You Write Like? – I Write Like? #Blogging Fun for Writers

What a fun thing to do for writers. My friend Vashti Q had tagged me in a tweet to join in the fun on Twitter and click on a link to an app – ‘I Write Like’, where you then paste a paragraph of your writing in the app and it tell’s you who your writing is like by analyzing word choice and writing style.




So cool! I told Vashti, I’d done this once before a few years ago in another app and it said I write like David Foster Wallace ( I have it on one of my side widgets). So, I hopped on again out of curiosity. Then for good measure, I did it again with another piece of writing. Below is what I got and have also added proudly to my sidebar. And if you’re wondering what Vashti got – H.G. Wells!


Source: You write like Margaret Atwood


Source: You write like Arthur Conan Doyle – I Write Like


So what do you think about these two depictions of my writing? Do you think there’s any kind of a melding between these 2 famous writers? I mean, let’s face it, in this world now, we’d be talking about a monumental task for Sherlock Holmes if he were tasked with solving the crimes of The Handmaid’s Tale with their takeover of America by its own government by changing the occupied parts into the new Gilead. Sounds ominous. That would be a great book, if it weren’t so close to reality. But other than that I don’t get the connection.


Have any of you tried this yet while you were here? Try it, I Write Like and share in comments!




38 thoughts on “You Write Like? – I Write Like? #Blogging Fun for Writers

  1. To be able to say you write like Margaret Atwood is a real feather in your cap. I did it twice, the first time it said I write like Ernest Hemingway and the second time it said I write like Stephen King!! But I guess they both write lean so there may be something in it. Anyway, it was fun, thanks!


  2. I’ve considered writing about what defines the style of certain authors–like Hemingway. Their differences and voice really explains their popularity so often. This sounds great.


  3. Well, that’s fun! I love Margaret Atwood’s writing so kudos to you, Debby. That’s a good endorsement. Mine came out with Dan Brown, and I’ll take it. Lol. A fun post. 🙂


  4. Hi Debby. I’ve done that before but I forgot what it said. I used your link to do it again. The first piece of writing said I write like Stephenie Meyer, the second piece said I write like Stephen King. I’ll try again and see what it says. This is interesting. Thank you for the share


  5. I tried a similar one a while back and as I got two pretty different writers as well (I can’t remember which ones now) I assume I don’t have much of a style, or I write different things differently. I cannot see the relationship between the two either, but it’s fun. Thanks, Debby!


    1. Hi Olga. I think you make a good point. First, lol, of course you have a style, but you also write in different genres so that could make sense to. I used a piece of writing from one of my own books, then part of an article I wrote about humanity, there lies the difference in 2 different pieces of work 🙂 xx


  6. I did this via twitter the other day and I used two pieces from different books and apparently I write like Jack London… very flattering and encouraging… I would be very happy to write like both your authors Debby too. ♥


    1. Lol Sal, I was blown away. Now I can see Atwood more than Doyle, but come on, lol. You, are a star – especially that your doing it twice with the same answer! ❤ xx


  7. I’m Arthur Conan Doyle as well! Haha I adore Margaret Atwood so would rather have gotten that result 😉 Maybe I should take the test another time lol! Great fun 🙂


  8. Writing like Margaret Attwood is awesome!
    I also did this some years ago (and had the badge in my side bar too), when apparently I used to write like Anne Rice, which I was happy with.
    This time I tried two pieces from two very different novels of mine – one epic fantasy and one urban fantasy, written years apart – and interestingly got George Orwell both times.
    Guess I do have a style, and I’m happy with that too ❤


    1. Woww Deb, that’s awesome, twice the same author! I guess I’m a mutt, lol. I remember when you and I both did this, I got David Foster Wallace. I tend to identify more with his writing and mine than Atwood’s, but hey, match me up to any of those talents and I’m flattered. ❤


  9. That looks like a fun tool, Debby. I’ve never tried this before. I might in the future. It would take me forever to debate and pick a representative piece of text and I wouldn’t put too much weight in the comparison – how many famous writers are in this database? Then, I’d be “disappointed” about not having my own, distinct voice. But, the worst part would be that I’d have no idea who most (any?) of the authors are!! As I mentioned before, I don’t read enough and I didn’t grow up with the classics (in the English language). One day, I will do this, though. 🙂


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