Sunday Book Review – Flights of Fancy by Sally Cronin

Sunday Book Review this week is for Sally Cronin’s Flights of Fancy. As I was cleaning up my Goodreads books I’ve read for the past year, I realized for some reason I was missing a review for Sally’s Flights of Fancy. As one who enjoys reviewing all the books I read I wanted to share my review for this fine book of stories that will touch your hearts.




Ghosts, romance, friendship of all kinds and revenge form the basis of this collection of short stories. Ghosts hint at a chance of coming back to say goodbye, exact a little payback, or simply to help someone else carry on living. Romance is not just for the young and nor are second chances. As for revenge, well… Never underestimate a group of elderly ladies with contacts from the past.


My 5 Star Review:

An inviting book of short stories sure to reach various emotions from heartwarming to mystery and always with a twist at the end from this author.

Cronin’s knack for being able to write across several genres is a gift, and that’s what we’re getting in this ‘smorgasbord’ of stories, which no matter the genre, will always bring out a tenderness or justice in the end of her stories.

Flights of Fancy offers 11 short stories. From the story of Trust, a beautifully painted setting with sorrow and one bright spot from a canine visitor, to The Sewing Circle, an engaging short about a senior sewing club with a lot of spunk getting caught up in the crime happening around them, bringing a host of emotions together in one quaint, but suspenseful and satisfactory tale of justice. Cronin also takes us into The Other Side of Heaven, in a moving story in usual Cronin style, with a twist and a tear. How about a motivating psychic parrot who helps to solve one woman’s marital dilemma? No matter the storyline, Cronin knows how to engage an audience with her vivid stories on various subject matters, then  wraps them all up with her sentimental touch and always a satisfying ending. Whether on mysteries, humor or heartwarming stories, Cronin has her own special way of bringing in the human condition to all her stories.

51 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Flights of Fancy by Sally Cronin

  1. Debby, a beautiful and tender review of Sally Cronin’s ‘Flights of Fancy’. Your description of the stories are intriguing and moving – she manages to bring originality, heart, tears and laughter to all her writing. Another one to read in the coming year! Happy New Year … and Happy Reading! 😀❤️


  2. A wonderful review of Sally’s book, Debby. I have to write reviews for this book and her new one which I finished yesterday.


  3. I’m intrigued by this title, Sally and Debby. Who doesn’t love romance! and mystery! But first I am eager to read Life’s Rich Tapestry, waiting for me on my Kindle. 😀

    Happy New Year to one and all here!


    1. Thanks Marian. Every one of Sally’s books are gems, so enjoy her newest then come back for more! Thanks for the lovely wishes and wishing you and yours peace and love for the new year and beyond. 🙂


  4. I’m gonna have to check this one out. I love a short story collection. Especially ones involving old lady ghosts who come back for revenge. What’s not to like? Haha. Great post!


  5. This is such a wonderful, heartfelt review. Sally’s skill in writing short stories is awe-inspiring, and I look forward to more from her in 2020. Happy New Year to you and to Sally!


  6. Hi Debby

    I wanted to send my good wishes for a Happy New Year and a healthy 2020.

    Let’s hope 2020 is an easier year. Every time I think I’m ready to move forward, something takes me to my knees again. Having so many great friends (including you) that support me makes it easier.

    Perhaps I’ll get back to blogging, I do miss it. I’m doing some writing and that helps.



    1. Hi Chuck, so happy to see you here. You have been in my prayers. I can’t imagine all you’ve lived through this year. It’s been a tough one for so many. Yes, let us soldier on to a new and better year for us all. May you find peace in your heart and remember gratitude for all the blessings, and that you were blessed to have such love. Wishing you peace, love and joy for the new year and forward. And when you’re ready, I’ll be glad to see you back in our writing social circles – the family of writers that we are. Happy New Year Chuck! Hugs coming your way! ❤ xx


  7. Debby, your review of Sally’s book sounds very much like her signature style of writing. Although I haven’t yet read it, I am in the midst of reading her latest, Life’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in Words. I had put it on my iPad in order to read it while on the long flight from Toronto to Mumbai but one evening the book I was reading bored me and so I started reading Sally’s book and couldn’t stop. But, not to worry, because of the depth of her writing, I know that I’ll re-read it and get something else from it. Sounds like Sally’s writing?


  8. Great review! Like many other things, my book reading goals were unmet in 2019. I shall have to put a bunch of Sally Cronin books on the list (and actually read them) for 2020!


  9. I’m a little late to the party… busy end of the old year and beginning of the new one! Thank you for this wonderful review, Debby. It sure sounds like this will be a good one to add to my TBR list, especially since having separate stories might fit my lack of reading time better. And, wow, Sally has a lot of fascinating books written! 🙂


    1. Hi Liesbet. Yes, Sally is a dynamo for sure. And I too enjoy short stories for that same reason – bite sized reads where we can take on the go. 🙂 x


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