Sunday Book Review – Memoir of a Mad Woman – Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Today’s Sunday Book Review features  – Memoir of a Mad Woman by Vashti Q. Vega. This short novelette was a perfect read for one sitting, and in this case, size doesn’t matter because I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting. I always enjoy Vashti’s books, and despite the subject matter, I was eager to read this book too by Vashti. Great story, plot and characters shine through in this story, demonstrating that even short books can convey big, powerful stories.




A novelette from the award-winning author of The Fall of Lilith and Son of the Serpent, Vashti Quiroz-Vega.

Who can explain how madness begins?

This is the story of Emma. Reared by a religious fanatic, orphaned at a young age and sent to a mental institution and an orphanage. Molested and betrayed by the people who should be watching over her…

Who can say that madness has no logic?

During a fight, Emma’s best friend punched her in the abdomen. Since then, Emma has believed there’s something damaged inside of her.

Every month… she bleeds.
She tries to fight it all her life, but the pain and the blood return twenty-eight days later… and the cycle begins again.

But Emma, even in her madness, knows how to take care of herself.
She knows how to make things right…

You may not agree…
But, who can reason with insanity?

Read this tragic but fascinating tale and traverse the labyrinthine passages of madness.


My 5 Star Review:

Wow! Such a powerful story, deeply rounded characters and a plot sewn up beautifully at the end in this short novelette. The subject matter is disturbing and I found myself skimming over the torturous parts because this is normally a genre I try to stay away from because of the disturbing abuse. But I felt compelled to read this because Vashti Quiroz-Vega is one of my favorite writers to read.

The mood is dark, and poor damaged Emma definitely was born into a world of hard knocks. Emma orphaned as a young child, ends up in an orphanage where people do bad things to children. She endures bullying, abuse to the max, yet something within her gives her the courage to soldier on until that one spark of madness brings out the revenge in her – the just desserts deliciously deserved for all those who inflicted pain on her.

It’s not very often we find ourselves rooting for evil, but when you’ve glimpsed into the life of this poor, neglected and abused little girl, you too will find yourself screaming for justice as each horrific event done onto her becomes a spectator event. Emma’s eventual unleashing becomes the only way to end the never-ending madness of her world. A most chilling read that kept me reading till the end in one sitting. #Recommended.



36 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Memoir of a Mad Woman – Vashti Quiroz-Vega

    1. Oh thanks Norah. I’m glad my review got your interest. It wasn’t my usual choice of reading either, but I enjoy Vashti’s writing so I felt compelled to read. Yes, disturbing subject matter, yet hard to put down. 🙂


  1. This was a deeply disturbing book, Debby. I couldn’t get it out of my head for weeks after I read it.


  2. I agree with you Deb, I too try to stay away from such books because of the disturbing details and even dropped this book half-way but gathered some mettle to complete it. Dark but wonderful! Your review is the most balanced tribute to Emma.


    1. Thank you for making the effort to finish it, Balroop. I know it can be difficult to read about such things; it’s difficult to write about it. I’m compelled to write about the dark things in life because too many people live in bubbles. I feel the need to burst those bubbles and show them what’s out there because once you’re aware of the problem you can’t pretend you don’t know and it’s very difficult to ignore. You never know who may be in a position to help someone in a situation like this.🥰


  3. Powerful story and great review, Deb.Thank you for introducing Vashti’s writing to me. She is one brave and courageous woman to write this memoir, one I will add to my list ❤ ❤


  4. This sounds like a stunning and disturbing read, Deb. I’ve seen Vashti’s name around the blogs and it’s great to read a review of one of her books. Her other titles also sound intriguing. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I’m addicted to Vashti’s books Lis. This was a short, but heavy, riveting read. I love her Lilith series, also addictive and anxiously awaiting book 3! 🙂


  5. Wow, Debby. This sounds like quite the story. I could see that the cruel parts are distracting or distributing, yet, the urge to read on and learn about the girl’s revenge addictive… Thanks for the review. I’m slowly catching up on blog reading… 🙂


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