#WATWB – We are theWorld Blogfest – Wrapped in Courage

For this month’s We are the World Blogfest contribution, I wanted to share a wonderful project called ‘Wrapped in Courage’. This campaign runs all year round but it’s particularly highlighted in the month of November for Women’s Abuse Prevention Month.


Wrapped in Courage campaign is organized by the Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses.  It was created in 2013. Every year throughout the month of November, supporters call on all Ontarian’s to show support for survivors of women abuse by purchasing a purple scarf from the local women’s shelters.

A campaign to end violence against women

The Courage of a Woman is NOT Enough

Now in its sixth year, shelters across the province are engaging the community to become more aware of the often overlooked issue of woman abuse in Ontario.

November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month. The purple scarf is a symbol of the courage it takes woman leave her abuser. However, the courage of the woman is not enough. It takes the strength of an entire community to end violence against women.


It is estimated that 20-30 women are murdered annually in Ontario by a male partner – current or previous, and is the number 2 reason for emergency police calls.


About Wrapped in Courage



Wrapped in Courage Campaign

Source: Wrapped in Courage


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39 thoughts on “#WATWB – We are theWorld Blogfest – Wrapped in Courage

  1. What a great story, Debby, and well-worth sharing. Domestic violence is dreadful and steals too many wonderful women every year. I can’t believe how often a woman is murdered by a partner here in Australia. As you say, we need society as a whole to be courageous and put an end to it.


    1. Absolutely Norah. Domestic violence knows no bounds. Sadly, we all have our share. And as a former survivor, this has a special place in my heart. ❤


  2. Thanks for highlighting the important work done by this organization. I can only imagine the trauma these women face. They need all the help they can get and I’ll be sure to purchase a scarf this year.


  3. How wonderful that initiatives such as this one are helping victims of domestic violence. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Just as it takes a village to raise a child, I think it takes a village of committed people to rescue a woman from the ramifications of domestic violence.


  4. I absolutely agree with you Deb… “It takes the strength of an entire community to end violence against women.” But first of all women have to stand up against this cultural malaise and report it. Often they accept it as part of life probably because they have been conditioned, especially those who are not economically independent.
    Thanks for highlighting this issue.


    1. Thanks for adding to the conversation Balroop. Sadly, you are right. Too many women stick around because they feel there is no alternative. It definitely takes a village! 🙂


  5. Hi Debby – it’s wonderful to read about these ‘safe-harbours’ where women can be helped when domestic violence takes over … and I love their tag line ‘wrapped in courage’ – excellent #WAWTB – cheers Hilary


  6. A worthy cause to highlight and raise awareness of, Debby. It’s terrible that the abuse of women is an issue that society is slow to respond to. It requires voices rising up. Thanks for raising yours. ❤


  7. Debby this is such an important campaign and those figures are shocking, for the province of Ontario.. And it does take courage to leave and no longer allow the victim mentality to rule by the use of fear..
    Many thanks for bringing this awareness..


  8. It’s a sad reality that in modern times around the world humans haven’t progress as far emotionally and behaviorally as we have technologically and culturally since the days of our cavemen ancestors. Hence we must have shelters for needless violence.


  9. I’ve heard of this movement in other places, too. It’s so sad that there has to be a “movement” to end violence against women. But it seems to be gaining traction and maybe someday people will be horrified to learn that women were once abused and treated unequally. I hope so.


  10. Thanks for sharing and raising awareness that this is still going on in 2019.
    Hugs and solidarity to all suffering women out there.


  11. I like the name “Wrapped in Courage” and the purple scarf idea. Rarely would the courage of one be able to change something bad in the world, unfortunately. I’m glad the province of Ontario is trying to fight some of its battles. A worthy cause. Thanks for sharing, Debby.


    1. Thank you so much Elaine. Sadly, this remains a big issue for women everywhere. Hopefully, if we all continue to speak out and share the awareness this too will one day pass.


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