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I’m reblogging my September edition of my Travel Column I write for Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord Invitation. This month we’re learning about the Caribbean Island – St. Barth’s.


Welcome back to my Travel Column where I share facts about some of the interesting places I’ve traveled, and some new places I’d like to travel to. I hope you’re all enjoying your summer. As we get ready to venture into a new season, there are plenty of beautiful places you will discover in this series, and some I too have yet to visit.

I’ve written about a few islands in the Caribbean so far, and today I want to continue the Caribbean theme and take us all to Saint Barthelemy, or the often abbreviated, St. Barths, the French prefer to call it, and, St. Barts in English.



St. Barts is a small volcanic island, encircled by shallow reefs, and is one of four territories that make up what’s called the Leeward Islands, located in the northwest of the Caribbean Sea, lying approximately 22 miles southeast of St. Martin and just north of St. Kitts. The capital city of St Barts is Gustavia, named after a Swedish King. The other three islands part of these territories are: Martinique, French West Indies, and Guadeloupe.

St. Barts is a French-speaking island that is renowned as an elite destination most popular to the rich and famous, but certainly not limited to just the rich and famous. The island is most known for its beautiful beaches, luxury yachts and of course, designer boutiques and spectacular restaurants. St. Barts is considered one of the safest islands with very little to zero crime!

There are three methods of which to arrive in St. Barts. The first is truly geared toward the rich or famous, arrive by yacht, or take a ferry from another island. The other option is to fly into St. Martin and take a small prop plane a short 10 – minute flight into the St. Barts landing strip, most likely the method I would choose.

Check out the video below to see the landing strip and a bit more history and overview of the island:



Please enjoy reading the rest of this informative article over at Sally’s blog.


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16 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Travel Column with D.G. Kaye – #Caribbean – St. Barts. | Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

    1. Hi Valentina. Oh, I love the islands. And I’d love to get to St Barts one day! Yes, notorious for short landing strip, and only very experienced pilots may land there. 😉


    1. Thanks Deb. Yes, it does look a little scary, but I gotta think, so worth the trip. And only certain pilots with short landing experience are allowed to do the run. It wouldn’t stop me! 🙂 x


  1. Hi, Debby! Happy Friday! My brother’s been to St. Barts but I haven’t. The landing looks scary. One wrong move and you can end up in the water. The take-off is even scarier since it’s flying low toward a mountain face. According to my brother, the place is worth visiting despite this. Thanks for the info. and video. 😀 xo


    1. Hi Vashti. Happy Friday! Yes! I can just imagine how short that strip is. Like I stated in the article, only certain pilots are allowed to make that run. It makes sense! Lol 🙂 ❤


  2. Although we’re not rich or famous, Mark and I visited St. Barth by sailboat (our own) a few times and enjoyed it a lot. Our favorite was Anse Columbier, where – back in the day anyway – free mooring balls were available, in front of a beautiful sandy bay, while turtles and remoras swam by. Gustavia is a cute town as well.

    Not sure what the French West Indies are in your statement “The other three islands part of these territories are: Martinique, French West Indies, and Guadeloupe.” We sailed the chain up and down a few times and as far as I remember the French West Indies make up all the French “oversees territories”. It would be nice to go back one day, as they were easy tonvisit,especially with dogs. 🙂


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience in St. Barths. No doubts you boated over considering you spent quite a bit of time in neighboring St Martin. And funny, I was a bit confused at the French West Indies description to when I was reading about and writing the article. I saw it as the 3 island chain of Martinique, Guadaloupe and St. Barths. 🙂


      1. I think that’s right about the French West Indies: St. Barth, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and probably St. Martin (the French side of the island). 🙂


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