Sunday Book Review – New Reviews Are In For D.G. Kaye Books

Well, it’s the Sunday Book Review time again, and as has been lately, my life is a bit chaotic and of course, it has cut into my book reading time. So today I’m taking the liberty to share some beautiful reviews I haven’t shared yet. Since reviews are golden to an author and I make a point of reviewing and sharing every book I read, I thought it was okay to share a few for my own books.


I am so grateful for each review my books receive, but today’s reviews are a little extra special for me. Why? Because one of the reviewers read two of my books and mentioned she’d read one of them twice! Two writers each blogged their reviews first. Another dug deep into the book and didn’t hold back on how my story moved her, which of course had me reaching for Kleenex. The last paragraph from that review really got me:


“If I could reach through a book to hug someone, this would be the prime one for it to happen. I’ve felt these emotions tons of times before when an author creates a character who suffers… but when a real-life woman shares the truth and the pain she’s gone through, it’s a whole different ball game. If you have a high threshold for reading about someone’s emotional suffering, I suggest you take this book on… it might give you the perspective you need to help others.”



Twenty Years by D.G. Kaye

Available on Amazon


A blog and review from Kathy Lauren Miller



Kathy’s Amazon Review for Twenty Years: After “I Do”

Lauren Miller

August 20, 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase


L. Carmichael – P.S. I Forgive You


35 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – New Reviews Are In For D.G. Kaye Books

  1. These reviews are very special, Debby. I’m happy for you to receive such heart-warming reviews and praises. I hope your busy schedule and things will calm down soon to give you a break.

    Happy Sunday to you!


  2. Debby, these reviews are wonderful! Having people be truly effected by your writing is like getting a breath of fresh air after being under water too long. I’m so happy for you, you wonderful warrior woman. Hugs 🙂


  3. Debby, congratulations on such heartfelt and glowing reviews. Reading these it is obvious you have reached into the core of the reader’s soul, your story touching them, teaching them a way forward. One line about your attitude to relationships stood out for me … ‘Respect, laughter, intimacy and patience are the cornerstones of a solid foundation that can withstand the trials of daily living.’ – how true!


    1. Thanks so much Annika. It’s my biggest thrill as a writer when people ‘get me’ and are somehow touched by my words. What more could we ask for as writers? 🙂 xx


  4. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Debby. Such lovely reviews and – like you say – they make all the hard work so worth it. To be able to touch readers like you do is a talent and an inspiration!


  5. I’m happy you shared these reviews, Debby. These are the kind of reviews an author cherishes. Your writing brings out strong feelings in the reader, so I totally get it. Congratulations, Sis! 😀 xo


    1. Thanks so much for your supportive and kind words Vashti. As you know, it’s the reviews that keep us guided that we are on the right path with our stories and that they resonate with our readers is more fuel for our writing. ❤ Thank you my lovely sister. ❤ xx


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