Writer’s Tips – Writing Your About Page, Flexiclips, Contest Caveats

Welcome to this week’s edition of Writer’s Tips. Today’s helpful posts are helpful articles on how to keep readers interested in our books, how to make quick videos, how to make our ‘about pages’ interesting, and some caveats on entering writing contests.



Great article I found on what turns off readers from buying our books.



Anne R. Allen has some great tips for us to beware of when entering Writing Contests

Source: Beware Bogus Writing Contests: 8 Red Flags to Look For



How to make a quick video with Flexiclips from Nicholas Rossis




Writing “about me” pages by Nicholas Rossis

Writing a book is hard. Still, I’d rather write a 5-novel series than a book blurb. And when it comes to writing a couple of paragraphs about me, aka Author Bio, well, that’s when I rea…

Source: How to Write the Best “About The Author” Page Possible | Nicholas C. Rossis


Another gem I found is editor Jeri Walker’s generous share of character style sheets, FREE download.

Source: #Editor: Story Bible and Manuscript Style Sheet Templates – Word Bank Writing & Editing



25 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – Writing Your About Page, Flexiclips, Contest Caveats

    1. Jas, if you add the ‘press this’ tool in your dashboard you will be able to copy URL into draft in your blog. Alternatively, you can always use the old fashioned way of copying URL and copy and paste a section of a post into a new blog draft. 🙂


  1. Many thanks for sharing this selection … look forward to perusing them and heading straight of the Nicholas’s … why, oh why, does the blurb fill us all with sheer terror! 😀


    1. Lol I know Annika. It’s so challenging because we try to pull out the meatiest essence out of 200 – 300 pages of our labor and condense into a mere paragraph, lol. Lots to capture and if we don’t hit the mark we lose readers. 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing these posts, Debby. They are packed full of useful advice. I think I might have to spend a bit more time studying the one about the About page. 🙂


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