Rodeo #4: Fractured Fairy Tales Carrot Ranch #FlashFiction Winners

Fractured Fairy Tales Honorable Mention



My final entry for Charli Mills’ Rodeo Flash Fiction contest – Fractured Fairy tales. In 99 words exactly, re-write a famous fairy tale story with a fractured twist. I’m thrilled to share that I won an honorable mention for my entry.


Goldie’s Quest


Starving and tired, Goldie trudged through the forest, scavenging for anything edible when she discovered the house in the woods. After rapping on the door and no response, desperate for food and sleep, she turned the door handle and was pleasantly surprised to find it unlocked. There, before her eyes were three bowls of pasta which had her salivating.

She didn’t hesitate to gobble up all three bowls and then headed for the couch for a nap. Half hour later she awakened to the discomfort of her rumbling, expanding stomach. “Oh crap,” Goldie exclaimed. That pasta was not gluten-free!


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Source: Rodeo #4: Fractured Fairy Tales « Carrot Ranch Literary Community




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