New Reviews Are In – Twenty Years: After “I Do”, Words We Carry

It never gets old for me. There is just something about a beautiful review that encourages me to keep writing, reminding that my words do matter. Today I’m sharing 3 new reviews I came across on Amazon for 2 of my books – Words We Carry and Twenty Years: After “I Do”.


Twenty Years on Aging

Visit this book on Amazon



Avid Reader

Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2020

Format: Kindle Edition


36 thoughts on “New Reviews Are In – Twenty Years: After “I Do”, Words We Carry

  1. Brava! No visit from the trolls this week. Yay!

    I understand how important reviews are to an author. For me, it’s getting to a “magic” number on Amazon as a new author. Slowly, but surely. . .

    So proud of you for setting a high bar, Debby!


  2. Debby, these reviews are wonderful and just what you deserve. You have a gift of sharing without a hint of patronisation or telling folk what to feel and do. That is a gift. ❤ Your readers and I include myself in that group, are able to truly connect and find ourselves in your words. New awarenesses and wisdom are gained and for that, we are truly grateful. ❤ xXx ❤


    1. Jane, thank you for this most humbling and beautiful compliment. I am truly touched. That is the essence I could hope for ‘find ourselves in your words’. Thank you for making my day my Lovely. ❤ ❤ xxx


  3. Hi Debby – just great and no wonder you feel ‘chuffed up and bushy-tailed’ so pleased for you …

    Your blog posts are always a pleasure to read … so I can sort of envisage how the stories in your books would evolve – cheers and congratulations again – Hilary


  4. Those are three marvelous reviews. I can’t say I’m surprised since I’ve read some of your books. The power of words is a beautiful thing. I always used to teach my students that words matter—they can hurt or heal. Sticks and stones is a fairy tale because words are important. I’m glad to have enjoyed many of your words, Debby.


  5. Wow! 😀 Debby, congratulations on these three thoughtful reviews! They are all wonderful, reflective and gives insight into the books and they were touched by them. Well done … it is fantastic when readers take the time to leave reviews! Have a great weekend, my friend! xx


  6. These are all great reviews, congratulations. And you are so right, a good review, especially by a reader who gets it, is so encouraging. After reading this post, I thought I should check my books. And lo and behold, there was a wonderful review of Amanda in Holland. Just what I needed. So thanks!!


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