Campaign for Kindness: Boy Creates His Own ‘El Paso Challenge’

It’s the last Friday of the month where bloggers participate in the #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest to take a time out from all the negativity in the world and shine the spotlight on some of the goodness going on in the world.


For this month’s edition, I’m sharing a Random Act of Kindness project an 11 year old boy began in efforts to lessen the hurt, pain, anger and sadness, and to teach others lessons about compassion and kindness after the tragic mass shooting earlier this month in El Paso, Texas. He named it the El Paso Challenge where he encourages people to give back to others by performing 20 acts of kindness – good deeds.


Campaign for Kindness: Boy Creates His Own ‘El Paso Challenge’


A young man found a way to overcome the pain, the hurt, the anger and all the sadness after the shooting tragedy that occurred this past weekend.


A young man in El Paso, Texas, is teaching others lessons about kindness, caring — and positivity.

The boy, an 11-year-old, saw people grieving and upset after last Saturday’s mass shooting and tragedy in his city  and told his family he wanted to find some way of helping people heal.

So he and his mother started what they’re calling the “El Paso Challenge.”

It’s a social media campaign that is encouraging people of all walks of life to give back to others — and to spread kindness wherever they can.


“Rose Gandarilla shared a photo of her son, Ruben, on Twitter, as CBS News noted — along with a photo of his plan for the challenge.”

“Let’s get this done, El Paso,” she said, among other notes.

See her tweet below.




kindness quote D.G. Kaye



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Source: Campaign for Kindness: Boy Creates His Own ‘El Paso Challenge’



28 thoughts on “Campaign for Kindness: Boy Creates His Own ‘El Paso Challenge’

  1. Hi Debby – what a wonderful idea from this young lad – we all need to do all we can to help others … smiling, opening doors, carrying shopping, helping elderly to cross the road … all small, but all bring light into others’ lives – thanks Debby – excellent #WATWB … cheers Hilary


  2. What a fabulous post Debby and an inspiring young man. A wonderful challenge and I am sure it has made a difference to those who have received the acts of kindness and those that gave them..♥♥


    1. Exactly Amy. It wouldn’t hurt for everyone to use a little more kindness in these times. Yes, children are the ones with the biggest voices. Bless them. ❤


  3. What a wonderful project, Debby, and a great one to share for #WATWB. It gives me hope for the future when children so young make such thoughtful acts for a better world. The things that are being suggested cost nothing and can spread from one to another easily. Your beautiful image and words about kindness say it all. Kindness needs no transportation, just ignite it and let it spread. You are wonderful at doing that. Thank you. 💖


    1. Thank you so much Norah. Children are the future of the world. It seems that so many children are awakening to what this generation is leaving behind as their legacy. If we don’t speak out, we’ll never be heard. ❤


  4. What a wonderful kid. It’s too bad that it requires a tragedy to incite acts of kindness and that it takes a kid to think of it. Thank God for children and their wonderful hearts. Now, if only the adults of the world could get it right. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the positive!


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