Streets Ahead Street Team Author #Promotion | Stevie Turner

Stevie Turner had originally created this promotional group for authors on Facebook. We had a nice group going where every week in alphabetical order, Stevie posts 2 authors in the group to share a link to one of their books then all the authors in the group share the link on their social media. Stevie also joined me on when I followed my friends Colleen and Sally there because they, like Stevie, were being restricted and unable to post anymore.

I too had lots of FB problems and MeWe offered the next step in social media – mainly, privacy and no data stealing or sharing, with a similar site to Facebook. Then recently Stevie couldn’t post any of her blogs and she’d had enough and closed up FB. And so she re-opened Streets Ahead Team on MeWe. So if you’re an author interested in joining the group, please read Stevie’s post.


Streets Ahead Street Team Promotion

This is a promotion from my new Streets Ahead street team, which has now moved over to MeWe as I’ve deleted my Facebook account.  Authors can join using this link:

At the moment we’re promoting Robbie Cheadle’s book ‘While the Bombs Fell’. . .

please continue reading at Stevie’s blog





Source: Streets Ahead Street Team Promotion | Stevie Turner

11 thoughts on “Streets Ahead Street Team Author #Promotion | Stevie Turner

  1. I can’t give up FB yet because I use it for my volunteer stuff in town. But I wish I could. Mewe sounds like a great alternative and I know a few writers who have started migrating. 🙂 Someday soon, Debby. I just don’t want to sign up if I’m not going to show up! Thanks for the reminder. ❤


    1. Anytime you’re ready Diana, we’re there. I’m still on FB for various reasons, but I hate the way it’s run with no law and order on corruption with Russian trolls spreading fake news preying on the innocent, not to mention they’re selling us all out! ❤


  2. Thanks for the share, Debby. I’ll have to check Stevie’s group out. More and more social media platforms (and even Amazon) are getting more difficult to deal with and delete our hard work!


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