Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge – What’s in your Hutch?

Charli Mills invites us to join in her weekly Flash Fiction Challenge at the CarrotRanch. The rules – 99 words only – no more – no less. We must choose our words carefully. As with each challenge, Charli gives us a word we incorporate into the story. This week is to write about something you find in a ‘hutch’.


January 2, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about something found in a hutch. It can be any kind of hutch β€” a box for critters or a chest for dishes. Go where the prompt leads!





They stood tall and proud. None wished to be snatched away, or worse, – broken!

For decades these worthy icons remained admired and sought after, not only for beauty, but, their ever-increasing monetary value. The older, the more valuable. A grand mix of ethnic backgrounds co-existing in silence.

Such greats as: Lalique, Capodimonte, Royal Doulton, and Russian nesting eggs sat perched on a shelf protected behind the beautifully scallop-edged fine glass doors housing the regal cabinet where they all lived in harmony in all their diversity.

Time’s treasures of hidden wealth and ancient lore communing in one dining room hutch.



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24 thoughts on “Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge – What’s in your Hutch?

  1. Lovely Debby.. I collected Portmeirion crockery from the time we got married and I always either have on shelves in a dresser or in our kitchen here displayed on a shelf that runs around the kitchen… I love the memories attached to the design… β™₯β™₯


    1. Oh, sounds lovely Sal. I’m currently researching where I can sell some of these valuable, but dust collectors, lol. ❀ Thanks for the kudos. ❀ xxx


  2. A delightful viewpoint, Sis. We collect these things through our lives. I too, have a glass front china cabinet from Germany filled with things that always need to be dusted. I literally threw things out in the last move. I should have gotten rid of more! LOL! ❀


    1. Thanks for adding you collection Carol. Of course I only have a few Doultons – this was a flash fiction after all. I just thought it would be fun for all those old greats to commune! πŸ™‚ xxx


  3. I remember eyeing a few of my mom’s favorite pieces in her hutch and wishing they were mine. Then, a few years ago, she passed them onto me with a letter about where they came from- my great-great grandmother!
    Enjoyed this, Debby ❀


  4. Your story reminds me of the nativity display organised by the town hall in Barcelona this year, Debby. They deconstructed Christmas, in a manner of speaking, and there was a big display of boxes with different items related to Christmas: foods, decorations, songs, postcards… It sure got people talking!
    I love antiques, so your story is right up my alley, Debby! Good work!


  5. You are full of surprises, Debby. This piece is so different from the style that I’m used to reading from you. Your “eclectisme” is delightful. Yet, I’m also not surprised that you would choose to write about such elegant objects in such an elegant manner. ❀


    1. Why thank you Carol. It was a flash of an idea as I sat at the dining room table facing the hutch. I stared at the collection of things I had in their from different countries and it got me thinking about diversity all communing together. Sadly, though I don’t own any Lalique or even nesting dolls, although I do have a few pieces of Royal Doulton. But hey, it’s flash ‘fiction’ so I took creative license, lol πŸ™‚ ❀


  6. Lovely piece of writing, Debby. It took me back to when I was a child in my mother’s house. She had an assortment of antiques, souvenirs, porcelain dolls, among other things in her hutch. She wouldn’t let us near it, for fear that we would break something, but I loved looking at all the stuff.


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