Stocking Your Pantry for Coronavirus – Frugal Hausfrau

A worthy reblog on how to prepare for isolation in your homes while the #Coronavirus looms – from groceries, to social distancing, supplies, and staying safe by The Frugal Hausfrau.


Stocking Your Pantry for Coronavirus


Take charge of your pantry, fridge & freezer while Stocking Up For the Corona Virus can be do-able! It's time to get going if you haven't yet. #ShopForCoronavirus #GetReadyForCoronavirus #StockPantryCoronaVirus #WhatToBuyCoronavirus

If you, like me, are on a budget, or even living paycheck to paycheck, or even if you’re just overwhelmed by it all, it can be really frustrating to think about preparing. Hey, I’m already past my spending limits, and I’m paying close attention to what I need to buy to ride out a possible crisis. And preparing for it isn’t just about toilet paper (there WILL be more) and bottled water.

Just a note, if you’re financially stable, keep an eye out for your friends. relatives, adult children, and neighbors who may be marginal. Help make sure they have enough to weather this crisis and you’ll not only be helping them but you’ll also be helping the community by keeping them at home and out of the stores and possibly out of the workplace when they’re sick. Now is a great time to donate in bulk to your local food shelf and of course, they’ll welcome goods and/or cash.

First of All, Don’t Panic But Don’t Ignore It, Either.

If your community isn’t hard hit and you are well and able to shop, you don’t have to buy everything at once although there are probably certain things you’d like to get sooner than later, and if you haven’t prepared at all, it’s time to get on it. Like today on it.

Right now before Easter is actually a great time to look for bargains, with so many items, including canned fish, on sale during Lent and many items going on sale before the Easter holiday. You can check my list Easter/Lent Leveraging the Sales. I’ve yet to see stores in my area responding to Coronavirus at any scale; it would be nice if they would.

Of course, you will need to have an idea of what to plan for and that can be a little confusing. As coronavirus has spread, our response to it is morphing and there are a lot of terms being tossed around. I’ve noticed that even the administration, doctors, and the media don’t always get it right but the CDC put out a page to clarify just what’s what. They also have an excellent fact sheet.


quarantine isolation


How Does this Impact Planning?

I’m really concerned for situations that are going to keep you (and me) at home and how to stock up for them. And we’re all going to have to plan for multiple possibilities because when coronavirus knocks at your door, it’s going to be a “go to jail, do not pass go” situation.

You will have no chance to shop and prepare if you’re asked to quarantine or self-isolate (and all the conditions for “monitoring” include isolation) and if you’re asked to social distance, your opportunities are going to be limited, too. You’ll want to be prepared just in case the situations below, happen. . . please continue reading for many more tips!



Source: Stocking Your Pantry for Coronavirus – Frugal Hausfrau

14 thoughts on “Stocking Your Pantry for Coronavirus – Frugal Hausfrau

  1. Hi Debby – I’m careful … being brought up after the war … we had simple meals – and can cook … so thank my stars – I’ll get through and am aware of others … it’s challenging, but I wish everyone all the best – take care – Hilary


  2. Thanks for the link to Frugal Hausfrau, Debby. Sam went to the supermarket late last night and said it was almost empty. Everyone arrives first thing in the morning to beat the queues (lol) and thereby causing more queues, but he worked on a different theory. He came back with everything I sent him out for, and said there were no queues. If I can’t get any more online delivery slots we’ll be turning up at the supermarket an hour before closure.


    1. Great Stevie. Sshh, don’t say it too loud or others will follow suit, lol. Funny that is. Our 2 outings too have been at odd hours because there were hardly anyone in the stores – just the way we like it. ❤


  3. We are living with an air of caution, not panic at our house. I am still able to go to the grocery store but observe social distancing (6-feet). Some wear masks. Our world has been forever changed by this pandemic, lessons to learn from it.

    My husband, who is messy in other ways (Have I said this before?) has remarked that the world is now catching up with him – fastidious about washing hands and cleaning off groceries before putting them in the cabinet, etc. long before now.

    I wish for you calmer days and good health, my friend! 🙂


    1. I hear you on all counts Marian. And one thing is certain – the world will never be the same. And in many ways may just be a good thing. Stay safe my friend! ❤


  4. That was really helpful. I haven’t stocked up yet. I’m still really from the waste of throwing away dozens of cans and boxes that were 20 years old. I should have cycled them.


  5. Not much room to stock up on in our van. And, as you know, we are frugal as well. The month of March has higher than normal expenses, because we kept “topping off” our small fridge and cupboards. There will always be food – people just have to be flexible with what they eat and change their habits a bit. If that’s the worst that will happen…

    We still haven’t had the need to buy more toilet paper, which is a good thing, as there’s still nothing left. Those three rolls we had since the beginning (1,000 sheets each) will last a while. 🙂


      1. I love to keep doing what I’m doing, Debby. So, I LOVE your advice. And that shot of our favorite rum I just had to get in better spirits. Pun intended! Haha.


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