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I’ve had a busy social weekend, and any writing time I’ve had I’ve used to work on my newest WIP. And I specifically keep some great reblogs in draft just for occasions like today for when I didn’t have time to write a post.

I came across this article from Aurora Jean Alexander awhile back on how sitting too long affects writers, where Aurora shares some great suggestions on how to combat the sitting slump. I found this helpful and hope you all do too.

(Oh, and please note, I am sooooooooooooooo sorry, but I have been experiencing technical difficulties to the max, and fighting WordPress, Theme, and my own laptop with Windows. Don’t ask! So I’ve yet to solve the mystery of why my blog likes to duplicate my header in the middle of  a post. If anyone has a suggestion, I’m out of options. So please bear with me as I work on the puzzle.)



Writer’s Illness – What Sitting Too Long Is Doing To Your Body

It seems writers are at high risk due to their sitting job, to get different illnesses caused by sitting too long.

Who of us doesn’t know the situation that just when we are writing a particularly demanding scene in our book, we have to get up? Our back hurts, our eyes burn, our legs seem to be on fire, our feet are numb, and we have to go to the bathroom. And still, we ignore all these signs that scream at us to get up and walk around, and we continue concentrating on finishing our scene rather than giving our body some relief.

Studies show that sitting too long can cause serious injuries and damage to our body and can even kill us.

Some of us, in our long writing careers, can face health problems like:

  • weight gain, weak muscles, and resulting diabetes
  • poor blood circulation, possibly causing thrombosis, heart disease, cancer, and even brain damage
  • posture problems, resulting in chronic neck and lower back pain
  • eyesight problems
  • anxiety and depression

In other words, this means: sitting in front of a computer like a pretzel, hour after hour isn’t doing our bodies much good. Continue reading to see what you can do to alleviate . . .


Source: Writer’s Illness – What Sitting Too Long Is Doing To Your Body – Writer’s Treasure Chest





32 thoughts on “Writer’s Illness – What Sitting Too Long Is Doing To Your Body – Writer’s Treasure Chest

  1. This share is well-timed Debby as I was at the clinic yesterday with lower back pain. Yup, writer’s illness. Sitting too long is NOT good. I have sciatica, doc says. So I’m not super woman apparently lol! I’m going to be stretching a lot more and getting a standing desk. Thanks for the stretches in the original post, I’m looking at them now.


    1. So glad you found this helpful Christy. And I feel for you as I have my share of aches and pains. That standing desk looks awfully tempting doesn’t it!!! ❤


  2. I spend alot of time either driving or sat in front of a computer. During my working day, I’m either driving,hunched over a tablet or staring at a lap top. In the evening I’m in my recliner in front of the soaps on my lap top or tablet typing. All very bad for my posture. I need to add in time to walk, but sometimes in the evening where I will sit needing a wee holding it in because I’m to tired to get up.

    Yes I suffer from lower back pain so yes I do need to do something about it. Thanks for this reminder Debby.


    1. Hi Marian. It seems we all share the same ailments. I know exactly what you mean. Every night I’m in my recliner of course with my laptop, but I keep trying newfangled ideas to get the laptop up to eye level, lol. Yup, right now it’s pillows! I get in position and stack 2 on top of me, then place my laptop down. Forget the backaches, I don’t want to wrinkle my neck LOL. Hey, whatever works LOL 🙂 x


  3. Hmmm! This is intriguing, Debby. I am hyperactive and can’t sit for long periods without going for a walk about which probably helps me. I also have good posture although I do get pain in my neck and shoulders when I am stressed at work. I have read that Stephen King writes in flat out stretches of 24 hours and I could never do that. I am strictly a slow and steady writer who aims for 10 000 words a week.


    1. Thanks for sharing how disciplined you are Robbie. I commend you. I don’t know how you get around not sitting long when you’re writing though? 🙂


  4. Amen to all that! Can’t say it’s the best way to avoid all that sitting but I do get up for more coffee and then to reheat it. You know what happens after that. LOL. Then there’s lunch, the dog, etc. But yes, too much sitting poses lots of health problems. Good reminder.


  5. We absolutely need to ‘keep it all moving’. Funnily enough I wrote a blog about the same thing only yesterday. There’s an 87 year old volunteer in our department at work. He’s on the go all day, carrying rubbish out, pacifying patients, and doing anything asked of him. He says if he didn’t come in and feel useful, he’d just sit at home and wait to die.


    1. So true Stevie. That’s why I keep my husband going to work for 3 days a week half day. I told him he can’t sit on a couch all day every day and watch TV or he’ll die. Besides the physical, it’s the mental stimulation we all need. ❤


  6. This is resonates too well. Thanks for sharing these tips. I got sore walking a few days back realizing that I hadn’t walked in the last couple of weeks and instead typing away on new projects. Note to self: walk and take breaks 🙂


  7. Great reminder of how we writers need to MOVE every once in a while (more than that) and stretch. I like the fact that my watch vibrates on my wrist, telling me “time to stand.” I growl at it, but I do what it bids.


  8. A great reminder. Thanks. My dog often comes into my office with her ball in her mouth and big pleading eyes which say, “Get up off your butt, mom and play with me.” Even 10 minutes of yoga in between chapters is helpful.


  9. Hi, Debby! Thanks for sharing this article. I think we all need to be reminded of this every so often. I’ve always been an active, outgoing person but when I began writing professionally I began spending a lot of time sitting. Add blogging and social media to that and of course, it was disastrous. Now, I like to set the timer on my iPhone and it goes off every hour, so every time it goes off I stretch out, take my dog for a walk, exercise, clean or whatever physical thing I could do. I no longer sit for hours at a time. That is so unhealthy and the older you get the worse it is. Thanks again, my friend! 😀 xo


  10. Great reminder! I’m working standing up at my breakfast bar this week since I had what should hopefully be the final surgery to fix the lingering chemo abscess. Working standing up comes with issues too. It’s never good for a body to be in any position for too long, but I am more likely to go a quick walk around the house when I’m working standing up as opposed to when I’m sitting down thanks to the extra second it takes to get up out of the chair, lol.


    1. Ouch Jeri. Gawd, I hope it is your final surgery! Hint: If standing for long periods, make sure you wear shoes with an arch, like Fitflops or the like. Since I wear them for slippers these past 2 years, I can really feel the difference when I walk in bare feet – I walk much sturdier with the arched flops. 🙂


  11. Aha! Is that why I gained a few extra pounds lately? Just kidding, as I haven’t been able to sit behind a computer long enough, while being on a long road trip. Must be from eating too much. Or getting older! 🙂

    On our latest house sit, “my” office had a desk that moved up and down (as well as the chair), so I kept the desk high and would alter my position from sitting to standing. It worked like a charm. And, I got a lot of memoir work done. Of course, that was already two months ago!


  12. Hi Debby – so true this post and the ideas Alexandra gives us. A necessary evil – this getting up and moving along … and to the exercises one builds in, as well as stretching, walking … and then that glass of water – regularly … cheers Hilary


    1. Thanks Hilary. Yes, I thought this was worthy enough to share because of the good reminders. I still need to remember to get up more often! 🙂 xx


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