#WATWB – We are the World Blogfest – Recycling with School Participation

For this month’s #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest contribution where writers share good deeds that are going on around the world to help make the world a better place, I came across this wonderful recycling program by Subaru paired with Terracycle.


Subaru works with Terracycle and invites people to bring all their plastic cups, lids, straws, candy wrappers, etc., to one of their locations participating in the recycling program. Once brought to the program, items are separated and recycled and turned into useful items such as park benches, picnic tables and playground items for children then donated to over 540 Subaru partnered companies and participating local retailers.


Visit the post to see how the program works HERE


How to join a Terracycle Free program  HERE




Each last Friday of every month, writers can hop on this WATWB adventure and share an interesting post helping to spread some of the good things being done in our world. If you’d like to join, please visit THIS LINK to add your post.


This month’s host of the WATWB are:   Shilpa Garg, Dan AntionMary GieseSimon Falk , Damyanti Biswas.





26 thoughts on “#WATWB – We are the World Blogfest – Recycling with School Participation

    1. I think the awareness is finally kicking in around the globe Hilary. The time has come to clean up our environments.Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 xx


  1. Excellent scheme Debby and great share.. anything that gets the children involved at an early age has to be good for the future… wonderful initiative .. thanks for sharing…♥♥


  2. Great post! We have to keep fighting for recycling in the American Southwest–it’s miles to anywhere and lightweight stuff fills trucks but still costs money to ship. From my former working life I know all about the market issues and transportation costs. The day will come, soon we can hope, that the majority of containers will be biodegradable or reusable nearby.


    1. I hope so John. I know when I first spent a winter in Arizona, I was stunned there was no recycling boxes on the property – everything went in one dumpster, so sad.


  3. OOH, of course I love the sound of this. Recycling needs to be a priority for everyone. I get made fun of for re-using Ziplock baggies, but I’ll rinse and re-use as many times as possible until they get holes in them. Same with straws. I am so glad to see that we can do so much good with recycling!


  4. What a wonderful program, Debby. We really do need more programs like this. Our supermarkets over here have drop-off points for similar packaging which is also recycled into furniture and play equipment for parks, schools and child care centres. It’s great to be able to do so when so much plastic packaging is used and it can’t be recycled in other ways.


    1. I’m so glad to hear your country to is taking part in these wonderful recycle programs Norah. I hope the more we talk about these things, the more it begins to sink in with people. ❤


  5. Good on Subaru Debby, great post. Here in South Africa, recycling is BIG and people are starting to say no to plastic wrapped goods. Stores are aiming to be plastic free. But it’s all those other things that need collection points eg coffee capsules, and sweet wrappers.


    1. Hi Susan. Thanks for chiming in and letting us know that SA is doing their part in the world for eliminating plastics. I know it can be difficult with certain items, but I do believe the world is getting the message and within a few short years I expect some great reductions in plastic globally. 🙂


  6. This post has really pleased me, Debby. So good to learn about positive steps in the fight against plastic pollution.


  7. Yes! I whole-heartedly encourage every recycling initiative. Especially when it involves reusing materials! As we are traveling throughout the US, I find it harder and harder to find recycling bins in towns and parks. Many states don’t seem to recycle at all, which drives me up a wall, especially when it comes to glass, the first thing I ever recycled in Belgium, decades ago. There are receptacles everywhere there. It’s one f the reasons why we prefer being in certain states more than others…


    1. I hear you Liesbet. I remember the first time we rented a condo in Arizona and were instructed to throw all the garbage in one dumpster in the parking lot. I asked the owner – ‘Even glass?’ and she said they didn’t yet catch on to recycling. Are you kidding me? Also a friend who lives in New Mexico told me the southwest is very bad with recycling and doesn’t offer any programs. SMH!


  8. Thanks for the tip. I just went to my Subaru dealer for some warranty work but saw no sign of this. I’ll check with them. I try to avoid plastics, but it isn’t easy. I do better when I shop at a food coop because they’re more conscious about plastic packing and less interested in long shelf life. Plastic straws are being replaced here by paper. Even if it’s too little too late, it makes me feel better to participate.


    1. That’s interesting your Subaru isn’t participating? But good on the straws. They are clamping down here too with plastic straws – it’s a start. 🙂


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