January 16: Flash Fiction Challenge « Carrot Ranch – Protest

This week’s 99 Word Flash Fiction Prompt is ‘Protest’, at Charli Mills’ CarrotRanch.



January 16, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a protest story. It can be about a protest, or you can investigate the word and expand the idea. Who is protesting, where, and why? Go where the prompt leads!


In Protest of the Planet


What remains of the trees, struggle to stand tall, casting thin shadows across the water with reflection in their retaliation. Birds make swift exit when the weather turns ominous. Where do humans flee when there’s no longer a safe place to exist?

What remains is nature’s leftovers from man’s thoughtless lashings. Angels band together, looking down from above in God’s sanctuary as God’s planet drowns and burns in salty tears. When will the natives wake? Action is needed now. Let us stand up in defense of the planet against the wrongs of man and start to repair with change.


Source: January 16: Flash Fiction Challenge « Carrot Ranch Literary Community


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36 thoughts on “January 16: Flash Fiction Challenge « Carrot Ranch – Protest

    1. Right now it looks as though people are leaving their countries for other countries in search of greener grass, but ultimately, we’ll all be stuck no matter where if the planet doesn’t become the world’s #1 priority.


  1. Powerful piece Debby. And whilst we spend billions on finding other planets we can trash… perhaps we might think of spending it on putting the earth to rights first… excellent response to the prompt.. ♥


  2. There’s a glimmer of hope in your words. Yep, sure would be a good thing if the two leggeds inhabiting this planet would work with whatever Powers, with all our Power to right some of the wrongs.


  3. Very true. At the moment we’re suffering Storm Gloria right here (non-stop rain, waves destroying much of the seafront, wind dragging everything around), and we seem to go from one extreme of weather to another. Economy is given priority, but money can’t buy everything, as we all know. Thanks, Debby.


    1. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your neck of the world Olga. The world climates seem angry everywhere, acting out of usual patterns. Nature is crying out! 😦


  4. Exactly! Humans should think about how to solve this instead of how do we escape (flee) this… Like many issues, dealing with the source is more important than trying to come up with a quick “fix”.


  5. Where can Humans flee?… We are all in this together… Just how did we get to this point? Of over consumerism, plastic, air, water, pollution… What about the pollution of our hearts.. Our Thoughts? … Can we change our world around?
    At least more now are waking up to the fact we have a HUGE Problem… That isn’t going to go away anytime soon..
    As to the solutions.. I wish I had a magic wand…
    All I can do is tend my little piece of land, send it and all love, and envision a brighter future for my grandchild.. And hope they forgive our generation for our lack of care..

    Well written Debby… Much love my friend… ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Sue, as usual, you are on point. Yes, where do we flee? Like I said to another friend recently, so many people seem to be leaving their home countries for various reasons: war, destruction, regimes with tyrannic leaders, economy, etc. It’s like everyone is trading countries! ❤ xxx


  6. One of the most important protests of our time, Debby. Great piece and a sad commentary on our world. There are pockets of hope, but I’m afraid it’s going to be a long painful haul at this point.
    Well done, my friend.


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