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Today I’m taking part in a #Blogshare to help promote Valentina Cirasola’s newest booklaunch – Red – A Voyage into Colors. As Valentina quotes below – “Color is the language of the listening eye.” In this book, Valentina takes us into the world of color and how color plays an integral part into our daily lives from the foods we eat, to the clothes we wear and our home surroundings. I hope you enjoy this beautiful and colorful post Valentina has put together.


Valentina with short hair

Valentina Cirasola is an interior-fashion designer, author of 5 published books so far, a storyteller, and a blogger of many years. She has conceived a few new books of various subjects to which she is working simultaneously. Her books are non-fictional practical ideas to apply in the home, fashion, cooking, and travel. She never gives up trying new things and doesn’t fear failure. A couple of years ago, Valentina became a TV producer/host. She produces shows under her label: Valentina Design Universe. The goal of her shows is to entertain, inspire and inform, while she is living her passion. Her goal is to write a screenplay for theatre or TV.
Get a copy of her books here: Amazon and Barnes&Noble


I am happy to announce the release of the Second Edition of the book ©RED – A Voyage Into Colors, a book on colors I published for the first time in 2012. The book was performing well until one day I received the classic lemons from the publisher. I was asked to let go of 50% of my profits from the sale of this book. I refused to comply and my book was made “temporarily not available” on Amazon for three years. I am not a person who gets defeated easily. This year, I reworked the book and republished independently the Second Edition of ©RED – A Voyage Into Colors. Now, the ball is back in my court.

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RED-A Voyage Into Colors

Available on Amazon


Red – A Voyage into Colors – Second edition is a paperback, 124 pages, full of my colorful photography of things that attract me and some of my clients’ homes. After all, what is a book explaining colors, if it doesn’t include colorful pictures? The eyes want to see the beauty and the brain feeds on colors.

Often people refer to shades when they really mean the value, brightness or the darkness of a color.
What is a color without referring to its profile and character? Just like humans, colors have their own character. If we understand how to describe the emotions and sensations they provoke, we will always have a good reaction around the colors we choose, we will subconsciously feel the harmony inside of ourselves and in turn, others will see it and respond positively to us. How people perceive us through colors is very important, colors transmit a message and that is what others see.

What is your message when you get dressed? It doesn’t matter where you go. If you go to grocery shopping with rollers on your head and you are dressed in red, it means you don’t care what others think of you, you dare to be you, the red color will project you as having courage, and the rollers in your hair will pass in a second order. In the same scenario, rollers on your head and you are dressed in black, it means you are trying to hide from the viewers and protect yourself from their criticisms. The colors of your home have messages as well. If your front door is painted red, it means you are an upbeat person; if the front door is yellow, you are an inviting person, cheerful and sunny. My front door is burgundy… exactly…I like red wines and beyond that burgundy door, I added a bit of sophistication to my décor.

Can you sleep and wake up in your zodiac colors? Of course, you can, you were born under those colors, they are natural to your soul.
The moment you came “into the light” many planets revolved over your head making those colors your aura and affected your entire life since that moment. Often, people prefer totally different colors away from their zodiac sign and perhaps totally contrary to their character, simply because they are not aware of the beneficial effects of the colors they were born under or don’t believe it. Colors will determinate their actions, the troubled or unsettled souls living in the wrong colors will continue to feel troubled or unsettled.

With this book, I wanted to depict a colorful bouquet of information regarding home interiors, fashion, and food, all the subjects dear to my heart, each of these subjects thrive on colors. I also delve into explaining colors from a spiritual point of view and how to use them in a technical way. Nature is our best teacher, where all colors are mixed together and co-exist well without rules and prejudices. We can simply copy nature and feel perfect in our choice of colors.

If we live in a home reflecting our personality, if we wear colors becoming to our face and body and if we eat in the rainbow, we can only expect to exude positive energy, which in turn will captivate our surroundings.
Gauguin said: “Color is the language of the listening eye”. It helps our imagination soar with inner power and mystery”. Allow yourself to experiment with various color combinations and challenge your fantasy!


Let's travel into the cosmos of colors with Valentina and RED

Let’s travel into the cosmos of colors with Valentina and RED


This graphic represents all the authors and artists who have agreed to travel with me in the cosmos of colors for the launch and promotion of ©RED-A Voyage Into Colors – Second Edition. 
They are Melissa MuldoonTeagan GenevieneDebby GiesJames J.Cudney IVSally CroningJoy-Ruffen-OakeBonnie SmithRobbie CheadleShelly Wilson.

Starting on Oct. 25, 2019, for twenty days, I will travel with them to their planet of birth, I will write about them, their books and arts and they will receive something special about their zodiac sign. This will be a fun and unusual book launch! Some giveaway will happen as well. Anyone can participate in the giveaway by following me on TwitterFacebookPinterest , Instagram,  MeWe, and commenting on the launch. The contest will start on Oct. 26th and will end on Oct.31.


I am so grateful to my Supreme Being to be able to see all the glorious colors in its realm, fantasize, wallow in their vibrations, sentimentally self-indulge in their atmospheres, and to be able to talk about them every day. Ciao,


You can visit all Valentina’s book on Amazon


Join Valentina in her social sharing of her new release and you will be entered to for the giveaway!



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24 thoughts on “#Blogtour – Let’s Travel In The Cosmos Of Colors, Book Launch | Valentina Cirasola | Interior Designer | Valentina Expressions

  1. Thanks for sharing Valentina’s post and information about her book, Debby. I have to say I adore her glasses. They are so colourful. I love colour. I know you do too. The image with all your photos is pretty cool too. Red sounds like a fascinating read. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks so much Norah for your lovely comment. It does sound like a beautiful book which I plan on reading. Yes, Valentina’s attire and the way she puts herself together is similar to my style. So funny you would think that! So thank you! ❤


    1. Thanks Jacqui. We could all use more color in our lives for sure! Yes, Valentina is very creative and now I’m so looking forward to her thank you post where she does a ‘special feature’ on all who are part of her blogtour. 🙂


  2. Very interesting! Can’t honestly say I’m likely to rush out to buy the book, but I can find an affinity to it. I drove our builder crazy with all the color changes by room in our home. As I told him, it’s our house–never to be sold, so we want it our way. Moods, purpose, etc.


    1. Hey, nothing wrong with knowing what you want. But it’s no surprise there are many out there who admit to being overwhelmed with such tasks. Something for everyone. 🙂


    2. Good for you John to stand up to your contractor. Living in the right colors is important for many reasons. I go through that almost every time I have a client with a home project. Painters are used to doing walls in white and/or beige, when they see my color palette they resist the challenge, but after the job is done they sing.


  3. Fabulous.. and red is one of my go to colours both inside the house an to wear when I need something warm.. looks like a wonderful book, congratulations Valentina for taking it back and sharing it with us..


  4. This is a beautiful post Deb, I love your presentation.
    Red has been a dominant color of my wardrobe till my mirror whispered… tone it down… the rebel that I am, I still wear it sometimes. 🙂
    Valentina seems to be multi-talented personality. Thanks for introducing her through her book. I wish her great success.


  5. Ooh, Valentina’s book sounds fascinating, Deb. Such a great way to launch a promote it, too. I love the image with all of you writer’s and bloggers who are helping her launch. I look forward to hearing more about this book. I LOVE color. It was my favorite part about being an interior decorator. I specialized in paint color choices for my clients. However, I wasn’t even aware of the spiritual and birth connection 😀


    1. I know right, how fascinating is this? I love colorful things too, big surprise, lol. Yes, Valentina is multi- talented on many fronts. I can’t wait for her post tomorrow for me in gratitude where she will write something about my horoscope based on info I gave her as her token of appreciation. How cool is that? ❤


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