Writer’s Tips – Amazon Pages Update, Gutenberg Editor, Maximizing Blog Traffic

Welcome to this week’s edition of Writer’s Tips. I’ve curated some informative articles I came across in my blog reading that all bloggers will find useful. From how to update your Amazon author pages to working with the Gutenberg editor and how to maximize your blog traffic and a great instructional on how to back up your blogs, this post has a bounty of invaluable tips!


Harmony Kent over at the Story Empire has an informative post on how to update our Amazon author pages



Natalie Ducey has a new episode of instructional on how to increase our blog traffic with our sharing buttons



Colleen Chesebro has been running a series on how to effectively use the Gutenberg editor in WordPress.



Hugh Roberts has a new post out with complete instructional on How to Back Up our Blogs



Navigating Twitter for Readers and Authors by James Cudney



Thanks to all our blogging friends who take the time to put these invaluable posts together.


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30 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – Amazon Pages Update, Gutenberg Editor, Maximizing Blog Traffic

  1. Debby, thank you so much for sharing these terrific and informative posts – some I’ve come across during the week and I look forward to checking out the rest! It is a wonderful community here, that is always so happy to help each other!😀 I’ve learnt a lot along the way! Happy Weekend! 😀


  2. Thanks so much for the mention, Sis. I only did the two posts about Gutenberg. I stirred up the community and most don’t like change. Most of the comments suggested they weren’t interested in the new editor. LOL! 😀


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