Old Souls by D.G. Kaye – The Sisters of the Fey

Today I’m sharing my post I wrote for the Sisters of the Fey blog. A collective blog where 6 of us contribute to on topics of all things knowing and mystical. This article will help you assess yourself to know if you are an ‘Old Soul’.


Old Souls by D.G. Kaye


Today I’m going to talk about ‘Old Souls’. We hear that term from time to time, usually referred to people who hold the depths of ‘all knowing’ and wisdom at a young age – feeling older and wiser beyond actual years. This isn’t to be misconstrued with ‘chronological age’ as old soul refers more to the experience we’ve gathered through our accrued years of knowledge through past lives.


Those with a higher level of soul are those who have reached the level of many journeys throughout their lifetimes. It is said that memories don’t come with us in each new life, but the knowledge of life experiences grow with us through each journey. It is also said that just by looking in someone’s eyes you can see their wisdom. This doesn’t mean that person is necessarily highly intelligent, but rather has a high level of ‘spiritual’ intelligence.


So how do you know if you are someone you know is an old soul?


We all know that when it’s time to leave this earth, we take nothing physical with us. But what about knowledge and lessons learned? We are all spiritual beings, and through our soul’s repeated lifetime experiences, we accrue knowledge and experience that we do take with us into our next lives. Our soul’s experience and development across lifetimes and what we’ve learned from them is what determines our soul age.  So, I would suspect that depending on how many other lives we’ve lived determines how old our souls are, but there are exceptions, depending on the levels we’ve accomplished.

Old souls have certainly garnered lots of life experience and lessons, which adds to the soul age. They have a deep understanding of the world both human and spiritual. But being an old soul is not solely determined by how many lifetime’s we’ve lived, but, through those lifetimes, how much our souls have progressed through those life experiences.


Determining a Soul’s Age


It is said there are 5 earthly soul ages – baby, child, young, mature, and old soul. Each of these 5 stages has 7 levels. All spirits move through these levels with each new incarnation. One can have lived in many incarnations and a person can have lived more reincarnations than levels. After a person reaches all levels as an old soul, a new cycle begins on the astral plane where the spirit continues to learn without having yet another reincarnation.

Having learned lots of life experience through a soul’s journey, old souls garner the ability to see beyond words with their inner wisdom where their values and perspectives are influenced by acquired knowledge. Old souls become the teachers who guide the younger and less experienced souls with divine love and teaching. People who have an inner sense of knowing can sense the power of an old soul.


How do you know if you’re an old soul?


  • You are a kind person because you exude the kindness through the universe. You don’t gravitate to unkind people and do your best to stay away.
  • You are known as a calming force. You’ve been around plenty of times to know that everything has a way of working out in the universe. You aren’t big on drama and know there’s a solution for every obstacle so don’t waste time dwelling on problems.
  • You enjoy your own company. You’re polite and friendly, but don’t always care to socialize or get involved in too many relationships. Most relationships in your circles include other old souls or possibly with people who you’ve pre-arranged to be with in a former incarnation.
  • You’re a non-conformist, and may even be called rebellious at times. You dance to the beat of your own rhythm, never afraid to push boundaries or have the last word. Your childhood may have felt awkward as you may have felt like a loner or chosen to keep a low profile and be studious.
  • Old souls are empaths, but despite feeling deeply for others, you stay away from other people’s drama.
  • You are always seeking spiritual knowledge. You know how powerful knowledge is so you are always wanting to learn more by reading, self-educating and taking in the experience around you. You connect with people you meet in groups, work, surroundings who are on the same wavelength with interests in the spiritual and metaphysical world.
  • People gravitate to you to listen to your stories or to seek answers or advice. But you don’t try and push your knowledge onto others, nor try to persuade or judge them as everyone must be able to go through their experiences just as you have.
  • You’re able to see the underlying beauty in things and moments, which many tend to overlook or take for granted.
  • The many lifetimes you’ve lived through have finely tuned your intuition and ‘all knowing’. You’ve learned to trust your intuition more than the average person, and when you ‘know’ something without any understanding of why you know, there’s often no explanation.
  • Often, old souls struggle with being dismissed for their idea or wisdom by being rejected or even ridiculed by others. It can also become difficult sometimes to hold back your words of warning to someone who has no interest in what you may have to say. This is all part of those people not yet having learned their lessons. This watching of others suffer unnecessarily can instill pain within you, as typically, old souls are empaths, but people do have their free will.What is your job of being an old soul? By being yourself and defying convention and continuing to do your own thing of observing and learning, you are inspiring to others. You lead by example, and teach the willing, If you think you’re an old soul, know that you were put on earth again because you have a purpose. The lessons you bring with you from lifetimes of experience are needed in this time on earth now.


    A short story:

    Five years ago, while in Arizona, I went to the beautiful, mystical Sedona. While there I visited a world-wide recommended Medium. My mother had been ‘dying’ for the better part of that year. Seven years had passed that I had made no contact with my mother, but that didn’t mean my abandonment of her didn’t niggle at my brain on a daily basis with guilt because I wouldn’t go back. I was struggling bad with the dilemma when I went to Arizona. After the reading I received – and hadn’t divulged anything yet of my life to her, the Medium asked me if I’d like to ask one question. Without detail or backstory, I asked, “What about my mother?” That was all I said.

    Her reply, as though she crept into my mind and knew exactly what I was getting at: “You may not know this, but you and your mother were bitter enemies in a previous life. You were sent to teach her lessons, but she failed to learn and will have to repeat those lessons again in her next life.”

    That information was huge and so unexpected, but really not hard to understand as I recalled how many times in my life I tried to help my mother better herself and her situations to no avail. But just as I sat there taking it all in and feeling as though I didn’t quite receive the answer I was hoping for, the Medium continued.

    “In answer to your question, no, you don’t have to go back. Forgive her for her sins. This will free your Karma, but she will have to redo her life again and learn the lessons before her bad Karma can be broken.”

    She knew. She knew what I was asking. I had been struggling as each month, week and day passed while my mother still lived, living in fear that I was a terrible person not going back to her again because she was dying. At that point it had taken me 50 years to leave her emotional abuse and acrid words and the thought of going to her ate away at my insides daily along with the repercussions of wondering if I could live with myself if I didn’t.

    I didn’t. She passed, leaving behind hurtful words for me, no remorse, and died so very alone. I beat myself up mentally and forgave her and wrote a book about it, P.S. I Forgive You. I’m at peace with myself now.


    Below is a wonderful video I found, which will give you an idea of traits of an old soul. Fits me perfectly. Oddly enough though, I think it’s my two minds of being a Gemini that entitles me to also be an extrovert as well as one who quite enjoys her alone time.





Originally posted Source: Old Souls by D.G. Kaye – The Sisters of the Fey

17 thoughts on “Old Souls by D.G. Kaye – The Sisters of the Fey

  1. By your benchmarks, I’m sure I do not qualify to be an Old Soul, by age neither, I hope. Perhaps my remaining time may change the necessary facets of my character, but there’s nothing that can alter my past.


  2. Hi Debby, Being a ‘product’ of an earlier age (born 1932), I was brought up as a Catholic not to boast, to be humble and very, very good…I thought it a terrible crime to tell lies, and although a happy child, took the ‘teachings’ seriously. Evacuated to Wales to attend ‘Chapel’ I was then thrust into a world which promised “hell and damnation” if one didn’t behave. Heavy stuff…(No wonder I disliked organised religion when I reached maturity! and thought for myself! ) Being ‘very British,’ the rule about boasting stuck though and I have found it difficult to blow my own trumpet (although I now do…tut tut.) Americans and Canadians are much more ‘out-going,’ and seem to handle fame with ease (although I’m sure there are many exceptions…).Just to round the religious side of things neatly, I embraced the Jewish faith when I married a Jew 66 year ago, (best thing I ever did!) although husband and I are now Humanists. We both believe in live and let-live, love and peace. As for being an ‘old soul’ – well I’m certainly that in years, though not spirit….and am learning all the time. Being aware and curious keeps the cogs turning! You’re a wonderful group of women, Debby and I applaud you all. Hugs xx


    1. Hi Joy! Thanks so much for sharing some of yourself here. For some reason, knowing what little I know about you, I am not surprised at your beliefs. I too abhor organized religion. You’ve seen two sides of religion with Catholicism and Judaism, which coincidentally hold similar values in different ways. Religion was shoved down my throat by my paternal grandparents and when home we lived totally like we had no religion. I questioned lots through the years and taken a stance over time similar to yours. You are the youngest old soul I know! ❤


  3. Fascinating topic, Deb! I think I’m a young soul. Funny quick story though, when I had my palm read a few years ago, the lady asked me if I believed in past lives. I answered that I certainly did. She then stated that I was a man in my past life. LOL. I didn’t laugh when she said it but when I told my beau, we both laughed. He agreed that it was very possible. That explains my early childhood fetish with men’s shoes. I will pop over and read the whole post, Deb. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! 🙂


    1. Omg, I love your stories Lis. And that would make perfect since with your men’s shoes obsession. Like I said, we don’t bring anything with us to a new life except experience and familiarity. That shoe thing could have just been a primal instinct from the past. Old habits never die! 🙂 xx


  4. Not sure if this went through. If so delete the first one. Anyway, I think I’ve become that calming beneficial force over the years (wasn’t that way originally) through my Buddhist practice. One of our seniors has a favorite expression–“Bring the Buddha to work; let someone else bring the donuts.”


  5. I don’t know why, Debby, but I’m not able to access the article as it says it’s not found. I’ve tried both links and also done a search on the Sisters of Fey website. I wonder if it is something at my end. Have a lovely week!


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