Writer’s Tips – All about Making our Books Stand Out

This week’s edition of Writer’s Tips, I’m sharing some great articles I came across for authors and their books. Learn about eye-catching blurbs, the role of beta readers, how to use Amazon author central to spruce up our blurbs, and what makes a book great.



All about making our blurbs for our books be the best from Sacha Black

Book hooks and blurbs – Can you catch a reader? #Mondayblogs







The importance of using beta readers for our books




Great help article on how to add to your book’s product description (blurb) by using author central on Amazon, not your KDP dashboard.

Source: Making Your Book’s Description POP on Amazon | Celebrating Independent Authors





Excellent article on Joanna Penn’s (Creative Penn) blog on how to write our books with ‘greatness’









28 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – All about Making our Books Stand Out

  1. Your list of tips made me feel good. Why? It shows I’m doing some things RIGHT. First of all, I have taken advantage of about a half dozen beta readers’ expertise in helping me shape the structure of my book. Also, I took some cues from Amazon and other memoir writers’ books to help my blurb sound less bland, more zingy. I can’t tell you how many times I revised that 150-word blurb. Golly!

    Like Norah and others, I appreciate your “hunting and gathering” for us writers. Thanks, Debby!


    1. Good for you Marian. It’s a process for sure. And any self published author will tell you – the blurb is the hardest part to write because we’re condensing our whole book into one or two short paragraphs to convey the story, stir curiosity and desire to read more. πŸ™‚


  2. Fantastic links Debby thank you… always useful to keep on track…. we get into bad habits over time and good to get a fresh perspective from time to time.. β™₯


    1. Thanks Robbie. I read many blogs and articles and save the ones to draft which I think my fellow authors and bloggers will find useful too. πŸ™‚


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