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I’m sharing this fun post Valentina Cirasola constructed for me in thanks for promoting her newest and beautiful book – Red-A Voyage into Colors.  Valentina has gifted members of her blogtour with a beautiful analysis of our astrological signs and recommends colors that would most suit our surroundings.


I could definitely use some yellow in our grey skies now! And I found it so interesting that yellow is the color of naval chakra. My stomach is definitely the gateway to my worries and thoughts, and also the place where I get my intuitive messages – sending to my brain. As a Gemini, I welcome change. And for my furnishings, I’m an eclectic mix of traditional and whimsical.




SPOTLIGHT: Debby Gies – Gemini


The authors’ community is a great one, I found a lot of support and vivid communications. These are people who write, their words flow like the waters of a river. I discovered so many new books and have met so many fine writers, one of which is author Debby Gies.


Debby is a true Gemini – May 22 to June 21.  For her, I want to make up a living room in her colors. Gemini’s main color is Yellow. She lives in Toronto, I am sure she can use some yellow to brighten the grey, snowy days of Canada. There’s nothing better to cure the cold winter blues than the cheerful yellow.

Her lucky number is five and it is a protective number. it’s advisable to spread the color yellow in five ways, or in five rooms throughout her house by using yellow accessories, yellow curtains, yellow tone lights, yellow linens, yellow bath towel, and yellow flowers.

Yellow is the color of the naval chakra located in the stomach area, but our stomach is directly connected with the brain, with our intelligence and the power of setting goals. . .

Please visit Valentina’s Post to continue reading

Source: Spotlight: Debby Gies | Valentina Expressions


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10 thoughts on “Spotlight: Debby Gies | Valentina Expressions

  1. This was a lot of fun, Debby. I’m pleased you shared the post here, otherwise I may have missed it. I was interested to read what Valentina had to say about you since I am also a Geminian.


    1. Oh wow Norah, my fellow Gemini! Wasn’t it fantastic? She was doing one of these for each of those who were part of her blogtour. What a talent huh? Decorating by horoscope! How did you feel about the yellow colors in the home? 🙂 x


  2. Talk about a wonderful, unique, personal, interesting, and fun thank you gift. Debby. I enjoyed reading your “horoscope” and I could use some of that yellow in the sky here as well. I’ve always liked that color for walls in a house, or a camper. 🙂


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