Sunday Book Review – Not Just Quotes by Dorothy Sander

Today’s Sunday Book Review is for Dorothy Sander’s beautiful book – Not Just Quotes. This book was a beautiful read, written from the author’s perspective on life through her aging and wisdom experiences. Besides the author’s perspective, there are also pages added after each short chapter with questions we can answer for ourselves, along with various quotes on each topic from some of the greats in literature.


I was delighted to receive a paperback copy from the author after she emailed me and asked my permission if she could add my review of her earlier book to the editorial page of this book.




Quotes, essays and reflection questions entice readers to explore the fundamental principles that guide their lives. Essays from the author on topics that include Change, Courage, Beauty, Friendship and Wisdom are paired with quotes from well-known teachers, writers and spiritual guides and reflection questions. A perfect companion for exploring personal beliefs, especially during times of transition and change. Use as a practice for those who wish to align their external life with their internal beliefs and values.


My 5 Star Review:

This is a most beautiful book – from cover to words. Sander takes us with her on these short. yet, powerful self-reflections on the various elements of life through aging and wisdom. Some of the many topics covered are about love, joy, friendship, fear, forgiveness, and many more. Each chapter is written from the author’s perspective on the aforementioned topics, accompanied by questions she leaves with us to fill out on our own with lined spaces for us to express our thoughts in answer. To end each chapter there are beautiful quotes the author has compiled from some of the literary greats of our time, which relate to the topic of each chapter.

Two quotes that stuck out to me from Sander’s writing are on forgiveness and happiness.

Forgiveness – “The first step in finding forgiveness is to turn away from the other and turn toward ourselves.”

Happiness – “You cannot become unstuck by focusing on something outside of yourself, because the stuck-ness lives within you.”

This book is timeless and one I now keep by my bedside for a daily dose of inspiration.

26 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Not Just Quotes by Dorothy Sander

  1. This sounds like a wonderful read, Debby. I was especially intrigued by the questions that end each chapter. So not only beautifully written but reflective and relevant. I love the two quotes you picked out because they challenge perceptions. And lastly… a gorgeous cover. 😀 Sounds like a winner.


  2. Thanks, Debby! I appreciate your kind review of my new book. It’s been a long time coming and I’m thrilled that you wanted to share it with your readers. You have always been such a wonderful support and inspiration for so many writers and I am grateful for your continued support of me and my efforts.


  3. Debby, a tender review of a book that can be treasured over the years, referred back to countless times. I like having a collection of just such inspirational books on my shelf and am going to look at this closer. Many thanks for sharing. X


  4. This sounds absolutely wonderful, Deb! Nice review and the book looks and sounds so positive and encouraging. Something we could all use. Congratulations to Dorothy on her new book release 🙂


  5. This inspiring book carries the wisdom of a life well lived, it has a universal appeal … that is the message I got from your review Deb. Thank you for sharing your review. I loved the cover – so simple and profound!


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