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Today I’m sharing a wonderful blog post Sue Vincent has written on the topic of writing and using editing apps. Do you find them helpful or do they get in your way? Read on to discover Sue’s take on this.


Under Pressure


Let’s be fair, we all need a bit of help now and then. Especially writers. Whether it’s a word we seem to have forgotten how to spell… every time we use it too… the correct placing of punctuation or a point of grammar. There are, apparently, no excuses now that we all write online. Apart from that odd typo that inevitably creeps it… there is always the odd one of those, especially when fingers are racing to keep up with thoughts.

So, given all the tools at our disposal, how come so many of us still end up with errors in our work?

I don’t mean the ones our eyes and brains fail to pick up as we edit, the ones that slip through the cracks in attention as we read what is supposed to be there, rather than what actually makes it to the pageI mean the ones we think we have corrected, because the grammar police have told us we must or the various spellcheckers and editing software we have installed on our devices highlight the errors, leaving us with a multicoloured patchwork on he screen.

I have grown increasingly frustrated with both the software and the grammar police over the years. Do we really have to conform?


question marks


There are rules for punctuation. There is good reason for that… punctuation is designed to allow us to read what has been written the way the writer intended. It makes us pause when a pause is required, lets us know when a character is speaking and when they cease to speak. It separates ideas, and can radically alter the sense of a sentence.

There is a reason to conform here… at least to the basic rules that make sense of your writing.

On the other hand, and unless you are writing for publication in an arena where slavishly following the rules as set out in the style guides really matters, does it matter, as long as the true sense of your words is conveyed to the reader?

Please continue reading at Sue’s blog and find out what does matter.



Source: Under pressure… | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

14 thoughts on “Under pressure… | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

  1. I never use any editing apps as I don’t want to part with any money to buy them. I work on the theory that after 62 years (17 of them working as a medical secretary) I hope I have a good enough grasp of basic spelling and grammar to get away with it! When I publish on Amazon it flags up spelling errors anyway.


  2. I don’t use any app to edit or correct my work. Errors get highlighted automatically anyway. Some words drive me crazy, they sound the same, such as dairy and diary, are not even picked up by the spell checker because spelling is correct both ways, and can mess up the meaning of a phrase. However, being an English speaker as a third language I might have an excuse.


    1. Hi Valentina. I totally get you, and Sue included a lot about that in her post where the app misses lots because they are actual words, something like : their, they’re there, right? Yes, best if he do our own editing, and better yet, send to an editor after that, lol 🙂


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