Reflections – The Domino Effect


The Domino Effect


I’ve preached to many on occasion over the last decade as I observe the world around me –  God is angry at what man has done to his world. He did it before with Noah’s Ark, and he can do it again and Mother Nature is not one to be fooled with – everyone has their breaking point.

This now, what we are experiencing – the higher powers that be slowing down civilization a beat, forcing us to take a look, both, inside and out.


The world is in over-drive,

We’ve lost control of the gears.

Now our earth requires a pause

Mother Nature pumps the breaks

Inhaling deep breaths,

She clears her lungs and dulls the noise.


The everyday pace of life taxed to the max.

Doctors squeezing in more patients,

Causing longer wait times,

Life in hurry up mode,

Human empathy evaporates in the trickle- down effect,

Life in the fast lanes had people forgetting to look up from their phones.


Human connections severely impaired,

Digital takeover of human jobs,

Companies contracting out work,

Avoiding add to payroll for decent benefits,

Forgetting our fellow man.


Greed, greed, greed everywhere you go,

A price gouge here, no mercy over there,

A fee for this a fee for that,

Money, money, money, profits matter most,

We’ve seen the face of money in all its green glory.


The universe is calling,

Instructing us to open ears and eyes,

Reminding we are we collective not me,

Urging us to take this pause in reflection,

Breathe in the glorious air that sustains us.


Pull up the sunken compassion from our hearts,

Notice the beauty in all the world’s stillness,

Back to basics.

Reminder of smiles, kindness and gratitude,

Imperative to indulge in this pause and reflect.





70 thoughts on “Reflections – The Domino Effect

    1. This is our one chance Jaye, so we better make it good. Sometimes it’s more about the collective us – what we will do together, more than the governmental powers that be ❤


  1. I agree with your thoughts. I’m not much of a poet but I did scribble something together based on the prompt, Face

    Face It, by Darlene Foster
    I don’t think I can face it
    Long term isolation
    What will I do?
    I’m a people person

    No long walks on the beach
    No coffee with friends
    No meals out
    No social gatherings
    No travel to interesting places and events

    Let’s face it
    This isolation is all right
    I’m reading more
    Writing more
    Keeping in touch with family and friends more
    Helping others
    Enjoying hubby’s company
    Loving my dog
    Trying new recipes
    Eating very well
    Appreciating the silence

    Let’s face it
    I’m becoming a better person
    More patient
    More tolerant
    More kind
    I’m even becoming a poet


    1. Darlene, I love it!!! I don’t claim to be a grand poet either, but poetry is therapeutic sometimes. I love your poem here, it’s simple truth. You should join into Colleen’s poetry challenge sometime and give it a go! And I agree with all your words. ❤


  2. beautiful post, Debby. I agree that it is time to get back to the basics which you mention. And we don’t have to wait for the lockdown to be over to do those things.


  3. Couldn’t have said it better Debby…spot on and I hope it reaches the ears of those who already have so much but insist on taking even more from people, the planet and our future. I will share on Thursday..♥♥


  4. Unprecidended times in my lifetime…. Will it end well? The way I truly wish for… I so very much hope so… Will the signs be heeded…Oh Debs…. the words you wrote are so very true but is all this enough to force the change we need? ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


    1. We have to hope so Carol. Even if we have to keep writing about to keep it in people’s faces. We must take heed to this pause because there’s no going back to the past and that is the message. Mother Nature doesn’t want life as it was resuming. She’s showing us all the wonders of the world coming back and we should be taking this time to reflect on this and do better ❤ ❤


  5. Beautifully said, Debby. Back to basics, indeed. I sincerely hope this is the beginning of a sea change in the way we treat the earth and other human beings. We are only stewards for the generations to come, and we are leaving them a frightening legacy.


  6. Such inspiring and truthful words dear Debby.. Loved your poem…. We have all been given this space and time to pause, reflect, and choose…
    May we all choose well…. Mother Earth and ourselves depend upon it.. ❤


  7. I’m with you. A lot of people aren’t making the connection between our personal suffering and how we have singlehandedly damaged the planet. I do believe we are in the Great Awakening and those who are still assuming everything will go back to normal are in for the Rude Awakening, lol. I do wish people would stop mentioning Mars, though, as if it’s a solution. Until we can get our sh*t together, we’re just going to ruin that planet too. We, as a species, need to do a lot of growing up first.


    1. Brava Kate! Yes, this is the call. And no, the world will never be the same. There’s going to be a lot of ugly purging going on for months maybe more and then the reckoning; we’ll see then what the sheeples will do. ❤


  8. Such good sense in this poem, Debby. Thank you. We humans have lost our way and Earth is paying the price, but so are we — we just don’t realize it yet. I hope this wakes us all up — including the leaders of certain countries who seem to base every decision on greed and self-aggrandisement.


    1. Thanks Cynthia. Amen! Yes, my poem was written about us the collective. Sadly, there are many who haven’t awoken yet. Hopefully, it’s not too late 🙂


  9. Excellent take on the current situation! 👌 I do think people are reassessing their priorities, something that was long overdue. My fear is, it will be short-lived when things go back to “normal.” Then again, will “normal” look the same? Likely not!


  10. I hear you, Debby. Something’s got to give. The lack of common sense, compassion, and empathy in the world is shocking – to say the least. I love your poem it’s powerful and meaningful, and I feel your angst. I hope if anything good comes from this pandemic is that we learn a new appreciation for life in general and be kind to one another. ❤ xo


    1. Amen Sister. You get it totally. And I am totally with you on the aftermath. Let us pray people learn something. Time for Kindness to become fashionable and give greed the boot! ❤ xx


  11. Perfectly expressed, Deb. I hear you, my friend, on every level. But I fear for the attitudes growing in some who still don’t get it, who want to get back to ‘normal’. What is normal? Don’t they get the shit this world is in and that we need a major shake up if we are to get anything at all, as in what really matters, what God is doing here? I wish I could give you a great big hug…and we will hug, one day. Big love, dear Deb ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Yes we will hug someday. And what you’ve said is what I’ve conveyed in my poem. There is no going back. And we do need a change. We are being shown this now. Pity those who don’t get it. ❤ xxxx


  12. Brava! Well said, Deb, and you are so right – this is our one big chance to make the changes that can save us.
    The results of lockdown on people, relationships, and the environment are undeniable – please, please, let the short-sighted politicians and greedy dictators not over-rule or deny what is clear. The planet and the people CAN be saved, if we only take note and act.


    1. Deb, Amen! We do have a chance, but pretty much a last chance. We’ve got a head start with better air and waters, we all must learn and be better now. ❤


  13. You have ‘nailed it’ with your poem and post, Debby. I tried to re-blog it, but WP wouldn’t have it, so, I created a new post and added a link. We have our ways, us girls! This needs sharing far and wide. If we don’t collectively learn this time, then heaven help us. ❤ ❤


    1. Thank you so much Jane. So true, this is last chance! Thanks for sharing. Self-hosted blogs don’t have the option for a reblog button. If you don’t know how to use the ‘press this’ tool then you can always do a copy and paste and link. ❤ xxx


  14. Hello lovely, this will make you chuckle. I hope! I am more than happy to ‘Press This’ (sorry, I meant to say that and not say re-blog) and I tried, but WP kept saying my site didn’t exist. That’s when I said ‘%$* off’ out loud and did it another way! I know you’re laughing.. ❤ ❤


    1. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I am laughing!!!! But you found there’s more than one way to skin a cat! LOL Thank you for your trouble my Lovely ❤ xxx


  15. Hi Debby – what a great poem and thought-provoking ideas … yes – we’re in a time of ‘having time to think’ and work out what’s important in our lives. We’re missing out – yet we will hopefully be gaining more … loved your thoughts. Take care – Hilary


  16. As you said to one of the commenters, poetry is very therapeutic. And don’t you find that as you write the words to a poem, the poem helps you find your words? Wisdom flows forth, as it does here. I love this.


    1. What a fantastic way of putting it Pam. Yes I do. Almost the same way we outline our books, outline a poem, and I don’t know about yours, but the finished product is never the way it began, lol. 🙂 x


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