Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge – Synonyms Only

It’s been awhile since I jumped into one of Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Poetry Challenges. This week Colleen invites writers to choose a form of syllabic poetry and use synonyms only for the words BOLD and HINT. I’ve written a Tanka.




This week, Annette Rochelle Aben selected the words for the syllables only challenge. That means you can’t use those two words. You must find synonyms to replace them. Fun, right?


Here are your two words:

Hint & Bold


Visit Colleen’s Original Post for rules and feel free to join in!



History book
Image by daseinuxd from Pixabay


The Oracle


History reveals,

Heroic efforts by some,

Law and order broke.

Protecting ersatz leaders,

Actions tantamount to crime.



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26 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge – Synonyms Only

    1. So sadly it does Diana. And thanks. I tend to jump in when something pressing lingers. 🙂 I hope all your family is safe Diana. I know those fires are deadly in Oregon too. Masks are good for the air pollution too. Hugs ❤


    1. OMG Marsha, I know. I see it everyday, absolutely frightening as I send my prayers to your west coast. That mask is ever important with both Covid and the air quality – or lack of it. Please stay safe! ❤


  1. Very deeply moving Debby, such powerful words that needs to be told. Good art will always lead us to the truth and with it, either we will heal from it or continue to expose corruption ever more.


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