Writer’s Tips – 5 Tips for Better Book Cover Typography, Free Fonts, #BookBub Ads & More!

I came across some valuable shares this past week.  A nice mix of book cover design tips, writing what you know, more downloadable FREE fonts, how to use BookBub ads, and some great tips on what to look for before making your books into audio.


More free downloadable fonts from Nicholas Rossis




Book cover design tips

Source: 5 Tips for Better Book Cover Typography | WritersDigest.com


Some seriously great information for authors who are considering getting their books done in audio version. Nicholas Rossis has covered it all in this post

As audiobooks are the fastest-growing segment in publishing, I have been researching that market. One thing I realized is that choosing a narrator is probably the most important decision you make w…




Excellent article from the blog of Anne R. Allen on writing what you know for different genres

Say ‘Bye Felicia to Mary Sue: Why Writing What You Know Can Doom Your Story








A comprehensive guide to working with BookBub ads




Op-ed – Is giving our books away for free really a good thing?

Are Free Books a Good Thing?



How to add Sub-Categories to your blog posts to help readers find related posts in your archives, by Hugh Roberts






34 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – 5 Tips for Better Book Cover Typography, Free Fonts, #BookBub Ads & More!

  1. Some good stuff here. I’m far from trying BookBub–maybe someday. LOL. But Rossis’ post I bookmarked previously–good stuff. Haven’t used subcategories yet, but I probably have enough posts now to finally make it sensible–if only I spent more time here and elsewhere driving readers to my blogs! LOL–except it’s not really a laughing matter ); Liked the Writers Digest item too; got that one covered. Thanks DGK. 🙂


  2. Love handy tips like this. I’m always on the lookout for design ideas too, so I really appreciate the information you gathered for us!


  3. Thanks for the shares, Deb. These are wonderful tips. I am perplexed by the whole Bookbub and Netgalley thing. I mean you pay a substantial amount of money for them to get your book out for free? I’m astonished by how many people on GoodReads are reviewing books they got for free for exchange of their review.
    I guess it helps to get one’s book into the right hands. I’ll be reading up on that article. Cheers and happy writing and book promo!! 😛


    1. I’m with you Lis, Bookbub ads are uber expensive, but according to statistics I’ve read from some author friends, it ultimately pays off. I will look more into this later in the year. And we’re not supposed to offer free books for reviews, according to Amazon, even though it happens, but those people risk getting found out by Amazon and reviews booted. And thanks for the good wishes. 🙂 Oh ya, I started watching that show you recommended Better Things. It’s clever. 🙂


  4. Thanks for the tips and links, Debby. I really appreciate you collecting useful info and sharing it with us.

    BTW, your newsletter looks better now, but it only shows the titles of the posts, no first paragraph or content. Yeah… Technical annoyances….


    1. Thanks Liesbet. I have an awful time with Mailchimp. They must have changed their platform because who knows how long they started posting the whole post as I never had it set that way. I spent 3 hours trying to fix it and all I managed to do was get up the title of the post. I need to ask around how to get first paragraph only as for what I read, it was either all or nothing 😦


      1. Oh no. So sorry to read that. I actually didn’t tell you earlier, because I figured it might be a glitch and I didn’t want you to spend too much time on it as that always seems to be the case with technology and features changing without our consent. WordPress does this as well… 😦


      2. Lol, stay tuned for this Tuesday’s edition. Not sure at all how it will come out. A writer friend told me to try a new trick. I’m hoping it will show a first paragraph. Keep me posted please. 🙂 x


      3. Looks like the last newsletter was a mix of shorter text blocks and longer ones. You’ll get there! I hope trial and error will do the trick – and help from friends. 🙂


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