Sunday Book Review – Marjorie Mallon’s – Mr. Sagittarius – Poetry

My Sunday Book Review is for Marjorie Mallon’s newest whimsical release – Mr. Sagittarius. A delightful read with wonderful prose, poetry and images.


Mr. Sagittarius


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Twin brothers Harold and William love the magic of the natural world.

When Harold dies he leaves a simple memorial request.

Will his brother William and his sister Annette honour it?

Or, will the garden work its magic to ensure that they do.

A magical story expressed via an original compilation of poetry and prose with photographic images.

#Poetry #Prose #Photography #NaturalWorld #Trees #Magic #Spirit #Animals #CircleofLife #Humour #Halloween #Cats #Buddha


My 5 Star Review:

This was a charming and whimsical read. The author, Mallon, takes us into a magical world in her prose in a tale about 2 siblings, Annette and William, both aging and dealing in their own ways with the grief and some resentments of their departed brother Harold, twin to William. They open up to each other on a bench under the Golden Weeping Willow tree where nature reveals messages.

Mallon did a wonderful job projecting the imagery as the story interconnects with intermittent poetry taking place in the magical botanical gardens, and beautiful photographs added to complement the story.

This is a short upbeat read with great descriptions and an engaging story.



45 thoughts on “Sunday Book Review – Marjorie Mallon’s – Mr. Sagittarius – Poetry

  1. Sounds a delightful read.. Sometimes its just to good to escape into the words of a good book which takes us away from our own very Unreal Reality right now Debby…
    Much love your way my friend… 💖🌈💖🙏


    1. You said it my friend. Thanks so much for stopping by. Oh, and btw, thanks for Lori’s video on 5D, great explanation and I am totally in the 5D zone! ❤ xxxx


    2. Thank you for your kind comment Sue. It’s been a magical journey to publishing this book. Years of gathering poetry together. I never imagined I would write such a collection it just goes to show you never know where life will take you. 🙂


    1. Hi Diana. It was inspired by walks, the beauty of the trees, flowers, birds and creatures that frequent the Cambridge Botanical Gardens plus seeing two very intriguing twins brothers going out for a cup of coffee!


    1. Hi Lauren, thank you! Debby’s review is fab, so wonderful to get such positive feedback for my first poetry, prose and photography collection. Smiling.


    1. Hi Balroop, yes the name amuses me. My dad asked me when Mr. Pisces is coming out – he’s a pisces! I’ve always been fascinated by the zodiac, and the title fitted in so well with the magical nature of the story.


  2. How wonderful to learn more about this book from MJ 🙂 You’re two of my fave literary ladies so it’s lovely to see this particular post! Wishing Marjorie all the best with her book, and great review of it, Debby.


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