#WATWB – World Unity Week: Celebrating the Shift From “Me” to “We”

Welcome to this month’s #WATWB – We are the World Blogfest, where writers join in on the last Friday of every month to share good deeds going on around the world to deflect from some of the negativity going on in the world and shine a light on good things going on.

This month I’m sharing World Unity Week, which celebrates the ‘shift’ from ‘Me’ to ‘We’, and it falls perfectly into this week!


Watch this beautiful two-minute video and see how the world collectively comes together with kindness and moving past the ‘me’, evolving into ‘we’.


What unusual thing have you done during the global “pause” of the pandemic when faced with “the new normal”? Some people have tried to learn a new language, others have immersed themselves in DIY, home baking, YouTube workouts or have just got better at working remotely. But in parallel, many people around the world have been reflecting on the tangible sense of togetherness and interconnection that is uniting us at this time.

It has become clear, even when we’re separated, just how connected we all are. There’s a tangible empathy for essential workers, and also our fellow humans in general. Most of us can sense a kindness vibe that’s getting us all through this current pandemic as communities rediscover their abilities to find local solutions to bigger challenges. This sees strangers turning into real neighbors and reaching out to the most vulnerable, for instance.  In parallel, many people have downgraded their interests in material consumption and embarked on a more self-aware spiritual quest to relate differently to others, reaching out and feeling a deeper connection with other people in the world around them. . . continue reading


Source: World Unity Week: Celebrating the Shift From “Me” to “We” – Goodnet


This month’s hosts for the WATWB are: Sylvia McGrath, Susan Scott Shilpa Garg, Damyanti Biswas, and Belinda Witzenhausen.


If you’d like to join in with adding a post on something good going on in your community or across the world, you can add your post link on our group Facebook page.




37 thoughts on “#WATWB – World Unity Week: Celebrating the Shift From “Me” to “We”

  1. How wonderful, Deb – and so true. You’ve crystallised so many elements that we’ve all been seeing over the last few months – and helped us make sense of them all. Toni


  2. thanks for sharing that video and making me aware of Global Unity Week; it does seem like in many ways the world has become more connected as a result of the pandemic. Let’s hope it continues to do so…


  3. I think that during this time it has reinforced for me that the online community is essential… and that kindness does not need to be in person, but is in any time spent making someone smile, laugh or let go of things that are causing them unhappiness… ♥♥


  4. Lovely post Debby thank you. Yes, people are coming together in newer more healthy and affirming ways. Less if the ‘I’ and ‘me’, more of the We. Have a great weekend 🙂


    1. Yes Diana, it’s heartening to see the people standing up for what’s right and equality. The next generation will bring back the good old USA. If you guys can get rid of both tRump and take back the senate, imagine how much goodness can be restored. Vote blue no matter who! ❤


  5. Hi Debby – how fabulous to learn about … I hadn’t picked up on it this week – what a great idea … World Unity Week … we can do it each and every day. So many have been out there helping others, offering guidance, support … and learning, reading and learning, writing memoir/stories … I have taken the time to give myself some space (do some clearing out) and am definitely feeling easier – and so will be there to help as the world slowly comes together again. Thanks for letting us know … take care – we are one world and we really should gather ourselves to be compassionate to one and all at this time – as well as being sensible in our actions … all the best – Hilary


  6. Thanks for sharing, Debby. The crisis is not over yet, but it’s good to see that it has brought people together, at least at an individual level. Let’s hope more good comes out of it. We are all in this together. ♥


  7. Debby, thank you so much for sharing about this and the video. In this most surreal of times, I’ve been hoping that people take away a sense of warmth and love between us all, for the better of ourselves and the world. It is true that many to …’, even when we’re separated, just how connected we all are. ‘ May we never forget this fact. The kindness shown by so many has been heartwarming – and we all need some positive stories!


  8. I love the idea of doing something unusual and inspiring and had many projects in mind, but haven’t done any of them. I’m enjoying the beauty of where I live and spending more time outside. I’m giving up long-term goals and expectations and focusing on the joy of this day–bird songs, walks before breakfast with my dogs, going to the lake, seeing friends on my back porch where we have shade and a cool breeze and can keep a distance with ease. I’m tending flowers and vegetables, writing some, and wondering if this is what a vacation should be. I need to do these things as an antidote to depression about the US and world political and environmental situation. I’m spending much less than usual and donating more to political causes and individuals who inspire me and share my goals of defeating the present idiot in the White House, plus actively raising money for our local hospice. All agencies of this sort are feeling a financial crunch. Yesterday, I went to Seneca Lake with my dogs and filled my car with gas for the first time since mid March. May you be well and safe.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your goodness Elaine. This is what we have to do, live in the now, and plan for a better tomorrow, not letting the chips fall aimlessly. I’ve adapted the motto of living one day at a time a few years ago. It really helps with becoming overwhelmed with the to do list. Stay strong and stay safe, and may November be the change for the US the world is hoping for. ❤


  9. Thanks for sharing this lovely, inspiring video, and sharing the good news about Global Unity Week. From me to we; I love the concept! Unity happening is such a needed counter balance to so much that is not right with the world. I find myself moved to give more, to worthy causes, to homeless men holding signs at street corners — what better thing to do with the gym fees and gasoline for my car I’m not buying,? Here’s hoping the world will continue to come together as a result of, or maybe in spite of, the pandemic.


  10. This is an excellent example of the positive side of the pandemic. I think that this pandemic has made me more patient as I waited in lines. It has caused me to reflect more on the beauty of our planet and to appreciate caring for others. Let’s hope that the we stays long after this pandemic is over. 🙂 ❤


  11. Beautiful! Yes, we are all citizens of the planet. As a nomad, I’ve always called myself a world citizen, instead of identifying with a country. United we stand! 🙂 I hope you had a fabulous Canada Day, Debby!


  12. That’s a great share, Debby. I wasn’t aware of World Unity Week. I hope the momentum begun back then (a month ago) will be maintained and carry us through this lengthening ordeal.


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