Q and A with D.G. Kaye featuring Author, Blogger and Promoter Sally Cronin

I’m thrilled to be featuring Sally Cronin here today. Sally is always so busy promoting the work of other authors, it’s her turn to shine in the spotlight today! For those of you unfamiliar with Sally (is that possible?), she has authored a dozen books, both fiction and nonfiction. She is a nutritionist who shares lots of health information on her blog – Smorgasbord Invitation, along with featuring authors and their books in  her Smorgasbord Cafe, lots of entertainment and monthly columns from featured guest writers (which I’m delighted to be one of them), and so much more! The title of Sally’s blog was the perfect name for a blog full of so many interesting, informative and delightful articles churned out on a daily basis. You can visit Sally’s blog and learn about all her author promotion offerings.



Sally Cronin Author



About Sally:

I have enjoyed a nomadic existence living in eight countries including Sri Lanka, Malta, South Africa, USA and Spain, before settling back here in Ireland. My work, and a desire to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world in the last forty years, has taken me to many more incredible destinations around Europe and Canada, and across the oceans to New Zealand and Hawaii. All those experiences and the people that I have met, provide a rich source of inspiration for my stories.

After a career in customer facing roles in the hospitality, retail, advertising and telecommunications industry, I wrote and published my first book in 1999 called Size Matters, about my weight loss journey, losing 150lbs in 18 months. This was followed by 11 further fiction and non-fiction books, including a number of short story collections.

My first book release resulted in a radio interview in Spain that led to four years as a nutritional consultant for an English language station, and this was followed by four years with my own health show and Sunday morning show on local radio station in the UK and then as station director, newsreader and presenter for an online television station.

As a writer I know how important it is to have help in marketing books and from 2002 I have been working with authors on their book launches and publicity. At that time it was very much physical book launches and press coverage locally to stimulate national interest.. Today it is very different with a global market via the worldwide web.

As important as my own promotion is, I believe it is important to support others within our community. I offer a number of FREE promotional opportunities on my blog, linked to my social media. If you are an author who would like to be promoted to a new audience of dedicated readers, please contact me via my blog. All it will cost you is a few minutes of your time. Look forward to hearing from you.






My 5 Star Review:

Sally Cronin certainly is a master at weaving with words. No matter how many or few, her words will paint a complete story and leave us with a satisfactory optimism or a tug at our heartstrings.

In this author’s newest release of tales to inspire, we’ll find a smorgasbord of forms of writing from various forms of poetry – Haiku, Etherees and Cinquain poetry to condensed micro fiction, where stories are wrapped up complete despite a minimal word count, to short stories on speculative fiction. A wonderful mixed bag of tales covering topics such as: random thoughts, seasons, aging, nature, holidays, fairies, romance, pets, to the human condition and life lessons.

My favorite Flash Fiction story – The Witch’s Handbook Spell #356 – Removal of Inhibitions for ‘The Devilish Mojito’, and her heartwarming short stories like The Ugly Mutt that will keep you engaged as evil doers try to do harm, kept me cheering for Brian. One story in particular had me glued from beginning to end – Great Aunt Georgina. This story begins with a little girl and her family visiting her Grandma. The little girl looked forward to those visits where Grandma would pull out the old photo albums and introduce her to family of the past era. In later years, after Gran is gone the girl now in her twenties learns a never told family secret, discovered by looking through old letters sent to her Gran Elizabeth by her sister Georgina. From the letters we learn about betrayal, grief, karma, and reckoning (no spoilers), and ultimately, forgiveness.

The last half of the book is focused on the short stories. Among them, I also enjoyed the story about Onions that ended a marriage, a magical tale – A Moment of Alignment – about love, loss and a chance to meet up with a lost loved one when the sun and the moon align, and The Enhancement Project– a sci-fi short where Cronin manages to zing in her ‘known for’ sentimental ending.

Sally Cronin has the knack for bringing in emotions to her stories no matter the genre. She wraps up the book beautifully with a fashionable tribute to ‘The Duchess‘, a tribute to Cronin’s mother.

A wonderful book with something to satisfy all genre readers. I highly recommend.


Now, let’s see what Sally is up to!


How lovely to be invited over to your house Debby and thank you for the opportunity to talk about myself and my writing.

D.G. – My absolute pleasure to have you over and share some new things about yourself and your work Sal. It’s a treat to put you in the spotlight after all you do for so many of us at your Smorgasbord Invitation.


If you weren’t a writer what else do you think you would do?

I think that ship might have sailed now, as apart from being a bit long in the tooth to be embarking on a new full-time career, I am obsessed with writing. However, despite working in a number of different industries, if I had my time over again, I would have chosen the police force as my career. It was an option when I was 18 years old, but women in the police force nearly 50 years ago did not have the same opportunities as they do today. However, if I was that age again, I would certainly apply to be a police officer and would welcome the opportunity to work hard and become a detective. I have always enjoyed reading detective and crime novels and also real crime stories. I find it fascinating and I think I would have been good at the job.

D.G. – Whodathunk? I would have never figured you for a police officer – but a detective – oh ya! Lol.


What can you tell us you’ve gained from blogging as an author?

As an author and a person I have gained a huge amount from blogging over the last seven years. And you Debby have been a major part of that journey for the last five years, and along with other supportive and generous bloggers, it has provided a safe and creative environment to write and experiment with different styles and genres.

Interaction with others is so inspiring and motivating, and the encouragement of people you respect is essential for a writer. Importantly, especially for those just starting out in blogging or their writing career in general, it must be a two way street. That is the only way strong and long lasting relationships are developed. If you want to reap the benefits of blogging you need to reach out, connect, and offer the same level of support to others that they offer in return.

I feel very strongly that moving passed our immediate circle of friends and family, out into the global village of blogging, is a way to keep young in heart, body and mind. It is a social, stimulating way to build friendships and keep learning and writing our entire lives.

D.G. – Thanks for the kudos Sal. But, it’s no wonder you and I connected because we have so many of the same beliefs in common, especially when it comes to blogging protocol. Like anything in life – you get what you give. 🙂


Do your books have messages in them? If so, what are the messages you feel are well received by your readers?

Being a perfectly flawed example of humankind myself, I am reluctant to preach to others on any subject. I do however feel that as a writer we have a responsibility to ensure that whilst there is evil in the world, there is also justice. Not all my stories are happy ever after, but I do hope there is satisfactory closure.

Far too many people these days think they can behave as they wish without consequences, and it is not a good message to spread. You cannot love or agree with everyone, but I was brought up to believe that ‘If you cannot say something nice about someone, don’t say anything.’

This is not to say that I don’t occasionally have a rant about some things on my blog, but hopefully I also offer what I consider a suitable solution to unacceptable behavior. I will admit to being a little non PC with some of my forms of retribution!

D.G. – Lol, sorry, just had to laugh, because, well, you know me! We are both justice seekers and I too sometimes have a very difficult time keeping my opinions to myself, lol.


Do you watch TV? If so what is your favorite show and why?

We have not had mainstream television service for over twenty years. Living in Madrid we were not interested in having local programming so invested heavily in DVDs including boxed sets for wonderful shows such as the West Wing. We don’t watch soaps or sport…shock and horror… but we do enjoy good quality drama series and films.

I cannot abide the adverts and with some stations as it is every ten minutes for five minutes. I have bought all the major items that I am going to buy in my lifetime and I don’t need to be reminded to buy toilet paper, bleach or chocolate. I certainly don’t need the drug peddling that is carried out from pain relief to pre-dinner antacids! (Sorry, I did say that I do have a rant sometimes!)

With streaming services now it is easy to grab a whole series when you find one with high ratings, and recently we have become addicted to the Scandinavian television series and I can highly recommend them. They do have sub-titles but after a few minutes you really don’t notice, and they are well written, great story lines and cast. And best of all…there are no adverts.

We will binge watch a series in the evenings and weekends and have a movie night a week.

Michael Connelly


And as to the question about which is my favourite series…. Tough one but I get quite excited when I see there is another series of Bosch…based on the series of books by Michael Connelly (one of my favourite authors) about an offbeat L.A. Detective. https://www.amazon.com/Michael-Connelly/e/B000APETH0


D.G. – I hear you loud and clear Sal. I catch my series I enjoy on HBO – particularly documentaries, my fav. If I add any other streaming channels, I may never get anything done, lol.


Which author friends of yours inspire you by being supportive to your writing?

Well, where do I start…I feel like I am doing an acceptance speech and terrified I am going to leave everyone out! Going back to my note on the benefits of blogging, it is amazing the people you meet who are so supportive and generous with their time and willingness to promote you. I think that holds true for the vast majority of authors who connect on blog sites and social media.

There are also writers who challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, such as Colleen Chesebro with her Tuesday Tanka Challenge – https://colleenchesebro.com/blog/ and Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – https://carrotranch.com/flash-fiction/ .

I am grateful to both, as my latest book Life’s Rich Tapestry, would not have been created without my accepting their challenges over the last two years.

Many others spring immediately to mind but I would be here until next Christmas if I was to mention everyone, but I hope I show how grateful I am to them on a regular basis.

But without a doubt, and not just because I am here as a guest today, one of the most generous and supportive authors for me and so many of you reading this is D.G Kaye… Debby Gies. A one woman PR machine who relentlessly spreads our work around social media… brilliant.

D.G. – You are good for the soul Sal. I’m truly humbled. Yes, maybe I got in the wrong business too, as I am a bit of a social butterfly, lol. But thank you. And I agree, Colleen’s poetry challenges have taught me a lot about poetry, still a long way to go. ❤


Thanks Debby for this opportunity to talk about things close to my heart.

My absolute pleasure having you over today Sally


Now Sally is generously sharing an excerpt from her newest book – Life’s Rich Tapestry


The Superiority of Cats

The Maine Coon King

There was no doubt that Napoleon, the Maine Coon cat, was from a long line of aristocrats. His owner Hermione Jackson had gone to great lengths when searching for the perfect kitten, to obtain one with the right pedigree. She had in fact travelled to Maine after consultation with a renowned breeder and had paid a small fortune for a male ball of fluff. She was looking for a companion after her husband Warren had wandered off with his personal assistant, so enamoured that he had happily allowed her to keep their magnificent home and a substantial annual income. Whilst she was happy to be relieved of his more boorish behaviours, she did miss the presence of another being in the massive mansion, and she reasoned that a cat would be less arduous than a dog, and better company than her erstwhile spouse.

Napoleon had grown into a stunning adult with the breed’s large, wide ears with soft hair tufts and regal lynx tufts attached to the tips. Even as a kitten he had assumed an all knowing expression that could convey pleasure or displeasure depending on his mood. He would turn his head and stare at you with his coppery gold eyes and bore deep into your soul. Woe betide any delay in producing his favourite lunch of fresh sardines.

Every summer day, Hermione would spend an hour or so in her expansive walled Florida garden in a hammock slung between two convenient coconut palms and Napoleon would vocalise his request to join her, at first politely and then more emphatically if he was ignored. His mistress was grateful that he chose to ask rather than pounce, as he was the weight of a medium sized dog by the age of two. She would struggle to lift him up into the hammock without falling out of the contraption, but once settled they would nap for an hour before their late afternoon dip in the pool.

It had become the custom early on in their relationship to swim a few lengths as the day cooled down, before lying out in the final rays to dry themselves off. Napoleon would then lead the way into the house for dinner. The menu usually included some carefully prepared chicken or beef ground up with a few recommended additions, such as spinach and fish oils. Hermione even began to follow the same diet to make food preparation less complex, and would simply add some rice or pasta to the same dish.


Thank you so much for being my guest today Sal. It’s always a pleasure to have you over.


Visit Sally on all her social platforms:


Blog: Smorgasbord Invitation

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sally.cronin
LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/sallycronin1
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ie/cronin1423/

Some of my printed books are available from me directly at sally.cronin@moyhill.com, but here are the books that you can buy from Amazon in E-book.

Visit Sally’s Amazon Author Page where you will find all her books.

Books by Sally Cronin


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111 thoughts on “Q and A with D.G. Kaye featuring Author, Blogger and Promoter Sally Cronin

  1. Debby, I really enjoyed your interview with Sally, and I love her new image. I haven’t read this book and can’t remember if I have even bought it yet. I’ll have to check my Kindle listings. I do enjoy Sally’s work and have read a few of her other titles.


  2. I read this interview closely and enjoyed your exchange of thoughts. As a young blogger (not young in age, but experience), I look for others who are far more experienced than me to learn from. You are two of the best teachers, and I appreciate everything you do for the blogging community as a whole.


    1. Hi Pete. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I’m truly humbled as I know Sally is too. Isn’t it a great community? I remember connecting with you from Sally introducing you and your writing at her blog! Look how easily a community grows, and I thank Sally too for some of the wonderful blogging friends I’ve made from being introduced at her blog. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂


    2. Thank you Pete and as you know, everything in life is better with practice.. you have done extremely well in just over a year of blogging and are a firm favourite in the community.. there are plenty of good years left in us and I hope we are still comparing notes in 20 years time….xx


  3. What a wonderful interview, Sally and Debby – one of my favourite authors talking to another one of my favourite authors. Sally has such an incredible way with words, and both of you have such incredible skills at interacting with others through blogging. You’ve led such an amazing life, Sally. Toni x


    1. Hi Toni. Thanks so much for leaving your warm and wonderful comments. I for one am humbled by your words. I know Sally and I are both so happy to be part of this wonderful community. So we’re delighted you enjoyed the interview. ❤ xx


    2. Thank you Toni.. I enjoyed very much and goodness knows if Debby and I would stop talking when we get face to face…. we have a wonderful community here and it certainly keeps me motivated… hugs


    1. Sal, it is my absolute pleasure to have you over here! I’m thrilled to be able to be giving you the much deserved spotlight here, and I know so many are and will be thrilled to find you here too. ❤ xxx


  4. A delightful interview, ladies…I can just see our Sal as a detective inspector…I am sure the criminal element of society would be quaking in their shoes if she glanced their way…Shared so a few more people can see what a delightful, caring , sharing friend we all have …Hugs xxx


  5. Loved reading this Debby, and learning so much more about Sally, and what a full life Sally has lived as she combinded both her passions and joys in her travelling career.. I had no idea Sally you were on Radio or TV here in the UK Sally..

    I also loved Sally’s words here which I quote

    ” I feel very strongly that moving passed our immediate circle of friends and family, out into the global village of blogging, is a way to keep young in heart, body and mind. It is a social, stimulating way to build friendships and keep learning and writing our entire lives.”

    I nodded my head along with you Sally, Blogging is like connecting to our second family and sometimes we feel we can be closer to those across the miles than those within our own circles of family and friends, for they seem to Understand what planet we are on and appreciate our wave length… Lol… 🙂

    Life is indeed a Rich Tapestry from which we have woven many words… Wishing you every success Sally with your Book, and thank you dear Debby for such a wonderful interview in which I learnt lots of new things about Sally.

    Much love to you both.. Have a lovely weekend.. ❤


    1. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your kind words for us. Yes, it seems that blogging is a kind of comfort for us creatives that offers that connectivity with the like-minded that we often don’t get from some in our own every day life people. I’m so glad you enjoyed our interview Sue. Thanks for visiting, reading and joining the conversation. Weekend hugs! ❤ xox


    2. Thank you very much Sue… and I strongly believe that being connected for those of us in our prime (silver surfers) are less likely to be on medication by being an active member of this online community. There is someone about 24 hours a day across the globe and if you have a problem, someone else has it too and you can compare notes and learn more. We are the first generation to be able to take advantage of this and I am sure it will have an impact on our emotional, mental and physical well-being as we get older.. hugs xx


      1. Thank you both of you, Debby and Sally… I am so very fortunate in having such a rich community of friends here on WP. And you are so right Sally, The only medication I take is extra vitamins in the form of some Seabuck thorn oil tablets and some Glucosamine for my joints.. I keep as far away as possible while I am able from conventional medicine.. But I do have regular monthly or six weekly Acupuncture treatments which I swear by, that not only help with my body but with emotional and energy levels too..

        Have a wonderful week both of you … And Happy Blogging! 🙂 ❤


  6. What a lovely review and author interview, Debby. I have not watched a movie for about three years so I definitely understand Sally’s soaps and sport comment. I don’t watch any TV at all. I have really enjoyed all of Sally’s books that I have read to date.


    1. Thanks Robbie.. glad you enjoyed. I manage my time and like to watch when I choose not when some tv exec has decided I should watch it. The only thing I find distracting that I need to be better about is watching those parrot videos Debby keeps finding…. thank you for all the support for my books and I think you have read and reviewed most of them.. very appreciated…hugs


  7. Enjoyed this interview! I too cannot bear television adverts, which are much more frequent than they used to be, and go on for longer and are always louder than the programmes. If I want to watch anything on a channel that has adverts, I always record it first and then the next day I can skip through the adverts.


    1. So with you on that Stevie.. we used to buy boxed sets in the good old days and binge watch and still have a few like The West Wing which was brilliant… Definitely into the Scandinavian dramas at the moment and have picke up quite a bit of Swedish and Norwegian.. time to make a visit in person I think… xx


  8. Scandi drama – YES – can never have enough. I love anything with subtitles, hearing people speak different languages; then there is the scenery and the Scandinavian interior décor…


    1. thanks Janet. .and yes the dramas themselves are well written and acted, but you are right some of the locations are stunning and I have always wanted to live in a log home… but those summers are a bit short even if the sun shines all day… but compared to here it would be heavenly.. stay up day and night and just hibernate in the winter… hugsx


    1. Thank you Jacqui and for being Sam’s number one fan… your support for my books is very important to me. As to different countries… I guess all the different places as a child gave me a level of confidence to adapt to new environments.. not so much now… hugs


  9. Wonderful interview, Debby! I enjoyed learning more about Sally’s life and all of her accomplishments. And the travel; love that! ♥ It’s inspiring how both of you dedicate yourselves to promoting the work of others. Kudos!

    Television advertising has definitely gotten out of hand, which is why we also record shows and fast-forward through the commercials. As hockey and soccer fans, (and news junkies) we aren’t ready to give up conventional TV just yet. 🙂

    Sally, I’m looking forward to reading your new book. The story of Sam is already in the queue. Cheers!


    1. Hi Deb. Like you, we aren’t ready to give up what seems a mortgage payment for the cable either. My husband is a sports – baseball and hockey fanatic and I follow some favorite HBO series. And then yes, news, news and more news! 🙂 x


    2. Thanks Debbie and I hope you enjoy Sam… he would have loved you I am sure being a dog person.. he knew when he met them… neither Debby or myself are shy and retiring types and do love a good party… ♥


  10. A police officer- I didn’t see that one coming 🙂
    Enjoyed the interview. Sally’s wit and charm makes for a fun read. I love her writing and have Life’s Rich Tapestry on my Kindle.


  11. I really enjoyed this interview. I always learn something new about Sally – Detective Sally Cronin! Yes, I can see it. I didn’t read the excerpt because the book is on my kindle so I didn’t want that sneak peek!


  12. This is one of my favorite Sally interviews! Who knew she would / could have been a police officer or detective! Sally is like the wonderful Grand Dame of the blogging community, and I mean that in the best of ways. She is ever kind, thoughtful, giving, interesting, funny… and others want to follow. As Debby would say, “You’re the best, Sal.”


  13. Oh yes Deb…not possible that anybody in blogosphere would be unfamiliar with Sally! What a pleasure to have her here, she is such a delight to talk to…Police force? Oh, why do you always choose such challenging jobs Sally? Detective? That would be intriguing. 🙂 Nice to know more about you dear friend.
    I may have read just two of her short story collections but I found subtle messages in those stories. I am always digging deeper into words.
    Thanks for sharing a lovely review of Sally’s latest book Deb. Stay blessed ladies and keep enlightening the blogosphere.


    1. Thank you Balroop, and I do like a challenge and I think I would have loved being a detective… at least even now I can be an imaginary one… who knows time to invent my alter ego…. thank you too for your kind words about my stories, that means a great deal. ♥


  14. What an absolutely fabulous interview with Sally! Debbie, thank you so much for shining a spotlight on this generous, supportive author!! I loved all the answers to the questions and had to laugh at the missed police officer career! Sally, you’d still make a great detective. Great stuff, ladies!


  15. Debby, it’s just wonderful to see Sally featured here! I love the introduction and how is it possible that there are people who haven’t heard of her and all her amazing work for us writers /readers!

    I love your review of her latest book and your quick summary of a couple of the stories are tugging at my heartstrings! The books sounds fantastically diverse and I look forward to reading my copy soon!

    Sally! Wow! What a different life it would have been in the police force … Such a different career and I can well imagine it was not welcoming to women some years ago. Hopefully things have changed a lot.

    Now as to the tv viewing… I have to ask what Scandinavian series you are currently watching? I’ve seen quite a few of them and enjoyed them thoroughly. I do enjoy a lot of the foreign series on Netflix but soooo annoyed that they have started to dub the words. Please, it is so much better to have subtitles!

    Hope you’re both having a fabulous weekend and a brilliant feature post, Debby! Xx


    1. Hi Annika. Thanks for your lovely comments. I know right? What do you mean you haven’t heard of Sally? LOL. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed our interview and some of Sally’s spilled secrets. I’m sure she will have answer for you about the subtitled shows. I personally stay away from subtitles, because I can never just sit and watch a movie, I’m always doing something else while watching TV and I would miss the whole movie if I didn’t keep my eyes on the screen, lol. 🙂 Happy week ahead to you! ❤


    2. Thanks Annika… I am flattered…as to the police force, one on my regrets but I can’t really complain about how things turned out. Probably our favourite finds were all the seasons of Borgen, Bordertown and recently the only season ofMissing , and we watch with subtitles as I cannot stand dubbing.. the voices never seem to match the character and it always looks out of sync. We also revisited The Millennium Trilogy and watched the entire set of three books again. We bought thousands of DVDs when we lived in Belgium and Spain and got used to watching films in the original language with subtitles and it is brilliant. hugsx


  16. What a fabulous Q&A session with Sally, Debby! As you know, I’m a fan of her blog and her books as well, and I’ve been lucky enough to work translating one of her wonderful book of stories (Tales from the Garden, which I have a soft spot for), and even with that, I’ve learned something new about her as well (Oh, yes, I can see sally as a detective).
    All the best!


    1. Thank you Olga and I can’t believe that I have not mentioned my dream of becoming a detective before..my life is such an open book… anyway perhaps I should study for my PI license at least! ♥


  17. This was an enjoyable interview between two women I admire.
    I know what you mean, Sally, about not becoming a detective. I too wanted to become a detective but when I was growing up women still weren’t admitted into the police force. In some ways my interest in writing crime novels is my way of fulfilling that childhood desire of becoming a detective.
    Debby, you write a wonderful review of Sally’s book Life’s Rich Tapestry. Also, I appreciate the details and effort you put into the presentation of your posts! ❤


    1. Thanks so much Carol for joining the conversation with your kind words. Sally is a multi-faceted gem, and I’m glad you enjoyed reading more about her. ❤ xx


    2. What a coincidence Carol, and I would normally say one is never too old to fulfill dreams but I know my knees are no longer up to chasing down criminals.. mind you my favourite detective Vera doesn’t do so badly and has a toy boy to do the running.. and I agree with you lovely review and Debby’s post are always beautifully created.. hugsx


  18. Wow, great to discover more of Sally’s background, and to discover another fellow injustice ranter (not a real word, I know, but it fits).
    Love that extract, now I’m curious to know where it’s leading – job well done, ladies ❤


  19. Always wonderful to see Sally getting a bit of time in the limelight. Wonderful interview and shout out to a fabulous writer and poet. I love Sally’s commitment to finding goodness in the world, which often comes through in her stories. I always feel content aftere reading her stories. A favorite author.


    1. Thank you so much Diana feel very chuffed.. I don’t like unfinished business that is for sure.. and I like a bit of natural justice.. goodness knows what I was in a previous like, I dread to think…lol… hugsxx


  20. Hi Debs, It’s good seeing Sally being ‘serenaded’ for a change…instead of the other way around. You’re both great women to know. And really appreciated! Rock on….Hugs xx


  21. Thank you for hosting Sally on your blog, Debby! Sally has so many talents and it’s always great to hear what she has to say. As for her book, Life’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in Words, I absolutely loved it! In fact, I posted my review today. Lots of love and hugs to you and Sally.


  22. This interview and information are so much fun. I think I know everything about Sally, and then I find out ohhh, there is so much more THERE there. And there is a LOT there.
    So impressed with Sally’s writing and blogging and promotion skills. There is NO One else out there like Sally. So grateful for all she does to/with/for the blogging world.
    Lastly, my guy and I discovered Bosch a few months ago and we are hooked!! So fun to see we all enjoy it from different parts of the world, Sally.


  23. It is always such a pleasure to read interviews with Sally and to find her or her work here, Debby. You are both such amazing, fascinating, generous, and honest people. I really like how you both speak your mind and how you both love to travel. I wonder why I’m so drawn to that! 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more with Sally about the benefits of blogging she mentions. It takes up a tremendous amount of time, but it is enjoyable and rewarding. Commercials on TV drive me crazy as well, not that I often get a chance to even watch TV. Only when we used to house sit. The Netflix series are more our thing, whenever we have time and a good internet connection. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for leaving your lovely comments here for Sally and me Liesbet. We must speak up for injustice and to spread awareness. Hopefully, we inspire others to do same. 🙂


  24. A very interesting interview with sally, Debby, and I leaned a few new things about her too! Surprised but not shocked that she would be a police detective if she had her druthers, but then we wouldn’t all be blessed by having her and the role she plays in global literature.

    Thanks for taking the time to interview and profile someone who does so much for the rest of us.

    congrats on the new book, Sally!


  25. I think Sally would have made a wonderful detective! It’s great to get to know her better through this terrific interview, so thanks to both of you. I love that you’ve put the spotlight on Sally and her work, since she is so selfless with her time and promotion of other authors. I am indebted to both of you for all the promotion you’ve done for me, and it’s obvious from the comments that I’m not alone!

    And P.S., Life’s Rich Tapestry is an absolute delight.


    1. Thank you so much Amy. Sally and I always joke about our investigative skills with Sally. She is not only one of my closest friends, but a true gift to the writing community. And yes, Sally writes beautiful books. Thank you for clicking on one of my older posts. I will be featuring Sally again soon! ❤


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