Q and A with D.G. Kaye – Featuring Author Jane Sturgeon – Writing on Water

I’m delighted to be featuring here the Lovely Jane Sturgeon and her new book – Writing on Water, today at Q and A with D.G. Kaye. In this nonfiction book, Jane writes about self-awareness, reflection, and getting in tune with our inner selves. Jane is a pure delight to be around. Her goodness and content heart shine through in all her writing. I’m thrilled to have Jane over here today spreading her inspiration.



Author Jane Sturgeon


About Jane:

Jane has been a systems analyst, trainer, technical author, painter, psychic medium,
furniture restorer, de-clutterer, therapist and creative. She has lived in Africa and The
States, looked after many farms, loved through two marriages, is Mum to an
extraordinary young woman and loves making things. She lives next to the Mersey
River where it meets the Irish Sea and shares her life with loved ones and an
impressive collection of yarn.

Self-awareness is the first book in her Writing on Water series.




Each one of us holds stories about ourselves and these drive our lives. Thoughts are attached to emotions and actions spring from how we feel. Old stories can be re-written, new stories can be crafted and discoveries are made along the way. It is the tapestry of life and yes, you can weave with whatever threads you choose. Loving support, fresh perspectives and new life tools can make all the difference.


First and Lovely 5 star review for Jane’s book:


L. Carmichael

December 25, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition
Life is a journey. When you amass knowledge and experience, it’s a generous and caring gift to offer that information to others. Jane Sturgeon has done so with her book, Writing on Water: Self-awareness. I became acquainted with this author through her blog, where she shares advice, thoughts, and feedback with others. Based on what she’s accomplished and undertaken in her life thus far, the words and wisdom will benefit many readers.

The book is on the shorter side, perhaps an intro for more to come from this author. Her advice in this edition focuses on tenderness, knowing when enough is enough, sea glass impressions, instincts, things we love, getting all twisted up, being hijacked (emotionally), and staying small. Within each of these sections, Jane shares a life experience, not always a positive one, that led to her awakening or spiritual conflict. Considering what to do when in a difficult relationship? Frustrated by people who try to take over your life? Uncertain how to relax and just let time tell you what you need to do? All these questions and many more come to the surface.

The book is not religious; if anything, I’d say it’s spiritual, forming a connection with the natural world and the silence around us. In a moment of need, Jane was thoroughly nervous and angry about a situation she had to handle. All the negativity almost ensured her situation would conclude far worse than she hoped, but something intervened, and in the end, Jane was given a gift. What a wonderful way to see your life turn around, even in smaller increments, when you need it to. I was most impressed by Jane’s life experience between 18 and 21 in South Africa. She had tons of courage and conviction, something I don’t think I could’ve found in my youth.

So… if you’d like to read about a wonderfully kind and open-minded woman’s opinions, learn from a life coach, and determine what might need some change in your life, this would be a good intro book, as it’s filled with tangible evidence of how altering her mindset helped Jane move forward. I’m glad to have the opportunity to read the book and share a review with you. The last line is the best… and I won’t share it all… but I will say “held us back from flowing with authenticity” is an eye-opening section.


Time to get to know more about Jane:


Do events in your daily life inspire your writing ideas?

Yes, every day. I can catch a glimpse of the seagulls flying in formation, a pattern in
the waves, the joy of a dog running across the beach or overhear a snippet of
conversation in the local shop and the words will start to stream in. It is always linked
to how something makes me feel.

D.G. – I know this about you Jane. You certainly know how to appreciate all the beauty the world as to offer.


Is there something you wish you were better at with the self publishing process?

Marketing and promoting. Goodness me, I have been caught unawares by how
much you need to do this as an indie author. I am learning more about it every day
and it’s a ‘work in progress’. I have discovered that it helps to be unafraid to try
different things, to listen and observe others and what they do and to laugh when I
trip up. It is a steep learning curve yet rewarding as you start to realise the different
things you are capable of and feel the wonderful support from fellow indies.

D.G. – Lol Jane, it is a rude awakening isn’t it? There is so much to becoming a published writer that it sometimes feels the writing is the smallest part of what we do. Thank goodness for our wonderful community to help us along.


Do you believe in ‘writer’s block’? If so, how do you deal with it?

I believe that everything in life is an energy and our creativity comes from our inner
energy source. If we’re tired, stressed, upset, hungry or strung out, then our creative
energy is depleted. Our balance is out of whack. We sit down to write and as our
bucket dips into the creative well, the energy source is low or not there at all. I have
found that pushing is fruitless, so I switch tack into self-care. Walking helps, as does
rest, making things with my hands, or seeing friends. Chocolate does find its way
into the mix sometimes and I try not to have any in the house, as the nearest shop is
up a very steep hill (which is a blessing).

D.G. – You’ve said a mouthful Jane. I do concur though, no point banging our heads on keyboards when the energy isn’t there. Best to find something else to work on and eventually inspiration finds us again.


Jane is sharing an Excerpt from her book with us:



I recall a well-known agony aunt in the United Kingdom, the lovely Denise
Robertson, saying that most of the letters she received were rooted in lack of self-

The inner tape of not being good enough can drive us in so many little ways, most of
which we are unaware of. We can decide to gift ourselves time to exercise, start a
new project, try to create different meals, see friends more often, begin a night class;
all manner of new things and then we prioritise other things in their place.

In our technology-led lives, we are constantly bombarded with messages on how to
improve ourselves. There’s irony there, because the underlying message can be
perceived as us not being good enough as we are, which adds to the inner tape
playing. It’s no wonder we stall and struggle to introduce new things into our daily

In the few hours I had gifted myself to write this morning as soon as I was
comfortable with a fresh coffee by my side, my internal chatter started.

‘Did you put cream on your legs after your bath this morning?’

‘Have you put a load of laundry in the washing machine?’

‘Your plants need de-heading before it gets too hot.’

The inner chat is constant and is the root of much internal distraction and self-
sabotage. If we listen, we get in the way of ourselves and stay safe in the familiar,
whilst messing up anything new we try to start.

Stalling on hopes, dreams and wishes is not a reflection on us not being good
enough, because we certainly are. It’s about us living; exploring, trying different
things, taking a risk, experimenting on what brings us joy and peeling back the
gossamer layers to find out who we really are. It is about us discovering our truth.



I wish to say a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to Debby for her generosity, support and
kindness in creating a post for me on her fabulous blog. From her huge heart she lifts and inspires many of us and her friendship is a gift.





Jane, I am so humbled. It was a pleasure having you and your beautiful book over here today. Thank you too for the beautiful image. You are such a delight.


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74 thoughts on “Q and A with D.G. Kaye – Featuring Author Jane Sturgeon – Writing on Water

  1. Wow! I’m already a new fan. I love the review, the excerpt, and the interview. I can already tell there is a mountain of wisdom in Jane’s book, and I’m ordering it as soon as I finish this thought.


    1. Pete, thank you for your lovely comment. Your books are on my reading list and I will be in touch with you about them. Our writing community is lovingly supportive, just as you have found your teaching community. Happy days. 🙂


  2. Debby, my unicorn buddy, I am humbled and touched by your words, kindness and support. Thank you for having me over today and I will see you in the kitchen for coffee and cake as soon as. ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Jane, I’m thrilled to have you here and introduce you to my readers who are already enjoying getting to know you here. Thanks for being here and spreading your sunshine! ❤ ❤ xx


  3. A wonderful Q & A Debby and Jane and I so agree about those inner voices, usually based on other’s expectations of how we should be… perfect daughter, mother, housewife, friend, wife, lover, writer, blogger. It used to bother me a great deal more than it does now… what you see is what you get! ♥♥


    1. Sally, what we get with you is priceless and we are all grateful. Thank you for your kind thoughts and I am grateful to Debby, our special unicorn buddy for this interview and spotlight. Hugs for you. ❤


  4. I agree that there’s absolutely no point in trying to write when the inclination isn’t there. Walking is much better and sometimes inspiration may strike after a couple of miles!


    1. Stevie, I chuckled at your ‘couple of miles’ comment. Yes, it does take a fair distance sometimes to walk it off! It’s lovely to see you here today and thank you for visiting. Hugs Xx


  5. Thanks for this enticing review, Debby. I have seen Jane on social media and am awed by her accomplishments. I certainly relate to her identity as a de-clutterer. Also, I enjoyed the excerpt. So many women can identify with this line: “not being good enough.”

    I too am a self-published author in the throes of marketing my memoir, Mennonite Daughter: The Story of a Plain Girl. Oh, the time and effort required I understand completely. :-0

    This book must go on my to-read list. Best wishes, Jane!


    1. Marian, it’s lovely to see you here and thank you for your kind words. All the very best for your book launch. It’s a steep and rapid learning curve, isn’t it? I am sure, like me, you are grateful for the wonderfully supportive community of writers we have in this Global Village. Hugs Xx


  6. Great interview, Jane and Debby. I also believe that we craft/weave our lives with the stories we tell about ourselves. Such incredible power and responsibility in that. We can change our whole perspective in a moment of time and become someone new. And I also groan at marketing. Lol. Happy Writing, Ladies.


  7. A lovely author interview with Jane, Debby. I really enjoyed reading more about her wonderful attitude to life. Thanks for sharing the book extract too.


  8. What a delightful interview and those inner thoughts so me…Have I done this? Have I done that?, Have I plucked those damn hairs from my chin,… It’s then I walk …Thank you, ladies, for a lovely post and good to get to know you Jane :)x


  9. Jane’s caring nature shines forth in every comment she makes here within our WP community Debby and it was a pleasure reading more about Jane here and her philosophy of life .. And was not surprised to read her reference to ‘Energy’..
    I wish Jane every success with her new Book, and I had to nod to myself as she related that internal dialogue that often prevents us from exploring the NEW..

    Many thanks Debby for sharing such a lovely interview between you both..
    Sending you both much love your way..
    Hugs Sue ❤


    1. Thank you so much Sue. I am so not surprised you enjoyed reading and learning more about our lovely Jane. Her soul always shines through her words! So wonderful have you both here together – Soul Sisters. ❤ xoxo


  10. Hi have had the pleasure of knowing Jane through Blogging. She is one of the kindest out there in the Blogosphere! How I would enjoy meeting her in real life one day.

    Your Q and A was wonderful and thank you for sharing Jane with others. They will not be disappointed!



  11. How great to learn more about Jane, and what a super spotlight on this book – absolutely loved the excerpt.
    Everything you ladies covered resonated with me, from the difficulties of learning the marketing side of indie publishing, to the problems of how so much ‘self-help’ sadly reinforces the lack of self worth felt by so many people, particularly women.
    You have both been so supportive during my year from hell, love to both of you ❤


    1. Aw shucks Deb. 🙂 That’s the beauty of friendship. And honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without them either. Jane is just lovely, yes. Hugs to you. 🙂 xxx


      1. Debby, we’re in sync, as I was just thinking about you. The loving energy flowing from your kind post is uplifting. I am creating new art over here and it is inspiring to read these wonderful comments. Thanks, Debby, my unicorn buddy. ❤ ❤


  12. Jane’s book is on my Kindle now. The title is enough to stir my interest – so soulfully smart. Writing on Water – it says so much (to me) about the spiritual act of writing. Not religious – but spiritual. We find the light when we write. Excellent interview, Debby. Also, Jane, thanks for helping me feel less guilty about not “making” myself write or create when I’m tired. On the days I return from teaching a class, my energy has been sapped and snapped, and I just want to sit in my armchair and read. Let someone else do the entertaining for a while. 🙂


    1. Pam, it’s lovely to ‘see’ you as always. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. There is something magical about our global village and the loving support that flows so freely here. Hugs for you, always. ❤


  13. Hi Debby and Jane. I wrote a long response last night, and yet it doesn’t seem to have ‘clicked’ in here. Glad I checked again! I was writing about energy levels (and I admit, my energy level was down last night, so maybe that’s why my response didn’t make it in (????). But thanks Jane for reminding us that it’s okay to stop when the energy is low, and not feel as if we have to still sit down and write that intense story we’ve been working on. That’s one of my struggles – to know when to allow myself to STOP and do nothing (or at least sit and read a good book). I can’t wait to read YOUR new book, Jane. It’s on my Kindle.


    1. Hi Pam, thanks for trying again. Sorry for the grief. I’ve been having blog problems these past few days. So weird I just saw this comment and Jane has a reply before I posted it? Lol that is strange. But thank you so much. ❤


      1. Debby, I think my reply to Pam was on her earlier comment…such fun! I don’t think I saw it before you……mind you, nothing would surprise me lately. Big grin and hugs and much ❤ ❤


    2. Thank you Pam, for all your support and for hanging in there with comments. I hope you enjoy the book and appreciate you reading it. Being aware of our energy and where it’s going is an on-going thing, isn’t it? Hugs and much ❤ for you and I hope you enjoy your break. ❤


  14. Hi Deb and Jane, so sorry for my lateness here. What a beautiful book, Jane, so gentle and inspiring. I love the title and cover and enjoyed very much learning more about you and your writing.Thank you for featuring Jane, Deb, you are both so lovely 🙂 ❤ xoxo


    1. Yay Sher. Just got this comment so it did go through. Thanks for your kind words and I know Jane will be thrilled. More hugs coming your way! ❤ ❤ xxx


    2. Thank you, Sherri, for your kind and thoughtful comment. I am so sorry, as it was hiding and I have only just found it! I have had such a lovely time on Debby’s blog and she is a great buddy for doing this. There is a special energy that is created as we all pull together and flow support. Hugs to you. ❤


  15. Terrific interview, Debby and Jane! I loved seeing you collaborate like this. Jane, your genuine spirit shines through in your answers. So great to learn more about you here. Fab questions, Debby!


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