new sound. I’m sure it will be confusing and demanding–and I can hardly wait.I also have transiting Jupiter trine my Moon-Mercury conjunction then. It’s the hope and promise of a gift of new communication. So we shall see, but as my two favorite astrologers say, “Mercury retrograde doesn’t scare me.” At the moment, I’m learning all about cochlear implants and the challenges and benefits. I’m getting ready for a big change in the world of sound.


    1. Thank you for share more in-depth here about the retrograde, Elaine. And I’m so happy that your hearing is nearing! I just know all will go fine for you. I await hearing about the success 🙂


  2. I heard people mention this, but if I was affected, it didn’t seem abnormal to how things usually go for me, lol! I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. 🙂


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