A Message From the Sisters of the Fey… – Word Craft ~ Prose and Poetry

I’m reblogging Colleen Chesebro’s post on our Sisters of the Fey blog, now renamed Spiritual Sisters. Her post gives information on how and why we’re closing the blog, but we can all still be found on our respective blogs and our Facebook group page. We hope you will still follow us.


Just a note, that I still intend on writing articles about intuition, empaths and angels, here on my own blog, so don’t think I’m throwing in the towel! You can catch all of my past posts anytime by clicking on the dropdown menu on my header.




 Message From the Sisters of the Fey…

It’s time to notify our readers of the changes coming to the Sisters of the Fey blog. In the months ahead, you will see the blog and the posts migrating to the personal blogs of the authors. Once that process is complete, this blog will cease to exist.

The Sisters of the Fey blog began as a grand experiment. Never in my wildest dreams did I think our collaboration would grow so large, so quickly. Your response to our choice of topics has been most satisfying and gratifying. Thank you for your support.

Each of the Sisters of the Fey is an author with their own blog and writing schedule. Some of us also have outside jobs within our communities. We all wear many hats as working wives, mothers, care-takers, writers, bloggers, book marketing specialists, and social media experts. Collectively, we’ve made the decision to let this blog go.

But that won’t be the end of the “Sisters of the Fey.”  Please continue reading at our collective blog to find out how you can still follow us and our posts individually.


And don’t forget to visit our FB page at 5spiritualsisters


Source: A Message From the Sisters of the Fey… – Word Craft ~ Prose and Poetry

16 thoughts on “A Message From the Sisters of the Fey… – Word Craft ~ Prose and Poetry

    1. Oh, thanks Lis. I enjoy writing about them too, so I’m pleased for your interest. Right now I have so many writing projects to get out, so I hope to put something out in the next few weeks on that topic. Crazy times, disrupting schedules, lol. ❤


    2. Running two blogs as I know takes time and dedication, and I can fully appreciate the commitment given day jobs etc.
      Luckily I follow some of the contributers and will not lose touch. Our lights are needed more than ever right now.
      Namaste to everyone. 💚🙏💚


      1. Thank you and Namaste my friend. Absolutely we must continue to shine our lights and be beacons in these difficult and changing times. Please in and stay safe Sue! Loads of hugs your way! xoxox ❤


  1. Thanks for resharing, Sis. I’ll be sharing my sisters of the fey posts on the weekends as soon as we get this painting done. Appreciate you and all you do. ❤


  2. I totally understand this decision, Debby! You ARE all wearing multiple hats and have extremely busy lives. I like the name change to “Spiritual Sisters” as well. It was a nice and successful run!!


    1. Thanks Liesbet. Yes, it became a lot. But I do look forward to writing something new soon – after I catch up writing all else I want get out, lol ❤


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