Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge – Synonyms Only – Beginning and Consume

Welcome back Colleen Chesebro, to the land of writing. We missed your poetry challenges while you were busy uprooting your life and moving to a new state.

This week’s Poetry Challenge invites us to choose a form of poetry to write in and use synonyms only for the words ‘Beginning’ and ‘Consume’. I’ve chosen to write a double, backwards, Etheree.








The Truth Will Set You Free


It has been said – the truth will set us free

It hides in plain sight in silent voice

Our eyes divulge the unspoken

Peeking out behind our tears

Burning deep in our souls

Distorted by lies

Disguised in hate

Etched in hearts

Speak now


Not lost

Light not dark

Guides us to truth

The awakening

Beckons ears to listen

No longer time for silence

Time to evolve and comprehend

Silence and hatred won’t save the world

Take heed, lest we’re devoured by untruth



If you’d like to take part in Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge, visit her post for details.




16 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge – Synonyms Only – Beginning and Consume

  1. Wow!! Sis, what a breathtaking call to action. Politics around the world is breaking down and our democracy is at stake. I don’t think there is a country that isn’t having problems. You hit every point that is important in the world today. ❤


  2. This one has such truth to it! And as Sally says it really does suit the times we’re in. Welcome back Colleen, and well done with her new challenge, Debby.


  3. A powerful message! Humanity has faced these challenges many times and has always emerged successful Deb. Light is always lurking at the end of the tunnel. Silence and hatred has never won.


  4. Bravo! Debby, this poem is wonderful. I believe it’s my favorite of the week! Every day I’m more and more convinced that you’re the type of person that excels at everything! Did I mention that I love your double inverse Etheree? 😉 ❤ xo


    1. Lol, wow, I’m elated at your comment Vashti, especially since I always admire YOUR poetry, lol. And shhhh, don’t be telling the world that I’m a mistress of all trades. LOL ❤ Thank you 🙂 xxx


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