From the Land of ‘Corona’ to the #Coronavirus

As many of you know from my earlier post, I’m back from my winter vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It seems we got home (last Thursday) just in time before all the craziness came down at Toronto airport. As I kept a close eye on international news while I was away, I found it almost incredible that while the world was going through growing numbers of the Corona virus, cruise ships were still coming into port. The condo we rented was right on the beach only minutes away from where the ships docked so we could see ships coming in and leaving. I also checked virus statistics in Mexico, and while there were only 4 cases reported far away in distant Mexican states, I felt there was no reason to panic.


In recent visits, we usually saw about 2 ships a day, sometimes 3 and 4 on average approximately 4-5 days a week, coming into port. This recent trip we didn’t see a ship come in all week for about 2 weeks, then we saw 1 or 2 a day come in 2-3 times a week. Yes, the Grand Princess did make a stop in our port, but after that it seemed that most international cruise liners had diminished and mostly US sailings from the coast off California were still coming in. We’d also watched a couple of ships turn around and leave before docking.

As the last few days of our trip drew near to the end of our trip, I began to feel the urgency to get home, especially as my husband wasn’t well with other underlying issues. I’d kept track of what was happening in my own city, Toronto, daily, and was disturbed by my gut feelings that this was fast going to become a global pandemic.

There seemed to be no warnings or closures in Puerto Vallarta while there, and anyone I spoke with about the ongoing concern didn’t seem overly concerned, but I was getting a bit suspicious how this virus was spreading globally and Mexico had such low numbers – a false sense of relief.

We flew home without a hitch, landed in Toronto airport, saw only a few airport employees wearing masks, zipped through customs without even a question asking if we weren’t feeling well. We wore masks home and took it upon ourselves to self-quarantine for 14 days as precaution – as what should have already been mandated at the airport. And as it turns out, Day 5 of our quarantine (yesterday) I became ill. I developed a fever, chills and aching bones. Then last night in bed my fever broke and my bedsheets were soaked in sweat. I think that was good news, but still, I’m not feeling up to par. Did I contract the Corona virus or was this a seasonal flu? The question remains.

Getting tested is not simple here, just as it’s not simple anywhere. There are not enough facilities globally to test for the virus, or the equipment and manpower to facilitate everyone getting tested. We are told to NOT just come to the hospital if we are sick. We must first call Health Canada’s, Telehealth to talk to a nurse first before venturing to the hospital, and that involves potentially an 8 hour wait on hold. Many hospitals in Toronto have opened up makeshift areas within hospitals with separate entrances specifically for suspect Corona virus testing and patients, and warned to DO NOT enter the emergency department.

It’s quite evident the world was not prepared for this pandemic with limited test kits, respirators, protective gear, and hospital beds. And I believe that ‘selective’ testing isn’t enough to help with containing the spread of this virus, just as the numbers of those contracting it around the world are quite lowball with the numbers reported against the millions more who haven’t been tested. Thus, it seems self-quarantine and social distancing is the best measure at this time globally for anyone traveling home from anywhere, anyone who has knowingly been somewhere where someone who has tested positive, and regardless of either, seniors especially, need to heed this advice to stay home. And as it’s looking now, almost globally, many have taken it upon themselves to stay home.


stay home



The scariest part of this virus are the elements we don’t know yet:

How long is someone contagious for?

If someone caught it, does that make them immune, or can they catch it again?

If some are asymptomatic or carriers, does this make them contagious indefinitely?

Do we have to worry about food and necessity shortages in days or weeks to come as businesses close down in lockdown?

Those are just some of the questions that people are concerned about. This is not a seasonal flu. This is a virus that will live among us until a vaccine is found and made available to the public. And until the medical world gets a good grasp on handling this pandemic with proper government aid, many sick people are going to be affected by this pandemic, many with no relation to the Corona symptoms will also suffer.

Here in Toronto, all elective surgeries, appointments for CT, MRI, Ultrasounds scans have been cancelled. I have this on good authority since my husband’s Gastro-enterologist just called to cancel the procedure my husband has been awaiting to have and had already been rescheduled for after a 2 week wait period till after our return home for the 14 day quarantine for those returning from abroad before coming to a hospital. Now I’m more fearful for my husband, and I was told there is no date yet for rescheduling, which will no doubt create a heavy backlog for wait times. I argued that his procedure is not ‘elective’ it is necessary as my husband has an ongoing condition that when it acts up (as it is now), he could literally bleed to death.

My husband’s condition along with so many people around the world waiting for dire tests, have all been put on hold as this deadly virus takes precedence. This virus is a certainty that many more will die because of denied medical services in these trying times. Our only options are to wait for the worst to happen so we can go to emergency and then be booked in from there. This seems to be the new world order for now.

In the meantime, I think that Mexico has been downplaying the spread of the virus because that country is so dependent on tourism to thrive. Since our return, more reported cases are popping up in Mexico, yet their government gives the impression they may want to keep it under ‘hush hush’ for now. This will prove to become very dangerous as time goes by, no doubts.

The world is certainly in a tailspin and a halt, all at the same time. For now, the only way to try and dodge contracting the Corona virus is to keep distance from others, stay home, and wash hands frequently. In the meantime, this is a good time to remind people to be kind to one another, help somebody out when we can, pick up groceries for some you know who shouldn’t be going out because of vulnerability, keep check on loved ones, and stay informed.

If you aren’t sure about the difference of symptoms between the seasonal flu and the Corona virus, check out this list of symptoms, as a common guide to go by.

Stay safe!




28 thoughts on “From the Land of ‘Corona’ to the #Coronavirus

    1. Thanks Darlene. Still very suspicious, although from what I’ve been reading, it sounds as though their president too, has been trying to hide it! ❤


  1. Hi Debby, I certainly hope your husband’s tests can be rescheduled soon. In Australia, certain people have been panic buying but we don’t have any food shortage and shops will remain open. Seeing empty shelves is very frustrating. Our PM told everyone to stop it yesterday, but this morning it was worse than ever. Take good care of yourself and it’s good that you’re home. Toni x


  2. Our son and family got back from Mexico, which you discussed, just in the nick of time. They visited Cozumel and the Cayman islands. Fortunately, they have been back almost a week now (voluntary quarantine) with no symptoms. Another week to go. Also, their school district will go to online instruction until the end of the year, with the elementary getting “instructional packets” delivered by school buses. Innovative!

    I’m sorry your husband has to wait for surgery. In the meantime, I am sure you are both trying to “shelter in place,” quite a euphemism if you ask me. Yes, this is a serious threat globally and we’ll do what we can to hold onto the health we have.

    Oddly, my husband, messy in most ways, has always been a germophobe, and has said, “See, now the world is catching up to washing hands and taking off shoes in the house!”

    Very timely and informative post, Debby!


  3. First of all, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been ill, Debby. And I’m sorry also to hear that your husband’s procedure at the hospital has been postponed.

    You did the right thing by going into self-isolation after returning from your vacation. So many other’s seem to come back and live their lives as if nothing is happening. Whist in the UK, our government has told people not to go to bars, restaurants, the theatre or anywhere where there may be a large gathering, many people still choose to go and ignore the advice that has been given. This will only put our health system under more pressure as many of these people become ill because they refused to take advice or had an ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude.

    And now the fake news, fake, emails and fake text messages have started, many of which contain links that will infect computers, phones and tablets if clicked on. It seems some human beings think this is a great time to cash in and steal from the vulnerable. Only yesterday, I received an email claiming that sunbathing kills the coronavirus. As the UK is still cold, grey and rainy, what chances do I have to sunbathe? Besides, most of the flights have been cancelled. As you rightly say, the best advice we can take is from websites like the world health organisation or our governments’ website.

    Take care and stay safe.


    1. Thank you Hugh. And you are so right, sadly, the evil doers are having a picnic. So many scams here. G and myself get at least 5 scam calls a week each on our phones, claiming tax dept wants us, or we are under arrest – please press 1 to connect with an officer!!!!! Disregard that shit and read and listen from reliable sources. Stay safe, and wishing UK would close down like we have in North America. Everything is closed! 😦 xx


      1. I don’t think it will be long before it happens in the UK, Debby. Rumours are circulating that London will be closed down at the weekend and that everyone will be told to stay at home. I’m not surprised given that some of the bars and restaurants in London are still packed out. Those people must be mad! The London underground is also still packed, but they have closed down over 40 stations. Here in Wales, lots of places have already closed down. We’ve just returned from walking the dogs, and it’s like a ghost town out there. Very little traffic and few people were walking about. I felt like I was in some kind of disaster sci-fi movie. Those that are out are staying well clear of each other.
        On the plus side, the BBC and other channels have released lots of free boxsets on iPlayer, so there will be plenty to watch while we’re all told to stay indoors.


      2. I know Hugh. I’m a news addict. I’m keeping track of the UK too 🙂 I hope they aren’t starting the clamp down too late. Everything here is closed except essentials. Seems in my city people are obeying. It is totally dystopian! Should give you many great ideas for storied! Stay safe! ❤ xx


  4. Very scary Debby especially when trying to shield and manage the health of G at the same time. Judging by your suspicions about the figures coming out of Mexico, you are probably in a safe environment at home despite the difficulties. ♥♥


  5. Debbie, thank you for sharing your story. We are definitely in uncharted territory and the fear and uncertainty is real. I am sending positive thoughts your way and that you and your husband remain safe and healthy and get through this. Virtual hugs. Nicole


  6. It is interesting to see that most of the cases are taking place along a certain latitude. I’m not sure if that means anything though. I’m so glad that this wasn’t something you had to worry about. I totally agree that the uncertainty is the hardest part. Take care of yourself and your hubby, Debby. ❤ ❤


    1. Thanks Diana. It is interesting, and I don’t think anyone can make light of exactly what and where. Thanks for your wishes and You too, stay safe. I know you must have your worries full with your parents in your neck of the woods. ❤ xx


  7. Hi Debbie, hope you’re in full recovery from the flu. And sorry about your husband being put ‘on hold’ for his necessary surgery. Hopefully you’re both relaxing as much as possible. May the tide turn soooooon … all best wishes to you both, Susan


    1. HI Susan. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your good vibes. Yes, these are different times, and there are so many worse off – like transplant recipients cancelled surgeries. It’s certainly a new world from before I went away. Thanks for your good wishes and stay safe!!! ❤


  8. Welcome back, Deb. I didn’t get any of your new blog posts in my in-box so I’m late here. So nice to know you’re home safe and feeling better. Seems like we all get something after long flights!

    Great info and suggestions regarding the coronavirus. Yikes it is really scary times. Elective surgeries are cancelled here in B.C. as well. Only necessary procedures going. Seems like it isn’t as difficult to get the test here. My son in law had to test on Monday (in Alberta) as he had been in Vegas and one case came from there. He is negative, thank god.

    Deb, I hope your Hubby is okay! At least I hope he can get in soon when this virus levels out. Bars are closed here indefinitely. Some hotels are closing in downtown Vancouver. But, hey, everyone has toilet paper! 😛


    1. Sounds like BC has their act together, I know it was one of the hardest hit provinces. Ontario has turned into ghost town. Everything is closed except groceries, pharmacies and takeout food. I’m going to try and call telehealth tomorrow as I heard they’ve added 1600 more lines! People were waiting 8-12 hours to report symptoms!!! Stay safe my Canadian friend!!!!!! xx


  9. I hope you are now feeling much better Debby and your hubby too hasn’t become ill…
    Your post hit lots of questions, and the similarities are here too.. Not enough test kits, the NHS staff are having to quarantine themselves not knowing if they simply have a cold and cough or the virus which is delaying hands on staff for the sick..

    I read an article some weeks ago when the virus hit the headlines especially in Italy, from a pilot whose plane of passengers from Italy landed with no checks what so ever in place.. While he said he had landed a couple of days before in the Ukraine and soldiers boarded with masks and temperature kits taking everyone’s temp’ and if they were to be found with a high temp they would not be going to allow them in their country…

    This how ever is much bigger than meets our naive eyes… And those of us which have our senses on alert, know other things are also in play here besides..

    I am following guidelines on our health, and our children who happen to be in the public domain as Keyworkers are keeping their distance from us…
    In the mean time Debby my knitting has been completed.. seeds have been sown… And solitude walks away from the public have been taken…

    This is going to last for longer than we think, and our perceptions, those of many may well be altered…
    But I am optimistic that all things have purpose… And this may well be the ‘Shift’ we thought would happen way back in our Mayan Calendar dates.. 😉

    Sending positive energy and much love in your direction… Forgive me not commenting on all of your book reviews my friend…
    I am trying to get through as many friends as possible in the next few days.. ❤
    Love and Blessings.. ❤


    1. First of all, never apologize for what you can and can’t have time to read. 🙂 Yes, I hope we are safely doing okay while intending on staying home for however long it takes to be safe, save from the mandatory outings. And yes, I’ve read a few things pertaining to delay of the Mayan calendar prediction. Certainly, you and I have both talked about the coming ‘purge’ of the earth for a good year now. Mother Nature is showing us her lessons. It’s imperative we all hunker down so our countries can get a grasp on control. Thanks for your positive vibes, as you know I return the same to you. Stay in the light Sue, stay in and stay safe. Love and blessings to you too. ❤ ❤


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