#WATWB – Ways we can Help the Amazon RainForest

Welcome to this month’s edition of #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest, where writers and bloggers are invited to participate by sharing a post that resonates with them on good deeds going on around the world to focus on some of the good things good in the world. In light of Climate Change and the recent fires in the Amazon, I’m sharing this wonderful effort to help the Amazon Rainforest.


Ways That we can Help the Amazon Rainforest


“Organizations, communities, and individuals have been coming together over the past two weeks to mitigate the current fires burning in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The Amazon is an amazing ecosystem that everyone depends on for the health of the planet

This year, there has been an over 80 percent increase of fires throughout the country; that means that every minute about three football fields are destroyed. Although the situation on the ground is complicated, there are some important ways that we can help.

While it’s hard to be so far away from a crisis, in today’s globalized society we have more power than ever. By changing our consumption and empowering communities on the ground, we can reduce deforestation and show solidarity.”

Consume sustainably!

“A way that we can consume more consciously is by purchasing coffee and chocolate that are Rainforest Alliance certified. This certification ensures us that the food we are consuming did not cause forest destruction and that workers are paid a livable and just wage.  Plus, Rainforest Alliance chocolates and coffees are delicious!

Unfortunately, many of the fires around the world are happening around farmland . . .Please Continue Reading to find more ways to contribute to saving the rainforest.


Source: Ways That we can Help the Amazon RainForest – Goodnet


The last Friday of each month #WATWB celebrates good things happening around the world. If you’d like to participate, please follow this link. Your hosts for the month are: Sylvia Stein (@sylvia_stein07) Eric Lahti (@ericlahti1) Shilpa Garg (@shilpaagarg) & Lizbeth Hartz (@LizbethHartz)


22 thoughts on “#WATWB – Ways we can Help the Amazon RainForest

  1. Hi Debby – a great #WATWB … we do need to think before we buy anything and be as sensible as we can. The Amazon rainforest is so precious … while the indigenous peoples there are protecting and nurturing it as best they can – while being persecuted by greedy persons. It’s so sad … we just need to let the earth live on … take care – Hilary


  2. Thanks for sharing these suggestions of how we can help, Debby. I do use Rainforest Alliance coffee. I remember Carol Taylor talking about Ecosia before. It sounds like they are doing good work.


  3. Three footballs every minute are destroyed as the article says. That really gives a graphic idea of the destruction. Absolutely re: Rainforest Alliance certified. We really need to be consciously alert and aware to everything we buy and consume .. Thanks Debby great #WATWB post!


  4. Thanks for sharing these inventive ways we can help the rainforests! I have purchased the coffee before, but not the chocolate. It was interesting to learn about the search engine, Ecosia, which has planted over 50 million trees in the last 10 years. I’m definitely going to check that out.


  5. I know a bit about this but the increase in fires (and amount of forest destroyed) surprised me. I always look for the Rainforest Alliance on my chocolate. 🌳💚 Thank you so much for sharing this crucial information and resource.


  6. And that is exactly why we don’t eat beef and never buy products with palm oil! 🙂 We don’t drink coffee and rarely eat chocolate, so we might have that covered as well. The impact of people eating beef is much bigger than everything else combined, I think. Although, palm oil is a very popular (cheap) product used in many (usually unhealthy) foods as well.


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