Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge – #Themeprompt – The Day After

I jumped into Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge with a Reversed Mirror Double Etheree. This week’s challenge is a #Themeprompt – The Day After.


money and mask



The Day After


The beginning of the new world order.

Breathe in the glorious gift of life.

We remain distanced, gloved and masked.

Behold, our new world awaits.

Taking in the outdoors,

People emerging,

Unshackled gates.


The day




New gifts


Our creator

 Replenished the world.

Rivers and streams run clear,

Black sooty air has vanished.

Take a glimpse and taste of the world.

Savor it and drink it in, listen.

Take heed, yesterday is gone – welcome home.




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26 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge – #Themeprompt – The Day After

    1. Wow, thanks so much Toni. I do like to jump in to these prompts when I’m inspired. Usually the story pops out to me, I draft the story then edit into poetry. ❤


  1. A beautiful and powerful poem, Debby! It’s amazing to see how the earth has flourished in our absence. I hope everyone has learned the lesson that we need nature, but it doesn’t need us.🥰


  2. There has been some speculation about what these lock downs are all about, Debby. A new world order with less harmful industries may well be on the cards. A lovely poem.


  3. What a hopeful poem. I just read your interview with Judith, and now find you here. WOW!

    Thanks for this splendid etheree, Debby! I dabble in haiku, but you inspire me to do more. 🙂


  4. Sis, this is a lovely poem reminding us of the good things this virus has given us. I still think the mother goddess created this situation to make us sit up and take notice. Let’s all pray that we learn something from our plight. When we beat down the evil, we will have a fair chance. ❤


  5. Fabulous Debby and so powerful… nature has certainly taken full advantage of our exclusion and I hope that it manages to hold on to some its reclamation as humans reenter the world.. ♥♥


    1. Wowwwwwwwwwwww, thank you for that amazing story! “The Great Realization: – We all preferred the world we found than the one we left behind.” ❤


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