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What’s in Your Stocking?


Christmas sock


One magical Christmas, a simple woolen sock dangled from a hook.

Unlike other Christmases of past,

The contents have changed as the years progress.

Once stuffed with chocolates, candies and miniature plastic dolls and toys.

As the years advanced, to perfume, makeup, and a costume bauble or two.

But as more years passed, the contents had changed yet again.

No longer tangible gifts and trinkets – we’re passed that now. 

It was time to discard commercialism and remember basics and what matters most.


Now the stocking hangs weightless, but it’s far from empty.

The fireplace crackles below a simple Christmas stocking, threaded to a bough.

Holding now some of the most important things that somehow disappeared into the ‘take life for granted box’ of the past.

Filled now with hopes, dreams and prayers,

Stuffed with wishes for kindness, love, good health, goodwill toward all mankind, and peace for the world.

 For these are the things that matter most and first of all.




We’re invited to share a Christmas story or poem over at Stevie Turner’s blog. Pop over and join in. This was my story entry.


Source: Share Your Christmas Short Story (or Poem). | Stevie Turner


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16 thoughts on “Share Your Christmas Short Story (or Poem). | Stevie Turner

  1. Debby, I love your Christmas poem here and taken with the empty Christmas stocking now full of so much more than gifts. May we indeed never forget the real magic of Christmas in the flood of commercialism. May all our metaphorical stockings be ‘Filled now with hopes, dreams and prayers’. 😀 ❤️


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