I’ve Been Interviewed – WRITING: THE WHOLE TRUTH | Leslie Tate

I’m delighted to share my featured interview at Leslie Tate’s blog. I did the interview last fall and was pleasantly surprised to find it featured the week I returned from winter hiatus. Please enjoy.



Leslie: As a blogger, what else do you write about that you haven’t mentioned so far?

Debby: I’m an eclectic mix of thought and that’s what you’ll usually get on my blog. I like to limit my posts to three times a week on average as I feel that way I’m not chained to my blog and I don’t overwhelm my readers with too many posts. On my blog I have my Sunday Book Reviews where I share a review of a book I recently read. On Tuesdays I usually share a post of something I’ve written myself. That can range from a memoir byte – a story relating to my writing, a rant – where I tell of a recent experience I witnessed or encountered where I found injustice, or sharing news about a recent event. Often, I’ll reblog an interview or feature I recently wrote for at someone else’s blog. Fridays used to be reserved for my author guest interviews, which somehow got lost in the shuffle this past year, but I will be resuming next March, with a little restructuring. For now, I like to share contest news, reblog something from another writer that I feel is pertinent to my readers, or feature a post on writing tips where I share links I’ve accumulated through the week which I feel will be helpful for other writers.

I am also part of the ‘We are the World Blogfest’ team – #WATWB where writers participate the last Friday of every month in sharing something good that’s going on in the world to deflect some of the negativity we so often hear on the news. And lastly, I also run another blog with my Seven Sisters of the Fey, where we take turns writing on all things magical and mystical from fairies to horoscopes and tarots, to numerology and crystals, and angels and intuition are my specialty.


Leslie: You review other people’s books. Can you describe, please, what’s distinctive about your online book reviews?

Debby: I think every book reviewer has their own style unique to how they feel about a book. My reviews are not tomes, yet, I believe they focus on the ‘meat’ of the stories and how those stories left me feeling. Every reviewer is different. Some like to recap a whole book, and others choose to dissect a book down to every typo or grammatical error. If I enjoyed a book, I like to share my opinion about it, hoping that somebody else may too enjoy it. I have a personal motto that I don’t review books that aren’t worthy of 4 and 5 stars. If I start reading a book that I find is in serious need of good editing, too much head hopping that has me having to go back a page every time to figure out who the author is talking about, I’ll usually stop reading the book. As an author myself who fears the dreaded crappy reviews, I can’t bring myself to give another author a bad review. On the same note I’d like to add that because all my reviews are 4 and 5 stars, that in no way indicates I rated the book so to appease an author. To repeat, I’ll only write a review for books deserving of those ratings. . . please continue reading.



Source: WRITING: THE WHOLE TRUTH | Leslie Tate

18 thoughts on “I’ve Been Interviewed – WRITING: THE WHOLE TRUTH | Leslie Tate

  1. Hi Debby – you certainly are in the mode of keeping the blog going etc. I like your style of writing – friendly and warm … and you’ve experienced lots of life … we can learn so much from these truths. I’m delighted you’re doing the #WAWTB monthly blog hop – so important to remind ourselves that there’s more good being done – than the few major negatives we tend to hear about. I’ll be over to read the interview on Leslie’s blog – cheers to you both – Hilary


  2. Great interview! Good for you for being able to maintain such a healthy engagement on your blog. Because of my introvert personality, blogging is draining for me. So I heartily appreciate the time and effort you must go to in order to post as frequently and as effectively as you do!


    1. Thanks so much Kate. Blogging is definitely time consuming, but I love the connections I make through blogging and I think of it as a space to share my ideas, thoughts, rants, and information to share with others. 🙂


  3. I love that we always discover something new, no matter how many times we read interviews about our friends.
    I’d never thought about your pen name, but it’s hilariously akin to how I came up with mine (no surprise there, then). I use my full first name, and ‘J’ is my middle initial – hence ‘Jay’ came into being as a surname.


    1. Lol Deb, go figure! I’d say that is definitely ‘hilariously akin’!!! Thanks for reading my friend, so true. we learn so much more about our friends with every interview. 🙂 xx


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