Opening My Newsletters – This Lovely Surprise – #Shoutout

One never knows what they may find when opening up newsletters they subscribe to for blogs we enjoy reading and inter-acting with. A few days ago, I opened author, editor, and writing coach – Kate Johnston’s newsletter and was pleasantly surprised by a shout-out she gave to me. Wow, was I elated to read it! She picked little old me to give a shout-out to.


I’ve shared a few articles of Kate’s here on my blog through the years, and highly recommend visiting Kate’s blog because she offers a wealth of information for writers, including her Facebook group where she gives free instructionals. So I’m happy to pay it forward and share Kate’s blog today. Below you will find a copy of her latest newsletter.


Hey there, Writer!

I am wrapping up the final touches on my mini-course Create Your Killer Writing Routine, and after today the price is going up. Remember–you get lifetime access to this material so even if you aren’t ready to dive in now I highly recommend grabbing this deal to take advantage of the lower price. 🙂



Who likes writing query letters? Who likes writing synopses? I’m diving into both of these for my YA contemporary fantasy, and let’s just say they aren’t my thang. I have no problem helping other writers with their queries and synopses, but I don’t enjoy dealing with my own. I’d say the most difficult part is to write about the main conflict and the hero’s story goal without going into the extra stuff that support these elements in the book. Lit agents don’t want the “extras” in the query or synopsis, so I end up with loose threads in these documents which make it look like the book has loose threads too. Ugh.

If you’re writing a query and/or synopsis, shoot me an email. Perhaps we could beta read for each other if it’s the right fit!


If you’re looking for a heart-centered author blog and a talented non-fiction writer, you will enjoy visiting DG Kaye.

Debby is a memoirist who writes about life, matters of the heart, and women’s issues. “My intent is to inspire others by sharing my stories about events I encountered, and the lessons that come along with them.” DG Kaye

I find her blog posts inspirational and informational. She is a warm and generous person, and a wonderfully talented writer. Go check her out.


Today we are doing a live critique over at my writing group. This is a great opportunity to see a critique in action, a chance for you to see what kinds of things agents and editors look for when you submit your work, and a chance to learn how to edit your own work. If you aren’t a member of the group, you should be! Come join us HERE.

Have a writerly day!



Please do take a visit over to Kate’s blog –




34 thoughts on “Opening My Newsletters – This Lovely Surprise – #Shoutout

  1. Congratulations for the shout-out, Debby! Your blog is definitely full of heart … as are your books!❤️😀 Kate’s newsletter information looks very interesting and I’m heading over to check out her blog.


  2. You are my mentor in modeling shout-outs. I too like to promote other authors. It spreads the love, and has a positive effect on attitude.

    Now over to Kate’s blog! Thanks!


    1. Aw shucks Marian, I’m honored that you feel that way. Happy to help if I can and happy to share articles of use to us. I think you will love Kate’s blog and Kate! ❤


  3. Hi Debby – congratulations on being selected to appear in Kate’s blog … you have so much knowledge, which you generously share with us … and help us find each other … and are a heart-felt blogger: that’s for sure … take care and yes bask in the spotlight – cheers Hilary


    1. Thanks! Kate’s blog is a great blog for writers, her course is offered in her newsletter, but her blog is her blog – full of goodies. 🙂


  4. Debby! Thank you for shouting out my shout out, lol. You have nurtured a beautiful and supportive community, and I am honored to be a part of it. 🙂


  5. Congrats, Debby. What a lovely shout out. Thank goodness you opened the newsletter! I love those surprises and always worry that I miss some of them. This is such a wonderful community. I can’t wait to dive back in. ❤


  6. What a lovely compliment Deb. Congratulations. I agree with Kate, you inspire but you also make us smile with your crazy jokes at Sally humour column and you take us around the world with your awesome picturesque posts. You have never ceased to amaze me with your talents. Stay blessed.


  7. What a wonderful surprise, Debby! It’s like stumbling across a gorgeous shell on the beach. 🙂 You’ve inspired me to become a member of Kate’s Facebook group and sign up for her newsletter myself. I doubt I’ll ever find my name in there, though. Not for 100 years. Haha.

    But, you also make me realize that I should do more effort in regards to my writing career – as in read more articles and newsletters and Facebook pages related to the craft – instead of spending all my free time (which is rarely any these months) on random blogs I follow… Priorities! One day, I will be a wise woman. 🙂


    1. LOl, I love your deliver Liesbet. And I’m glad I could inspire you do jump on more writerly things. Kate is a sweetheart and she knows her craft well. Now I hope you’ll still drop by here, lol 🙂 ❤


      1. Of course I will still swing by! You are one of my favorite bloggers to follow, Deb, AND you belong in that “informational and writerly” category. Can’t go wrong with that combination as a blogger. 🙂


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