Writer’s Tips January Edition – Writer Beware, KDP, Twitter, Passive Income

Welcome back to the first edition of my compiled Writers Tips for 2020. This edition is chock-full of informative articles for bloggers and authors on what we can expect from the publishing industry for 2020 and avenues to explore to add side income with our writing skills into our writerly lives.


Schemes, scams and issues encountered by writers, where to avoid putting your cash into. Writer Beware is an excellent site for checking out the latest caveats in the business.

Source: Writer Beware®: The Blog: Writer Beware: 2019 in Review


The Bookdesigner has a helpful article for authors to help with downloading manuscripts to KDP with their new format setup.

Fun with Formats: mobi/Kindle


Sacha Black is rocking everything Indie now and sharing with us other avenues of passive income.

Author Earnings – How Do You Write Full-Time?


Nicholas Rossis has some helpful tips from guest writers on his blog sharing how to make Twitter beneficial as a marketing tool for Twitter.



My friend – author, publisher, marketer, Doris Heilmann of 111 Publishing shares a fantastic list of success videos for self-employed Indies.

Start-Ups and Self-Employed: Video for Success


Stevie Turner shares a post on how she finds Bookfunnel helping for pushing up her books on Amazon.



Written Word Media with an informative rundown on the Top Ten Publishing Trends for 2020

The Top Ten Publishing Industry Trends Every Author Needs to Know in 2020


I hope you find these articles as helpful as I have. 



32 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips January Edition – Writer Beware, KDP, Twitter, Passive Income

  1. Debby, thank you. This post is jam-packed with information and helpful advice. I have followed and read every link and signed up to these new sources. Blessings, my unicorn buddy. ❤ Xxx ❤


    1. Thanks again Sal. Yes, you did comment, I distinctly remember. And your third person today who is wondering the same. Sorry if the gremlins are at work! ❤ xxx


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