#Booklaunch – Understanding – An #Anthology of Life Events

 I am proud to present today, an anthology on life of events that I am thrilled to be part of along with 19 other writing friends, including, and compiled by author and friend Stevie Turner. The book is only $1.00 and all proceeds are going to cancer research.





The following authors and bloggers kindly answered questions posed by Stevie Turner regarding significant life experiences they had undergone. These events include sexual abuse, a near death experience, alcoholism, being diagnosed with cancer, depression, losing weight, getting married, being a mother to many children, being the daughter of a narcissistic mother, and many more!

All proceeds will go to Cancer Research.

Thanks to:
Alienora Browning
Sally Cronin
Dorinda Duclos
Scarlett Flame
Bernard Foong
Darlene Foster
Janet Gogerty
Debbie Harris
Lucy V. Hay
Miriam Hurdle
Phil Huston
Pamela Jessen
D.G Kaye
Lynda McKinney Lambert
Jaye Marie
Clive Pilcher
Abbie Johnson Taylor
Beem Weeks


Excerpt from part of my entry:


Daughter of a Narcissist

I may not have a PHD beside my name, but I’ve spent a lifetime analyzing my own mother’s debilitating narcissism.

When I was a young child, I had no concept of the meaning of the word narcissist, nor was I familiar with the word itself. I eventually learned that my mother’s behavior fit perfectly into that category.

I made it my business to observe her closely, question her lies (to my father, not to her), and learn to recognize her habits and exaggerations in her stories in order to first, figure out the real story by separating the truth of her words without her embellishments, and to try to understand what spurred her theatrical behavior.

Her physical beauty was a great aid in highlighting her theatrics. The people she ensnared with her false superiority were those with low self-esteem, men who were enamored by her beauty, and those of us who knew her well but either had never acquired the nerve to call her out or knew better that it would be fruitless to bother.

I watched many men through the years, including my own father, become victims of my mother’s charming ways, just as much as I witnessed those same men become morally degraded by hurtful words when she lashed out at them because of her possessiveness and jealousies. Even as a child, I became aware of her bullshit shenanigans, but I dared not confront her or call her out.

As the years progressed, I continued to analyze her antics and I still got caught in her webs of deceit. When I was a child, I got sucked into playing a part in some of her cover-ups and lies, helping her hide things from my father. The list goes on, until I too became a pawn in her lies, when she betrayed what I thought was a mother-daughter confidence I shared with her. Many people were hurt for no reason – particularly my father. But I learned that was one of her weapons in her arsenal. She was jealous of the relationship I had with my father. She kept that confidence I’d shared with her until it would come in handy – and it did. If she wasn’t happy, someone else had to be miserable too.

I talk about these issues with hard experience and write more about them in my books Conflicted Hearts and P.S. I Forgive You because I lived under the rule of a narcissist for over 50 years.

24 thoughts on “#Booklaunch – Understanding – An #Anthology of Life Events

  1. Sounds like a fascinating collection, and a very worthy cause. Hope it brings in lots for the charity, I know you guys want to sell a lot of copies, but it seems seriously under priced to me!


  2. Congratulations, Debby! It’s so special to be part of an anthology. And, you seem to be in good company. Happy reading and being read! 🙂

    BTW, I keep forgetting to tell you that when I receive your newsletter in my inbox, it contains the full blog posts instead of the initial paragraph like months ago. Not sure whether any of your settings changed?


  3. Hi Debby – your write-up and experiences with your mother sound very true to life, with those very difficult challenges you had to work out and get round … and then ‘accept’. It seems that Stevie’s anthology is doing really well … good luck all round – cheers HIlary


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