Writer’s Tips – Book Promo Services, Author Notes, Recommended Editors, Re-Purposing Old #Blog Posts, Animation with #Canva

Welcome to my July edition of Writer’s Tips. Typically, I clip and save these articles in a folder to share here for my writer friends and readers. We all know there is so much great information out in the ethers, but no way can we all come across the same information because there is just so much information available. From my nightly blog reads to my morning newsletter reads, when I come across a helpful post for writers, I save for future sharing.


I don’t like to overwhelm readers with too many links, but I promise you all that if you are an Indie author in particular, you will find these articles I curate here of interest at some point in bookwriting. So today here are some fine posts I’m happy to share. Today, two successful authors, Effrosyni and David Gaughran, both sharing great lists of book sites where we can promo our books, complete with details and pricing. Natalie Ducey has a new tutorial on creating animated posts with Canva. Marcia and John are both contributors now at the Story Empire, offering valuable tips on writing notes and video lighting. Jessica wrote a great entertaining instructional on the use of Italics. KM Weiland shares a list of editors and their specialties. And Hugh is back with more good ideas on how to re-purpose older blog posts. Check it out and save them for later reference!


Are you an author looking for assistance? Whatever your need, chances are you’ll find a pointer or two here! Browse through Effrosyni’s FREE resources at your leisure and make sure to bookmark this page.

Source: Book promotion ideas, free book submission | Welcome to Effrosyni Writes


David Gaughran gives us a deeper look into some recommended Book Promo Sites.



Marcia Meara in her featured writer’s column at the Story Empire shares some great info for authors on what to do with ‘author’s notes’ in our books.



Blogging guru, Hugh Roberts with some great tips on re-purposing our old blog posts.



Natalie Ducey has a helpful post on How to Make Animated Pinterest Posts on Canva.



Looking for an editor? K.M. Weiland of Helping Writers Become Authors, shares a list of recommended professional editors.

Need a Good Book Editor? Top Up-to-Date Recommendations


Jessica Norrie has an insightful article on how and when to use Italics.



John Howell has recently become a contributor at the Story Empire, and he has a helpful article out on how to use the best lighting when making videos.



I hope you found something helpful!



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49 thoughts on “Writer’s Tips – Book Promo Services, Author Notes, Recommended Editors, Re-Purposing Old #Blog Posts, Animation with #Canva

  1. I think it’s so interesting that we often find the same great writer resources even though no one has directed us there. You chose many of the same sites/people that I regularly follow. Jane Friedman is another fabulous resource.


    1. Well then you are on a good path Pete. Jane Friedman and Joanna Penn were the first pioneers I followed when learning the self-pub biz. 🙂


  2. Thanks, Deb. Always helpful and interesting. Hope you and your husband are doing OK. You doubtless saw that ‘im indoors celebrated his 92nd on Monday, It was the very devil taking away his skate-board…Upwards and onwards. Hugs xx


    1. Well then my work is done, lol. Thanks Diana. I’m happy to be helpful ❤ OHHHHH and guess what book I'm reading? The Mermaid and the Bear! LOL ❤


  3. thanks, Debby, for another great collection of resources. It’s nice knowing that all these resources can be found in one place so that I know where to go when I need some help (which is often..)


  4. Hi Debby,
    These are excellent sources, and I will take your advice and bookmark them for future reference. One of the sources I follow is Derek Haines. He is always a great source of marketing tips with Amazon.


    1. Yes! A crazy flash storm hit the west part of my city. 60 mm of rain in half an hour. The humidity is to blame. Happy to announce, we weren’t hit with any rain! ❤


  5. Oh my, a grouping of great links that I need to get to. I’m always grateful that I can come back to your blog site whenever I want, because there is SO MUCH here and I can’t take it all in at once. Many, many thanks for your efforts to help us all in the writing community. ❤


    1. My pleasure to share the goods Pam. Yes, feel free to visit anytime, type ‘writer tips’ in the search box and enjoy lots of great stuff from our community ❤


  6. I love these posts, Debby! You always include such helpful resources. K.M. Weiland is great. I’ve been following her posts for years. Thank you, my friend! 😀 ❤


  7. Thanks for sharing these useful posts, Debby. I have noticed the Story Empire is expanding its contributors. It’s nice as it provides lots of experience, perspectives and variety.


  8. Thanks for all the delicious tidbits, Debby. My focus is on raising Monarch butterflies and a puppy at the moment, but I keep my writing going–from the place of confusion and not knowing where I’m going. At this point, persistence and my weekly writing group are my friends. I worry about the lack of focus, but have dreams containing many eggs. Something will hatch sooner or later. Thanks again for excellent resources.


    1. Hi Elaine. Thanks for sharing some of yourself. Yes, it seems many of us writers haven’t been in concentration mode, it goes with the times. Book writing has been hindered but he writing hasn’t stopped. For many of us, it’s our sanity. And sure enough, lots of eggs will hatch eventually. For now, just stay safe. 🙂


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