Cutting Cords with Archangels – Working with Angels

Cutting Cords with Archangels


I’ve been trying to clean up some of my posts from my contributions at Sisters of the Fey, which is now closed and I’ve moved over my prior posts and currently organizing them on my Header Menu, and somehow found I didn’t have this posted on my page. Also, of course, by moving into my drafts, it wouldn’t get seen if I didn’t hit the publish button. So if some of you remember this post when I originally posted it at the Fey, please enjoy again. For those who haven’t previously read it. It’s worthwhile learning how to work with our angels to dispel negative energies that attract to us.

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We must practice the art of cutting these cords, and to help with the releasing of these cords, we look to Archangels Michael and Raphael. The energy cords we’re most linked with are people in our close circles, and almost always, family. These same cords also connect us to profound events in our lives that remain in the back of our sub-conscience – some good, some bad. And it’s those unhealthy attachments we want to eliminate.

All the negativity we carry because of unhealthy chords that bind us should be cleared from within every once in awhile, just as we clean ourselves and our homes. If you find yourself continuously carrying bad feelings, reliving unpleasant events of unfavorable conditions or energies from someone close to you taking up too much residence in your head leaving you feeling unsettled within, it’s probably time to begin cutting cords.

There are various methods we can use to cut the cords that weigh us down, but the first step is to relax, do some deep breathing, and meditate for a few minutes to bring on the calm. Then we are ready to call on Archangel Michael to assist us by  closing our eyes and concentrating and asking Archangel Michael, to please remove the cords that bind me.

It’s also important to recognize where you’re energy is draining you to specify the cords you want severed. Again, you can ask Archangel Michael to help open up your awareness and to help find the draining cords. Then follow the cord(s) in your mind’s eye beginning from the top of our head, leading to the heart, and feel by visualizing, Michael’s power of white light entering through the top of our heads. Keep the visual of white light around you to stay grounded. Whether by laser of light or by visualizing Michael holding a handheld vacuum penetrating through your head right down to your feet, visualize the cutting and evacuation of these cords as the ‘cleaning’ passes through each chakra. When you feel the cords have been released, ask for Archangel Raphael (the healer) to seal the open wound from the cord removal by replacing with thoughts of joy and love in your heart. By severing these cords, it makes room for peace and clarity.

Our angels are always with us but they will never impose themselves in our lives unless invited to. This is known as free will. We need only ask for their assistance and keep an open heart when summoning.

Below is an example of what you can say. Don’t get all caught up on wondering if you’ve used the right words – speak from the heart. You may use any variation of calling your angels you feel most comfortable with. Just remember to close off the wound after the cord cutting. Below is a good example of what to recite either silently or out loud:


Archangel Michael, please pull on the roots of the cords connecting me to (name or situation) by using your light and sword. Release the roots and cord to divine light. Now envision a shower of divine light all around you and the person you’ve just cut the cord from to send off the negative energy. Then you can ask Raphael to seal the wound, which should leave you feeling more centered, balanced and lighter within.



You can always call on your angels to ask for help.

Keep track of your feelings before and after cutting cords.

You can always hold or surround yourself with your favorite grounding stone while doing this.

Smudging yourself and/or surroundings after a cord cutting session helps to remove the negativity after the cord removal.


I found this helpful video to give you an idea how to perform the cord cutting.


* Just a note to let you know, even though our Fey blog is closed, our (new name) 5 Spiritual Sisters page is alive and well on Facebook.

Have any of you here ever tried working with your angels?



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31 thoughts on “Cutting Cords with Archangels – Working with Angels

  1. HI Debby, This was very interesting, and something I’ve never heard about it before so it was wonderful to learn. I will definitely try this. But I’ve been doing something similar recently – during meditation, releasing the inner trauma from my body and then replacing that with soothing, healing white light. The effect is amazing, because then the trauma vanishes and no longer exists. Toni x


    1. Thanks for sharing your method here Toni. I totally do the same thing for calming. And a lot of it these days, lol. I hope you give this method a try to. I usually do it in bed before going to sleep ❤


      1. I do feel much lighter and you teach me loads, I promise. More than you realise. You will find this interesting, but one of the energetic cords that were cut got in touch almost immediately. Things are felt aren’t they, even without awareness as to what they are! ❤ My buddy ❤


      2. Wow, that’s amazing, but not surprising, because I know how tuned in you are. I’m so glad I could be of service to you. My buddy unicorn. ❤ xox


  2. What stood out in this post: “learning how to work with our angels to dispel negative energies that attract to us,” perhaps appropriate for problems that beset us (you and me) this weeK – yes?

    Great video too.

    Relax, my dear, we all know how devoted you are to us and the blog world we cherish. Taking a break may be just the thing to find your breakthrough! We’ll still be here when you return. 🙂


    1. Thank you lovely Marian. Yes, we should all pay attention when the fates are telling us too. I’m working around best I can ❤ May this week get better for us 🙂


  3. Another lovely post from our SOF blog. Just so you know, my blog has blown up. WP is bringing me back to the premium plan after I heard they wanted $300 a year for the business plan. I might have lost the entire year… but I made a backup on Sunday!


  4. When I first read the title, I thought, why would I want to cut cords with the angels? Lol. Then the message became clear. A wonderful healing ritual, Debby. And effective. I think the intention goes a long way. A beautiful share. 🙂


  5. What a hopeful post, Deb. I haven’t tried working with angels. Maybe right now is a good time to start. I didn’t know Sisters of Fey had closed. I’m sorry about that, for you.


  6. An interesting post Debby and very helpful for those struggling with being tied by cords that want to pull them down and be controlled. Certainly finding the inner strength to cut those ties can take time and courage but well worth it when accomplished. ♥♥


    1. Mine too Adele. I began getting involved with angel therapy when I found out I had a tumor on my heart valve 13 years ago, and wouldn’t be without them. It began with my first visit for pre-testing before my surgery at St. Michael’s hospital and in the main lobby was a hugeeeeee statue of St.Michael – Archangel Michael. I was laden with fear when I walked in and was taken aback by the statue and the comfort I felt within. ❤


  7. I enjoy this post immensely. I’m like Diana. At first I wondered why I would want to cut cords with angels. But you explained it all so well. I think I have done cord cutting in the past without knowing it. And I definitely use the power of light all around me to keep the power and the energy positive. Thank you for this fascinating information. Take care of yourself!


    1. Hi Pam. Welcome back to blogland after your break. I’m glad you found this post interesting and that you’re already working with ‘the light’ energy. Stay well my friend, and thank you. ❤


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