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Sally Cronin is running a new series called #Potluck. Sally has been running her ‘posting from the archives’ series whereby bloggers submit some of their older posts to Sally to have featured and given fresh eyes, but in this series, Sally has requested permission to search through our archives and choose what she’d like to share from us. I had to laugh when Sally chose my post on preparing for #colonoscopy. LOL. Enjoy!



Smorgasbord Health Column – Guest Writer – D.G. Kaye – What I did Yesterday – Besides having a #Colonoscopy




D.G. Kaye.. Debby Gies has updated her post from 2015 on her experience with a colonoscopy which was repeated last week. It is one of those things that people are reluctant to talk about, but needs to be demystified and discussed.


What I did Yesterday — Besides Having a #Colonoscopy by D.G. Kaye

As I was digging through some older posts, I came across this one I wrote 4 years ago after a colonoscopy and before another one was to come, and I’ve had a few more since that time.

Although this post is quite humorous in parts, colonoscopy is serious business. We all dread them, and if you’re anything like me, worse than the actual procedure is the poison prep we have to drink the day prior to the test. In this post I share some of the humorous findings I came across while searching out alternative methods to getting the guck down, but no matter how you slice it, a beast is still a beast, even with lipstick.

Since the time of this posting, I have managed to find the potion of lesser evil that actually works for me, but everyone’s system is different so what works for some may not be as effective for others. Just remember, having a colonoscopy can literally save your life. So many people who have them have had polyps found and removed in routine checks which could ultimately have led to colon cancer left unchecked. So put on your big girl/boy pants, choose your potion and do yourself and your families a favor and get yourselves checked!


Colonoscopy – An ugly word, with fearful connotations.

Yesterday I went for my overdue colonoscopy appointment. When I say overdue, I mean that it’s been three and a half years since my last one, and consequently, that was my first one.

After having my first one and enduring the awful, but not most awful of all the preps, I was lectured then by the gastroenterologist because I didn’t take the prep she instructed me to take, . . . please continue reading


Source: Smorgasbord Health Column – Guest Writer – D.G. Kaye – What I did Yesterday — Besides Having a #Colonoscopy | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine



14 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Health Column – Guest Writer – D.G. Kaye – What I did Yesterday — Besides Having a #Colonoscopy | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

  1. Hi Debby – clicked the wrong box … so it removed my comment – but here ’tis again. I’ve had one and it’s not nice, but necessary … thankfully nothing found. It’s always helpful to know where one can have this sort of information around to read … because it just helps being prepared. Interesting that that was the post Sally selected to appear in her blog … it’ll be useful to many as they find it … cheers Hilary


    1. Thanks Hilary. Yes, I was a bit taken aback when Sal chose this post. But I’m glad she did because it’s so important to have this done. Plus, I know how many posts and forums I visited myself for info when I was searching for people to share their experiences so I hope it helps others. ❤


  2. Yup, no fun. My much older brother got away without having one until his 70s!!!! Fortunately for him, nothing was found. He’s had one more and then that’s it. Lucky dog!


  3. Ah, the wonderful world of colonoscopies. Unfortunately, I am quite familiar with it. The doc found quite a few precancerous polyps on my first go round, so now he likes to take a gander every couple of years. Now that’s a job I’m not signing up for. Besides drinking all the junk, I get migraines when I can’t eat. The whole process is pretty miserable for me, but I suppose it’s better than the alternative.


    1. It’s absolutely better than the alternative Pete. And it’s understandable that prep day brings on headaches as well as all the other goodies we experience. Thank goodness they are every few years. 🙂


  4. I totally sympathise with you on the prep Debby having held hubbys hand through it several times too..

    Thank you for fining the humour in it all… Sending LOVE and well wishes your way my friend ❤


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