#WATWB – #Toronto Teacher Brings Fitness and smiles

Welcome to the last Friday of the month which means it’s #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest time where writers join in and share some of the good things going on around the world and communities to deflect from the negativity in the world. I am heartened to read about so many teachers helping their student through various methods of teaching and inspirations. Today I’m sharing a story about a gym teacher determined to keep his young class active.


This Toronto gym teacher is helping kids get off the computer and get some exercise as he rides his bicycle around student’s homes, encouraging and reminding with his loudspeaker to get on your porches or backyards and exercise. Complete in bird costume to add to the entertainment, Patrick is getting in his exercise and still inspiring his students.


” … Murtaugh has adopted the slightly silly persona to deliver a more serious lesson: “Kids are used to running around at recess, lunchtime, being able to go on long bike rides. And right now they’re not. So we really have to push them to keep doing that.”

Murtaugh says he got the idea from seeing other teachers on social media posting drive-by visits from their cars.

So he decided to use his bike, and added the costume.

His first visit was Monday, on what was supposed to be the first day back to school, and it was a hit for both parents and students. Today he planned a different route to visit and dance with other students, including the Berry family. All four children were outside waiting for what looked like a caped canary as he biked up the hill to their house.

“I thought it was pretty awesome” … Continue reading


Source: Toronto teacher brings fitness and smiles to students’ front doors | CTV News

Scott Lightfoot

Scott LightfootVideojournalist, CTV News Toronto

@SLightfootCTV Contact


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39 thoughts on “#WATWB – #Toronto Teacher Brings Fitness and smiles

  1. I love this guy. What a great idea and sure to liven up his students’ day. I used to take a bicycle field trip at the end of the year and ride over to a park with the students and their families for games between parents/kids, lunch, a performance by the kids, and end of the year awards. It was one of my favorite days of the year.


  2. This is a lovely idea, Debby. Jennie has been doing drive bys with her class, the Aqua Room, for birthdays and special events. There are some wonderful teachers in this world.


  3. Hi Debby – what a great idea … and he looks so inspirational – clever idea … he gets exercise, the kids get encouraged – let alone the parents … family fun – thanks for sharing the road runner! All the best – Hilary


  4. What a great way of getting through the lockdown. It is so good to see the way people are being raised up, rather than brought down, by the challenge. A great share. Thank you.


  5. Awesome idea! Our Kenpo teacher has been doing something similar, posting virtual lessons on the school’s Facebook page. Kids need to keep active and it takes a lot of effort to break them away from the siren song of video games!
    Thanks for posting this!


  6. So many are trying to inspire… I see fathers running with their children past our home….
    At the moment our allotments are our fitness routine! lol..
    Sending huge hugs my friend.. ❤


  7. Mr. Murtaugh is the kind of teacher that truly cares about his students. I only remember a few teachers. The ones who impacted my life and changed it for the better. Mr. Murtaugh is one of those teachers who will not be forgotten. The percentage of childhood obesity in the U.S. has been growing nonstop. We need teachers like him. Thanks for sharing, Debby! 😀 xo


  8. Keeping children upbeat and happy when they can’t go out to play or to school to meet their friends is a thoughtful act. Thanks for sharing.


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