I’m back! Stormy Travel Day to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Well, I’m back after a fun-filled sunshine getaway. What a fabulous trip – despite the dreaded ‘travel day (s)’. Travel day is always a ‘thing’ with me – a victim of circumstance it seems.


Climate change has been wreaking havoc on so many parts of the world, and here in Toronto, Canada, where the brunt of winter usually hits in January and the even worse in February, we’d had a relatively  mild winter with temps hanging around at 35-40 degrees Farenheit, and save for the odd blizzard that lasted a day then melted, winter wasn’t as brutal. But winter did finally decide to hit approximately 10 minutes before the limo picked us up for the airport at 3am.

All week the news had warnings that freezing rain and blizzard would hit by midnight – the wee hours of the morning I was to leave. I laughed it off, knowing, the weather people are the only ones who could be wrong, yet still have a job. After all, predicting all this messy precipitation one week ahead hitting at a particular time, I waved it off, I did a little praying that it wouldn’t start till later in the day, but as I zipped up the suitcases and got ready to go to the lobby, I peeked out the window and watched the whiteness swirl around in a frenzy. Within 10 short minutes, the ground had accumulated a lot of the white stuff and the winds howled.

I’ve gotten in the habit of wearing a long-sleeved shirt over a tank top and a hoodie for warmth – somewhat – when traveling. Just a quick few minutes till I’d be in the limo and then the airport, where I’d dash for a cart and the limo driver would help me load the luggage on before scooting to check-in. Well, those few moments it took to load luggage on cart and dash for the doors was some kind of cold! I thought I’d freeze to death in those short few moments. I was also glad we left at such an ungodly time of day (without sleeping) because the roads and highways were a skating rink at 3am. Thankfully, the salt/sand trucks were prepared and were already dropping the grains on the highway ahead of us to prepare for the onslaught of morning traffic, which no doubt, would have been a chaotic one.

We flew with a different Canadian airline this time after last year’s fiasco of being dropped off on the tarmac in Puerto Vallarta. But, that didn’t seem to matter. I quickly learned that flights that were delayed leaving Toronto LOST THEIR PARKING SPOTS.

It was the first time in a long time I’d flown on a plane that resembled the old jumbo jets I remembered from yesteryear. The plane was full with almost 360 passengers. We’d taken our precautions before boarding the plane, spraying our Colloidal Silver down our throats, and sniffing up our nostrils to prepare for germ attack, besides having our masks. Our plane was over an hour delayed as the runway was a nightmare and we had to wait our turn to get de-iced before taking off. I kept watching the blizzard out the small plane windows, saying under my breath, let’s go, let’s go before it gets so bad we can’t. Alas, we took off, we were on our way to sunny Mexico, despite the mostly turbulent rocky ride almost all the way there. The storm had come from the US midwest, so much of the ride was through turbulent weather until exiting American skies into sunny Mexico territory.


Plane de icing
De-icing process in view






Yay, we landed hard, but safely. We were the first row in first class. My husband always has wheelchair assistance to and from the plane due to the very long walks to and from the gates. Usual protocol, first class gets off first, wheelchair and assistance waits at the exit doors for those in need. But not this time. This plane had two exits, and the back end started unloading at same time as first class door – only the bitchy stewardess wouldn’t let us off right away. She told us that wheelchair passengers had to wait for the plane to unload because they would hold up the people traffic. WTF? Not only that, we were on the bloody tarmac. Again!

As we are usually one of the first off, the minutes were getting long. Fifteen minutes had gone by and half the plane were taking their sweet time as the plane was getting mighty warm. I’d had enough by that point, filled with claustrophobic anxiety, I pushed past the stewardess to have a look-see at the progress of de-planing, standing at the exit doors. I decided I wasn’t waiting anymore and went back for my hub and all our carry-on crap and told him we’re going.

I barged through with all the bags while hub was on a cane and began the scary attempt at exiting down the steep, long stairway to the tarmac. I called down to one of the assistants with the wheelchair to come up the stairs and walk my husband down while I carried the load of bags, and we got on to the mini transfer bus that took us into the gates. This de-planing business is the worst part of the flight for me. I never slept on the plane and was now on no sleep for a day and a half.

We finally got in a cab and less than 10 minutes later, arrived at our rented condo on the beach. I unpacked and by then it was nearing 3pm Mexican time, an hour earlier there than our EST. Most people would have been ready to flop into bed by this point, but no, we had missions to accomplish. I let hub nap for a while I unpacked and got sorted out. Then we were off on the half mile walk (just what we felt like doing, NOT) to the bank machine to get some Pesos. From the bank we’d hop in a cab and head off for grocery shopping. By the time we got back with groceries and a bbq chicken for dinner, ate and showered, we flopped into bed at 730pm.

Mexican sunset
First Mexican Sunset



The trip back was more chaotic, but stay tuned for part 2 before we get there!



40 thoughts on “I’m back! Stormy Travel Day to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  1. I’m glad you got home OK. Did you have to self isolate? It is bad here in Spain right now and the airports will be closed in two days. No one in, no one out. Stay safe and healthy. xo


    1. Hi Darlene. Thanks! The world is certainly in a tailspin. I should think anyone who travels from anywhere should self isolate. Oh yes, we did and still are – that stuff will be in my later post! ❤ Stay safe my friend!!!!! x


  2. Welcome home, Debby.

    What a great read this was. I already can not wait for the rest of your posts about the holiday. Glad you got to Mexico, despite what the weather had in store for you on that first morning. It sounds as if the flight was trouble-free between take-off and landing. Did you do any shopping at the airport, or were they all closed because it was the middle of the night? How you didn’t fall asleep on the plane, though, I have no idea. I’d have been out of the count (especially after a few cocktails), although I do enjoy people-watching (even on a plane).

    Hope you both got plenty of rest? I’m sure we’ll find out as this series unravels on your blog.


    1. Hi Hugh! Thanks for the welcome. Lol, I cannot sleep on planes – especially it was a most turbulent ride most of the way there! I also don’t drink on a plane like I did in my younger years – swollen ankles if I do, lol. Isn’t old age fun?
      Thanks for dropping by and I hope to entertain with more of my stories and observations. ❤ 🙂


  3. Oh, my word, Debby, you definitely have more material for “Have Bags, Will Travel,” part 2.

    You travel first class and dress in layers. Yes, I pay attention to details when I read your posts – ha!
    Ending up in the bed, with groceries, isn’t an made way to end the day, even if much of it was harrowing.

    During their spring break, my son and family took a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, and the Cayman Islands. I was concerned for their safety, as you can imagine. They had a grand time, but now back on Florida, there are on self-quarantine for 2 weeks. That probably won’t be a hardship though since they are in the school system, which is closing down this week and probably the next.

    Like you, trip took place “in the nick of time!” 😀


    1. Hi Marian! Glad you found my adventures humorous, lol. And I’m glad to share my travel tips. We travel first class so hub can have more legroom. I surf around the airline flights many months before travel date to keep track of price drops!
      Glad your family made it back. This is no time in the world now to be on a cruise. I saw a few turn back while away. More on that later! 🙂


    1. Lolllllllllll Jacquie! No kidding. Nobody said traveling was easy. And just look at the world mess now!!! I narrowly escaped it coming home! ❤


  4. I could not go without sleeping for that long, Debby. Wow, you must have been exhausted. Luckily, I can sleep anywhere, any place and any time.


  5. Quite the journey Debby and it would not have held the passengers up in any way if they had been efficient… I know the month there was worth the hassle but a real pain… Love the photograph, and I’ll have one of those… thank you ♥


  6. Hey pleased you are back safely… Never a dull moment on your travels. Debs and it always makes for a good read… Hope your self inposed isolation goes well and you both come out the other side..
    Stay safe and welll… Hugs xx


    1. Hi Carol! Thanks for the well wishes. Great time, but great to be home at this time of the world! I’ll definitely have more to share here, lol. ❤ xxx


  7. Hi Debby – told with your usual aplomb and masterfulness … great read – but I can feel the angst! So pleased you’re home – hope that sniffle goes off soon and your hubs recovers from his … take care … cheers Hilary


    1. Hi Hilary. Thanks for dropping by. Seems I just got back down to the wire before the craziness took over the world. Now hunkering down! Stay safe! 🙂 x


  8. Welcome home, Deb and I so hope you’re recovering. What a journey, I am just the same (no surprise there, right? lol!), I can’t ever sleep on a plane and I hate turbulence, being up so high, all that shaking…horrible. Looking forward to reading your installments and so glad you had a fab time despite travel woes. Love & hugs, my friend 🙂 ❤ xoxo


    1. Thanks bunches Sher. No surprise we’re the same LOL. We’re staying under lockdown for now as the world goes crazy. We got home in the nick of time. Hope things are calming in your household! Hugs back ❤ xxxx


    1. Thanks Stevie. Brave yes, but what did I come home to? Colloidal Silver are essentially silver particles suspended in a liquid. It is touted by many medical professionals – particularly in the naturopathic world. Said to be able to ward of viral and bacterial germs. I was recommended by a few health professionals, although, there are caveats about how much to use and how often to avoid potential side effects, like most drugs. 🙂 xx


  9. What a nightmare, Deb! I can’t sleep on planes either, so I would have been toast by then. I get travel anxiety because I like a schedule. I’m sure Mexico was wonderful, and I’m glad you are home safe and sound. Looking forward to the rest of your journey!


    1. Thanks bunches Terri. I know what you mean about anxiety. This is something I really never dealt with until the last few years. Ya, anxiety is a thing! ❤


  10. Oh my gosh, that would have been an absolute nightmare for me. So glad you made it home safely although the 2nd half sounds like it might be very scary too.
    Also, I just finished reading “Words We Carry” and I loved it! I related to your story so very much and as far as I am concerned it is the best book of it’s kind that I have ever read. I feel that way because you made it real, female to female. You addressed everything that confines us as females, and defines us as females, to all the ways we can undo perceptions we have accepted, and the way we can improve the way we think about ourselves over time.


    1. Thanks so much Karen. And wow, you made my day with your beautiful comment for my book. I am always so grateful when I hear about how someone has connected with my stories. Thank you so much for reading, and hope you shared this exact review on Amazon for others to read and for me to share in my next new reviews series. ❤ xx


    1. Hi Carol. Thanks for the welcome. My book has not even began edits. So much to look after before I can concentrate. Just one more delay, but I’ll get there. 🙂 xx


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