The Historical Role of Writers and Authors in Society – K. DeMers Dowdall

In our new world of fake news and certain attempts to block a free press, I felt compelled to share this amazing article by Karen Dowdall on a writer’s right to write, democracy, and the critical importance for writers to spread their written words.


I believe our global world is teetering on a precipice or an abyss. However we wish to view our global situation, because there are too many dictators that have now gained power. The supposed purpose of our American Democratic Republic was, and hopefully will be again someday, for religious freedom and economic prosperity. Democracy, however, is losing.

Therefore, in my opinion, writers can and should share their views.  The governmental policies are everyone’s business, because our lives, how we live our lives, are dependent upon on our written and verbal voices.  Writers have a voice, an audience, a vibrant and often collective voice.

Fiction, especially, is a vehicle to express societal needs and wants for a better life. Consider A Tale of Two Cities, To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Scarlet Letter, Jane Eyre, Oliver Twist, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Roots, and so many others.  All of these written works represent writers speaking out about the horrors of tyranny placed on people of poverty, of color, of sex, and of faith.

Furthermore, all of the above classic literature, speaks to the appalling human conditions forced onto society by tyranny, greed, hate groups, ignorance, and loathe. The cruelty of mankind is a poison without a cure…unless humankind speaks loudly, writes loudly about injustice, poverty, bullying, hate, fear, racism, greed, and tyranny. Please continue reading at Karen’s blog



Source: The Historical Role of Writers and Authors in Society – K. DeMers Dowdall

12 thoughts on “The Historical Role of Writers and Authors in Society – K. DeMers Dowdall

  1. A thoughtful article. I’ve started to believe that niche-thinking blogs and websites are more important than ever because the so-called news outlets are no longer balanced. I’m sure that’s how those vaunted writers you mention felt–that the story they had to tell wouldn’t get out unless they put their opinions in a book. Kudos to all involved.


  2. What an important article, Sis. Especially the fact that news agencies like Fox tend to spread lies and deceit, along with the present administration. I worry that our democracy is already defeated! Karen nailed it!


  3. I will share with you Debby what I said on Karen’s Post.. And thank you for sharing her thoughts here Debby

    “We should all be aware at how the system is now eroding Free Speech and how Algorithms are censoring communications being accessed..
    Many are not even aware we are sliding down the slippery slope.. As the Dark side as Marlene in her comment touched upon have much of the Media in their grip, along with addictive games and trivia on phones and TV that keep the masses dumbed down and sleeping! ”

    thank you again my friend.. Enjoy your Sunday ❤


    1. Thank you so much Sue for adding to the conversation. As always your words are absolute truth. It’s over time for the masses to wake up! ❤ xx


  4. Wonderful share, Debby. Karen makes a great point that we have to preserve the right to write about isues, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction that we choose to do.


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